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Welcome! This site contains important Blue Ridge Mountain Bass Club information, our tournament schedule, our current standings, and pictures from our tournaments.

The next tournament is at the Chickahominy River out of the Route 5 Bridge on September 20-21, 2009, 6A-2P/6A-12P.

Congratulations to Mason & Thompson for their July 12, 2009 win. Congratulations to Blevins & Blevins for their Big Fish.

The 2009 Tournament Schedule can be accessed on the Tournament Schedule Page. The current tournament results for the year can be accessed on the Tournament Results Page.

See the 2009 Spring meeting information here.

I have loaded up all the pictures from 2008 onto the photogallery page.   Click here to see it. I'm using photobucket to host the images. Send me any pictures you'd like posted there. It doesn't matter if they are from tournaments or not.">

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