July 21

        Today was a free day for us but the Germans agreed to meet at Bruces at 1:00 to go downtown. I slept into 12:30 but didn't get out of bed until 1:00. I just sat around all day doing this and that. Until 6:30 when we were suppose to meet at Bruces. We were waiting for the Germans only to find out that they were already at the Cochrane Ranch waiting for us. With 25
minutes to get Cochrane we ignored all stop signs, speed limits, controlled intersections, and pedestrian crossings (Just kidding) but with did get there in time. Although I hate Shakespeare I did understand most of the play. After the play we were all introduced to the actors and after a short talk Jason tried throwing Geoff into the ice cold creek but failed when he fell into the creek to. So we all hopped into our cars and we were off to Javens to meet there. 15 minutes later Javan showed up and we talked for another half-an-hour. Javan couldn't with us so we left. We were going to get some food at Wends but it was closed so we went to AnW. We all met
back at Jasons house talked and watched Jerry Springer “Secret love triangles revealed” at 12:00 in the morning. We left his house at 1:00 then we went straight to bed.

Chris Orton

I got up at about 9:00 and got Simon up. Then we called every hair place in the north Calgary. To find a place that would do are hair coloring. We finally found one called the Hair Dimanchens. We when there at 10:00. I got my hair done blue so I was first. Then Simon got his hair bleached and a red maple leaf put in to the middle of it. I called Geoff at 12:00 to see what we are doing. I found out that Geoff was at bruces and Katarina was coming there at 1:00. So I called Bruces and found out that Simon had to be at Bruces at 1:00. So I called Rory to come and pick me and Simon up at 12:30. (My blue hair is so cool and it is permanent)

Steven Sample

Some of the Germans understand Shakespeare. I got the point of it. But I did not understand all of it. The Germans Had to take Shakespeare in school. It was bad when Annie and Jens know what is hapening and I dont know. But every thing was good. Then after the Shakespeare we went to Javan's house. But we got kicked out so we when to Jason's house.

Steven Sample

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