Hi there, my name is Charles. I not to long ago I lived in Hawaii the jewel of the Pacific. Currently I am in Florida working (or at least pretending to work) for a major entertainment company. I enjoy my job, but there are days when I need a break, so I take pictures for fun. This website is a culmination of those pictures.
So to relax I ride my bike. I love to ride and take pictures of the area as I pass by. So take a seat and enjoy my look at paradise
I am the guy in the middle, the other two gentlemen are fellow bikers. The tunnel is near by in a training area across the street
This shot was taken near Dillingham Airfield. I spent two weeks there living in a hangar. Not much fun but its a job
Here is a little tent I made. it was not much but better then living under the stars in the freezing cold. You would never think Hawaii could get cold, but at almost 2 miles up in winter it gets cold even in Hawaii. I spent a while in that hooch.
This is the view overlooking Pearl Harbor. I love this view. I think its nice and quiet, I could spend all day just sitting here enjoying the view
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