Throughout out the years I have had a variety of friends. Some that were
good for me and some that… Well lets just leave it at that. For the most part my friends and my family have made me who I am now. I am grateful to them for that.

When the word college is used a lot of different words come to mind such as,  homework, finals, lectures, notes, roommates, embarrassing moments and playing. I have been in the BYU 43rd ward 3 times I keep coming back. I have also attended a Springville singles ward and the BYU 89th ward. The friends that I have made in the past 4 years have been a great source of inspiration to me, they are great examples and wonderful people ready to have fun and laugh. Some of these friend I know will be friends for life.

This is BYU homecoming 1998 I am in the blue dress.

Group date 1998, I am in the back. Can you find me? Good luck : )


This is BYU Preference fall 1999, Charlotte & Mike, And then the rest of us... Debbie, Spence, Kirk and ME!

Charlotte, Me and Miaten

This is BYU Preference winter (Feb.1999 I think)

This is the day before I left for Alaska, AND Emeka's Birthday Party!