When Women Want to Fish...
Where Do They Go?

Of the Greater St Louis Area


Gateway Bass'N Gals  make available to the women of the area an organization which will allow them to unite to pursue worthwhile goals in promoting fishing to its rightful place among recognized sports.

Gateway Bass'N Gals  promote good sportmanship and fellowship among women anglers and provide wholesome recreation for its members and families.

Gateway Bass'N Gals  improve skills of anglers and youth through the exchange of techniques, seminars and ideas.

Gateway Bass'N Gals  encourage members' concern for the preservation of our natural resources and to stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major participation sport.

Gateway Bass'N Gals  strive to bring an end to discrimination against women in the participation of certain outdoor activities and competition.

The Gateway Bass'N Gals is an affiliate club of the WBFA.

(Women's Bass Fishing Association)

Gateway Bass'N Gals
encourage you to practice "Catch and Release".