The Vertical, Canted &
Horizontal Sheaths
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Please NOTE that most all of the sheaths that I make DO NOT allow for the Clip to remain on the knife and usually only on the Vertical or Canted sheaths is the lanyard allowed to stay.
I have been able to mold some sheaths to allow the clip to remain, it depends on carry style and clip position, can tell better once the knife arrives or email a photo of the knife closed.

When using either the vertical or canted style sheaths there are a few things to remember.
The longer belt loop will seem too loose or too long at first, but the benefits of that are three fold. The belt loop extends from the top of the sheath and is stitched along the bottom.

This allows the sheath to fit most sizes of belts.

When you go to sit down, in a car/truck or at home, you can raise the sheath up and tilt
it a little to help the sheath stay out of your way.

If some one comes up and trys to grab your knife it doesn't just pop free,
the sheath moves up and will make it a little harder for someone to snag it from you.

The way it is planned to work is to pull on the knife so that the
sheath reaches up to the bottom of the belt, then pull the knife clear of the sheath.

When returning the knife to the sheath,
MAKE SURE that you are putting the knife in the proper way, be careful when showing others your knife and sheath as they tend to forget just how it goes back!  Start the knife into the sheath and then reach down and grab the bottom of the sheath with your ring finger or pinky and then squeeze the knife into the sheath with your thumb. 

Of the two styles, I prefer the vertical as it uses up less belt space and that makes for an easier carry, plus if needed you can always tilt the vertical sheath anyways

On the
Horizontal sheaths, most of my sheaths will fit up to a 1 1/2" wide belt, if your belt is wider, I'd need to know.  At this time I'm recommending the vertical or canted sheaths as opposed to the Horizontal, as the Horizontal Sheaths people have reported that they tend to bump into things with the bolster end of the knife, I've not had that problem but I can see it happening so please consider that when deciding what style of sheath you'd like created.  This does not apply to the Benchmade 4x series, those I highly recommend the horizontal style sheath.

When removing the knife from the Horizontal sheath, I usually grip by placing my thumb on top
of the knife and my first finger beneath and pulling the knife clear of the sheath, when returning, I start the knife into the sheath and then reach back and grip the end of the sheath and then squeeze the knife the rest of the way into the sheath with my thumb....

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