July 11

        We arrived at Bruces about 9:45 am. The Germans gave Bruce their backpacks for camp. When everyone was there we mounted up in the cars and left. We have 8 canoes for 20 people. 9 canoes were rented from Sait and one from Geofff. This could be fun. We put in at Bounes park and floated down the bow for a little bit of time. We had a massive water fight. We would box in a person and splash them with water by hitting the water with the paddle. All of us got totally soaked, about half way stopped and rested. We then took off again. We rested about 20 minutes away from the meeting point and introduced them to a slurpee. They liked it very much. Then Steven got a vary big bag of cheeps. He only had about 2 cheeps. We then went down to the end of the line. Where there was a wear. So we had to get out fast. When we were finished we packed up our stuff and went over to Geoffs house. At Geoffs house some of us sow Javans Hypnotist video. After that everyone went home and went to bed.

Steven and ?

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