Troop 305

                                               Exeter, PA

Scoutmaster: Walter Slivinski, Jr

Updated March 7, 2000

The purpose of this site is to help Scoutreach Troops (formerly Urban Emphasis) prosper and grow.  These are troops that have been developed in urban areas such as housing projects.  It is sometimes difficult to get these boys to Scouting so Scouting has been brought to the boys.

Please be patient as this site grows.  I will add new information and pages as time permits and as the information comes in.  Come back often to see the changes.

Any ideas that you have for fundraisers, keeping the boys interest, finding new leaders, or anything pertaining to scouting would be appreciated.  Just e-mail your comments, ideas, and suggestions.

This page is dedicated to my wife.  Without her continued encouragement and support, I may not still be doing this.  She has allowed me the freedom and time to devote to the Troop.  Without her support and understanding, none of this would be possible.

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