Monument Valley

Monument Valley at sunset

Parts of Monument and Mystery Valleys are sacred to the Navajo people. I hope that you will respect their beliefs, and leave things as you find them.

Monument Valley is the eighth wonder of the world. A valley of dramatic landscapes where you'll find Mesas, Canyons and 1,000 foot free standing rock formations that defy gravity. It is said that Monument Valley is the second most photographed place in the world. I believe this. I just wish I knew what the first was. Any Clues? The Maroon Bells in Aspen Colorado is the most photographed place in the world. Awesome huh...

The Navajo People (Dine') of Monument Valley are amoungst the most Traditional Dine' on the Reservation. Many practice the Traditional Beliefs, live in Traditional Hogans, make their living by sheep herding, and making Navajo Rugs, and Silversmithing. I have a friend who lives here, and I asked her why she lived like she did, in a hogan, no running water,(she hauls water from Bluff Utah, some 65 miles away,) no power, she uses kerosene hurricane lamps, she cooks over a camp fire, uses an ice chest to keep foods cold. She toldme she CHOOSES to live in the traditional manner, and walk the path of her Mother, and her Grandmother. She was happy, and hoped that she had been able to pass the Blessing Way on to her children, so that they could lead as good a life. Sounds to me like we could all learn a lesson....

Back in 1923, Harry Goulding and his wife Mike, established a trading post here. I was fortunate to know Mike for a brief period of time before she passed away. She was a special woman. Consider how it was to live in Monument Valley in 1923. No power, no water, no paved roads. Hummm...kind of like living in many parts of Monument Valley today. While you are in Monument Valley, make sure to stop by Goulding's and take a look at their Museum.

Monument Valley thunder storm
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I have several beautiful pictures of Monument Valley, that are too large to add to this page. Each takes under a minute by themselves. Check them out.
Monument Valley
Mitchell Mesa
The 3 Sisters
The Left Mitten
View from the Visitors Center

Many of the old westerns we love were filmed in Monument Valley. Here is a list.... 1939- Stagecoach - United Artists
1940 - Kit Carson - United Artists
1941- Billy The Kid - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
The Harvey Girls* - MGM
1946- My Darling Clementine - 20th Century Fox
1948- Fort Apache - RKO Radio
1949- She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - RKO Radio
1956- The Searchers - Warner Brothers 1962- How The West Was Won*- Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
1964- Cheyenne Autumn-Warner Brothers
1968 2001: A Space Odyssey* - Larry Spangler Productions
1969 Again A Love Story - Majestic Films
1969 Easy Rider* - Larry Spangler Productions
1969 Once Upon A Time in the West
1969 Mackenna's Gold* - Columbia Pictures
1970 Joshua - Larry Spangler Productions
1971 Wild Rovers* - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
1973 Il Mio Nome E Nessuno ( my name is nobody )
1973 Electra Glide in Blue* - Tomorrow Entertainment
1974 - The Trial Of Billy Jack - Warner Brothers
1975 - The Eiger Sanction* - Doty Dayton
Productions 1975 - Un Genio, Due Comari E Un Pollo - Doty Dayton Productions
1979 - The Villain* - Columbia Pictures
1981 - The Legend of The Lone Ranger* - Universal
1983 - Airwolf* - CBS-TV
1983 - National Lampoon's Vacation* - Paramount Pictures
1983 - Thunder Warrior II
1990 - Back To The Future II & III - Paradox Productions
1992 - Sognando La California (California Dreaming)* - Luigi E. Aurelio De Laurentiis Productions
1993 - Tall Tales* - Disney Productions
1993 - Pontiac Moon* - Paramount Pictures
1993 - The Ride - V2 Film & Vision
1993 - Forrest Gump* - Paramount Pictures, Raleigh Studios
1994 - Too Wong Foo* - Momentum Films
*San Juan County (Monument Valley, Mexican Hat or Bluff based productions) was not a primary location but several segments of the movie were filmed in the area.
If you are a movie buff, go to the Moab Film Commission web site. They have TONS of cool info!

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A travelers Guide to Monument Valley
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Stewart Atchison has been a tour guide for Wild and Scenic tours for many years. I have known Stewart since 1982. His books are excellent.

Monument Valley Postcards

Tall Sheep
Harry Goulding, Navajo Trader.

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The story behind the scenery.

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Where God Put the West.
Movie making in the desert. A Moab/Monument Valley Movie History

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This book is Excellent!

Tinker and the Medicine Man.
The story of a Navajo Boy of Monument Valley.

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The park and visitor center are open daily 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., May-Sept; 8-5, rest of year (weather permitting); Thanksgiving 8-noon.
Last admission 30 minutes before closing. Closed Jan. 1 and Dec. 25.
Admission $2.50; over 60, $1; under 8 free.
Phone (801)727-3353. Visitors should not photograph the Native Americans, their homes or their possessions without asking permission; a gratuity is usually requested. Other restrictions apply.
For more information contact:

Navajo Parks and Recreation Department
P.O.Box 308,
Window Rock, AZ 86515.

Archeology Vandalism, Area-wide:
Tel: 800/722-3998


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