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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to visit the Scouts Web Ring. The Scouts Ring is an easily navigable link up of some sites either made by Scouts & Scouters. It represents a collection of home pages and scout sites that strive to bring adventure, good information and the characteristically good image of Scouting.

Each site is linked to the next. No matter where you start you will eventually be able to make your way around all the sites and end up back at the beginning. Since our begining in March 1, 1997, we have continued to grow and hope to become your link to finding great scouting sites around the world. We are also part of a larger collection of Rings pursuing the same web goals, but in other areas of interest.

Through the ingenious collaboration and sponsorship of Sage Weil of the Webring , the Scouts Ring uses code which automatically updates the location of the next page in the ring. It also allows a user to skip a site or to get a list of the next 5 sites in the loop. From these pages you will discover truly neat scouting pages on the Web. Step into the trail of the Scout Web Ring.

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