The sleds below belong to : Marc Sebright

Yeah, I know it isn't a Scorpion! But honest, it's a really cool sled! This is my 1969 Homelite Forester. Interestingly, this started out as two '69s, both Foresters with 297 JLO single-cylinder engines. The first one I bought as a running sled with the intention to restore it, but unfortunately I descovered alot of rust-out in the bellypan area, so I went searching for another one in better shape. Jim Wanasek came to my rescue by giving me the sled you see here, a super-solid and very nice condition '69 that I've since begun the tear-down to restore. Using parts from both Foresters, this should be a fairly easy restoration because everything is in such good shape!

This is the first homelite, but now the donor for the sled shown above.

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