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He got home March 26!!! Its so great! A bunch of his friends checked out of school early to meet him in town..=) He got to ride in a strech limo from the airport to the rest of the way home..we had lots of balloons..and yellow ribbons..and everything for him...the elementary school was outside waiting his arrival..and it was just great to see the huge smile across his face..it was great..we had shirts on that said hombra 3:16 since his fav. wrestler is stone cold..its just great.im so happy..i wanna shout out a huge thank you to everyone and esp. to God!!!
Let this candle represent Hombra. Everytime you see a candle, remember to pray for his healing. In church, we have a candle that represents Hombra. He is always lit.


May 9, 1999
Hombra is back in Memphis..He had blood in his urine and a few other things..He's very depressed...So please pray for him and his family...And pray that everything goes fine and that he'll be back home with us VERY VERY soon...We have to pray and we have to pray a lot..If u have his address, send him a card or something..if u want his addy e-mail me and ill let ya know it or e-mail him and I'll send the e-mails to him or something! Just let him know that you are praying and thinking of him!!

April 25, 1999
I saw Hombra's mother, Patty at church today and she updated us on how Hombra was doing. He's doing much better..He went fishing earlier this week and enjoyed himself. He is now up to 141 pounds, which is terrific! He has been driving preparing to get his license...Things are going good! he is gaining strength and is able to get out more than before. His hair is growing back...He goes in for more Chemo Tuesday so he will need prayers then becuase the chemo is hard on him..he will be admitted for 3 days to make sure things go fine..this should be the last major chemo treatment for him!! woopee!!

April 24, 1999
I have been really behind and lacking in updating everyone on Hombra. Wednesday he went in for more chemo treatments, which he hasn't been able to receive for the past week or two due to low cell counts. He went fishing recently and is growing stronger everyday, which is great news. I still haven't been to see him though I hope I will be able to see him really soon because I miss him greatly...But keep on praying for him!!!

March 26, 1999
Hombra arrived home! There are pictures of the arrival too! GO THERE TO SEE THE PICTURES!!

March 25, 1999

Hombra is coming home Friday!! Isn't that terrific news!? He is doing much better. They are flying him home and then he is driving the rest of the way home in a limo. We cannot wait until he gets home, we are all excited to see him. Continue to pray for Hombra because he will still be under chemo treatments until the end of May.

February 27, 1999
Hombra is doing much better. He moved back into the hotel room. He has like one or two more chemo treatments left before he is able to come home. Things are looking brighter everyday. Please continue to pray that the Lord will continue to bless Hombra and make him better.

February 15, 1999
Hombra is doing much better! No more cancer!! He is able to walk around and go to physical therapy. He is still really weak, but slowly regaining his strength.Continue praying for him. Things are looking better but he still needs all the prayers! Also pray for a little boy named Micheal who is there and another little boy that is there. His mom asked for us to pray for them also.

January 24, 1999
Yesterday Hombra underwent surgery to remove 5% of his lung. He has a fungus in his lung. If everything goes fine they will do the same surgery on the other lung tomorrow or the following day. They will remove 5% of it too. He has lots of tubes and everything else. He is very uncomfortable. However, he is trying to stay in a good mood. But he is feeling very down. The previous date of January 31st, is now not going to happen. It will be later before he gets to come home. They cannot continue to do the chemo at the moment, because of his lungs. They will as soon as they can though. He is beginning to lose his hair, which is a good sign, its showing that the chemo is working. There are still no cancer cells at the moment. He is very weak though. He is on a lot of pain killers and rests a lot.

January 13, 1999
Tonight at church, we had a prayer time for Hombra. Sheri (the youth leader) talked to Patty, Hombras mother and informed us that the cancer is not back. However, he cannot recieve chemo for 2 weeks, because his body is so weak. He is now weighing at 110, which before he was around 160/170. He may have a fungus growing in his stomach/esophogus/throat. They did a cat scan to find that today. He is taking morphine for the pain. He cannot walk hardly and is very weak. He is unable to get up by himself. We need all the prayers that we can get for Hombra. The prayer was really good though, everyone was praying as hard as they could and praying for a miracle to happen. Normal red blood cell counts (i thinkred) are like small, small...but when he went into hospital he had over 95,000..those with over 50,000 have a harder time. He now has no white blood cells(i believe) so he cannot fight off any infections. But everytime you see a candle, pray for Hombra. In sunday school we have a candle that represents Hombra. But please pray for his healing.

January 7, 1999
On January 31st, the doctors believe that he will be able to come home!! That is awesome! The power of God is great!! This is also his mom's birthday. The doctors cannot find the luekemia in his blood or bone marrow, which is great!! God is awesome!! But continue to pray for Hombra!!!

Just recently he went to the doctor they detected luekemia. Hombra is 16 years old and a sophmore in high school. He enjoys hunting, fishing, football, and wrestling! He loves WWF and WCW..Stone Cold is his hero! He will be at St. Judes for at least 2 months. He needs all the prayers that he can get! *update* Hombra and his mom have been moved into a hotel. He is continuing to get chemo therapy. As far as I know things are doing rather well. A memorial fund for Clarky Clark (The owner of the bank here who passed away recently-God Bless you Clarky) will be given to Hombra and his family for expenses. I'll be adding more to this later!

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