If you encounter any type of poaching activity, send me an E-Mail and I will respond to it.  If there is an emergency and you need an immediate response, call the Washington State Patrol.
The information that is most valuable to me is:
    +Vehicle description and license plate
    +Description of suspects
    +Location of the violation
    +Date and time of the violation
If you have information, great.  I can use all the information I can get.  If you need information, I'll be glad to try and help.  If I don't know the answer, I'll direct you to a source that can get you the answer. Please don't ask where the best hunting and fishing is.  If I knew the answer to that question, I wouldn't be fooling around here on the computer, I'd be out hunting and fishing!
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Washington USGS Streamflow
I can think of no greater joy than teaching a kid how to fish.  Take the time to share your fishing experiences with a kid.
Standard Issue equipment for Washington Game Wardens!!!
Although this guy doesn't look too dangerous now(he's sleeping), this 2 year old male killed a pet goat the night before.  Dealing with dangerous wildlife such as cougars and bears is something that I am called on to do with more and more frequency as they move into the urban fringe areas.
This little bear cub was orphaned when his mother was killed by a car.  He was taken to a wildlife rehab center and will hopefully make it to adulthood without becoming habituated to humans and thus becoming a nusiance.  This was a verified orphan and not just a baby that was found by himself.  Especially in the spring of the year, it is very important that we not pick up any kind of baby wildlife, thinking that it has been abandoned.  Mom is usually very nearby and it could turn into a very dangerous situation.  It is hard to leave babies in the wild, but usually it is best for all involved.
If you have been up to no good and I contact you, chances are I have already been watching you.  You will then hear my favorite phrase......"Sign here, press hard, 5 copies, 3rd one is yours."
Every once in a while I run into someone's horticultural project while I'm out in the hills on patrol.
This cougar kitten was hit by a car and was injured.  A State Trooper picked it up and put it in her patrol car......something I wouldn't advise anyone to do.....and we took it to a rehab vet.  Dr. Skip Nelson worked on the cat most of the day but the injuries were too severe and she had to be put down.  The cougar population in Washington is very healthy and road kills are quite common place.
This bear made a nuisance of himself by getting into garbage cans in a populated area.  We caught him in one night using KRISPY KREME doughnuts for bait.  He got an ear tag and was released into a remote area.
Sergeant Kim Chandler working in his office
This young male bobcat was caught in a cougar live trap that was baited with a deer hind quarter.  He was drugged, ear tagged and released.
Another bear falls prey to Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  This one weighed about 350lbs. and had a nasty disposition.  He was ear tagged and released into the back country.
When I am around hunting and fishing every day while working, you would think that on my days off I would like to go do something else.  I have a lot of outside interests but I do love to hunt and fish.  One of my favorite places to fish is on the Missouri River in Montana.
My son Stephen and my Dad, Leon Chandler
My son Ben with a 22" Missouri River Rainbow
My name is Kim Chandler and I'm a Fish and Wildlife Sergeant in Washington State.  I primarily work in King County and have a detachment of officers that I supervise.  Although most of my work is with fish & wildlife I can and do enforce all laws of the state as well as some selected federal laws.
Some of my wildlife photos