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Well, since it looks like you've gone this far, you must be pretty interested in joining our scouting ring. However, there are a few rules that I must ask you to follow.

  • Your pages must pertain primarily with Scouting and it different programs.
  • Your site SHOULD promote a positive image of Scouting, it should be more than a few texts or links. It should be original and tell who you are.
  • These pages are primarily for Scout Troops, Packs, Posts, Groups and Associations.
  • The Ringmaster of the Scouts Ring reserves the right to remove any page that in his opinion does not meet the preceeding requirements .Sites may, however, be arbitrarily rejected by our Ringmaster and submission of the following form does not guarantee acceptance. If this is agreeable to you then you need merely to fill out the following form to start the process:
  • This is a FREE SERVICE to the Internet Scouting Community, it costs nothing to join.

If your pages can not or do not follow these rules, please do not bother going any further.

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