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Hi! You have made it the the webpage of Kaye Husko....I am 44 years old and live on the Oregon Coast with my husband Dan,dog Rose and Five cats~Scadoobie~Sam~Coonz~Bear & Pixie... come on~ meet me and My Family in the pages below.
Summer trip to
Crater Lake Aug 2004
I am happily married to Dan my high school sweetheart, 26 years this July 2005, but we have been together longer than that...since we were 15 and 16 years old, Oh My!  we have 2 kids, Brian who is 25 and married to Amanda, and Jennifer 22, who is married to Josh.  We live on two acres in Toledo Oregon, 6 miles out of Newport...so yep! we live on the Oregon Coast and enjoy all it as to offer...we love to camp and Kayak, take brisk walks, and many sports. We do a lot of fishing & hunting. But one of the biggest things we do is: .Dan and I make Glass Lampwork Beads and we sell on Ebay as koregon...Dan is Dan~O and I am K~O Lampwork Beads...the lure of torches & hot molten glass formed into beads got to the both of us in early 2002...by the way...all the links above are pretty old...sorry about that...I will try and update the pages soon,  they do show a bit more about us Husko's...we also have a grandbaby! Maddy was born Jan 30, 2005
Above is Mexican Cruise May 2004
below is July 10, 2004~ Kayaking at the Rogue River~25 Year Wedding Aniversary
We love living in Oregon and enjoying the outdoors...check the links below for great kayaking pix and others.......
Kayaking Check this page out...added in July 99,  hard kayaking pictures on page 2. If you like Fishing & Hunting try these pages. Skiing and my daughters snowboard and surf pictures.  I Love the Pacific we have some great pictures of all of us enjoying the Oregon Coast....now days we enjoy the backroads on our newly aquired Harley Davidson Herritage Softail Classic...100th Aniversary Edition...YeeHa~
Our Family page with more: CLICK HERE
Picture below is Jenn and Josh's Wedding Oct 03
Pretty Photo's of Oregon  {Click Here}
Old But you can
{Click Here} Family Pictures -November & December 1999
Trying to update pages a bit as I go...its been awhile..so new will show up...a lot of old pictures here...but hey...it still us..just a couple years old...now the picture right below...is Brian and his new wife Amanda end of July 2002.  See Dan and I have aged...darn it all
February 2000
pictures taken on the Oregon Coast..
Dan and Kaye a tour in time
Wyland In Newport