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Custom built,Yachting Cannons.

No Yacht should be with out one.

Prices start at $1600.00

Disclaimer and other Leagal mumbo jumbo.Please read carefully. Cannons for novelty purpose only. seller and or manufacture not responsible for lose of life or limb, disfigurement or property damage, acts of violence, act of war or anything else !! Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk. .
Click here to blast their ornery hides

You can Blast there ornery hide. With a Cannon from Peet's Cannon Sales.

Free demonstrations.

photo of me in my shop

and now a word from our President (long winded but worth it)

Company C.E.O.


this is the Mohogany wood pattern used to cast cannon

On left is picture of me with a solid Mohgany wood pattern I made here in my garage. Below is a picture of a large casting,probably in excess of 10,000 lbs being poured at Sterling Foundry

Picture of large casting being poured at Sterling Foundry

Ahh theres nothing like
a Cannon fresh out of the Foundry

This is 2 frames from the same blast.

Just some good old Boys from the internet.

Notice the fire blowing back out of touch hole.

Me toasting a marshmellow But I never found it.Notice fire out the touch hole.