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The most convenient way to contact me is to send me email.   This is my email address:  Randolph_Joseph_Miller_3@msn.com   You should be able to just click on my email address to automatically run an email program.  Don't be surprised if it takes weeks to respond because I'm in the process of moving.  Actually I just moved from a small box to a big tent.  Then I'll move to a real room at Fort Benning.
Welcome to my second attempt to make a web page.  The first attempt was deleted off the internet long ago.  Due to size constraints and other rules, I don't think I'll be expanding this web page much in the future.  Freenet is much cooler.  I have lots of photographs I want to share but only five megabytes here.  I would like to redo this site with a lot more links and only good photos.  I'm living in the US and have cable internet so I should be able to eventually.  I took a lot of cool pictures last year (2005) in Iraq and Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.    I want to do some educational pages too, like how to take good photographs.  You can't tell by the the photos on this web page, but I've actually taken some really cool pictures.  It helps to have a decent camera.