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Hike: Pu'u 'Ohulehule
Date: Tuesday, February 10, 1998
Weather: Cloudy. Hot and muggy in the valley.

Time Started: 8:24 AM
Time Finished: 6:15 PM
Round trip duration: ~ 10 hours

Party: Grant Tokumi, Daryn Ohta, Kurt Heilbron, & Alex Okihara

At the back of Kahana Valley State Park, we started out on foot. In the distance lay our destination, Pu'u 'Ohulehule.

After a brief walk along an unpaved road, we reached the first of three stream crossings. Here, Grant ponders whether or not he should cross the stream with his shoes on or not. The concrete at the center of the flow is covered with some slippey gunk! Grant decided to remove his shoes.

About 5 minutes later, we came to the second stream crossing. Here Daryn and Grant are trying not to get wet.

At the third stream crossing, we lost the trail. Eventually, Kurt found it for us. This picture was taken from the top, just around the stream's bend.

The trail was very overgrown from here, and we started some bushwhacking. Pu'u 'Ohulehule called to us from the distance.

Here are Daryn, Grant, and Kurt on the trail.

Here is a closer shot of the 'Ohulehule. The trail that we went up on is along the steep right face. Steel cables are provided along this very steep section.

Here are Kurt and Daryn on the way up.

Here's Grant scaling the steep right face. What a workout!

Just after climbing the steep right face lay the Peak of 'Ohulehule. The trail along the way was very overgrown. There were also many thorny thimbleberry plants along the way.

At the top, we decided to take a group shot. The top is fairly clear, and offers a nice place to sit down. However, there are only a couple of good spots that offer some really spectacular views.