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The Kal-Haven Trail is a 34 mile long State Park (currently leased to VanBuren County for management) that allows the opportunity to enjoy nature, hike, or travel by bicycle, horse*, or snowmobile* between Kalamazoo and South Haven, Michigan. * (Restrictions apply)
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The Kal-Haven Trail did not develop overnight and is constantly evolving.
Crushed limestone has been added to the trail surface, and bridges rebuilt.


The railroad ties are gone, but not the Kal-Haven Trail's ties to the past. (photos)


You may expect to see a wide variety of plants and animals along the trail. (photos)

More Nature

You may take a wide view, or a closer view. (photos)

Trail Map

A rough map on the trail. Some internal links available by clicking areas on map.

Trail Tips

A few tips and reminders for trail users. (Fee Info)

Outhouses, picnic tables and water - hand pumps

A guide to the outhouses, picnic tables and water hand pumps located along the trail. (unfortunately they are not always available.)

Web Link Page

Other Web Pages related to the Kal-Haven Trail, or this site...

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