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William H. Bonney

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Billy the Kid is one of the most famous killers of the Southwest. It is said that he murdered twenty men. There is some evidence to show it might only have been nine men.

Billy was born in 1859, in New York City. His mother and stepfather moved west and raised Billy in several towns in Kansas and New Mexico. His natural father died when Billy was three years old.

As a child Billy was a frequenter of saloons and an adept card player. At the age of 12, he reputedly knifed a man to death for insulting his mother. At the age of 16 he killed three Indians while stealing their furs.

By the late 1870's Billy, having turned down an amnesty offer from New Mexico's territorial governor, Lew Wallace, was leading a 12-man gang on a rampage of cattle rustling and murder.

A favorite of dance-hall women and something of a dandy, he was already fabled as an outlaw by the time he allegedly met his end at Pat Garrett's hand.

Billy allegedly died here in 1885

House where Billy was allegedly killed. Circa 1885

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