Summer of 1999 road trip

The endless summer has ended and once again I sit and reflect upon another road trip gone by. The weather is too wet for climbing and too warm for skiing, so here I am, trying to put seven months of adventures into one sad website. I told everyone that this years site would be more high-tech, more animated; well, due to budget restrictions ($0) and impending employment I've abandoned those high hopes and wish simply to make this thing bearable. As always, if you allow the pointer on your screen to 'hover' over a picture, you will get a bit of specific information. Some of the images are also links to either a larger photo or a new one, in addition to the text links you will see on most pages. Even bare-boned, this thing could take a while, so as long as you see the 'under construction' sign, continue to revisit for updates. I have added many new photos to last years site using links as well, but please use this page as your index. Tele skiing
This summer, I had another trip planned that would take me around the western U.S. and B.C. for another six months. I climbed at Smith Rock in the early spring once again to pepare myself physically. I wasn't able to climb for about three months during last winter due to a hand injury from crack climbing in Squamish, and I was feeling like I was in the worst shape of my life. My left shoulder had bothered me the previous fall, putting me out of climbing about the time ski season began. Skiing every day helped by keeping me active, but climbing is such a whole body workout that I didn't feel that it helped much. I was finally out of my cast on my left hand at the end of February and back at Smith Rock in March. The rehab I had done all winter for my left shoulder had paid off! On April 12th I got my final paycheck from Willamette Pass and left for Utah with my buddies Craig, Greg and Heather a week later. '99 route

  1. American Fork Canyon, Ut.
  2. City Of Rocks, Id.
  3. Bishop, Ca.
  4. Mammoth Lakes, Ca.
  5. Las Vegas, Nv.
  6. Touolomne Meadows, Ca.
  7. Squamish, B.C.
  8. Yosemite National Park, Ca.
  9. Smith Rocks, Or.
  10. My winter home, Eugene, Or.
  11. My plans for summer, 2000
  12. My 2000 road trip page

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