Well, I don't know that you could describe me on a web page, but here is a brief introduction. I love my friends and my family they are the things in my life that mean the most to me. The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints is the greatest blessing in my life. It brings me more joy than any other thing in my life and because of it I receive even more joy from my friends and family. I would tell you all about it if I had the time, but I will just let you click here.  HERE!  : )

Another big part of my life (for three years) was lifeguarding. Lifeguarding was the most fun and the biggest growing experience for me in my life. Saving lives was a bit scary, and at times...  I wasn't sure who was more scared the “victim” or the rescuer. Practical jokes kept the stress levels down and became memories that will never be forgotten.

As I grew up my Mom and Dad instilled in us the greatness of the outdoors. The mountains and the wilderness are a sanctuary to me when I need an escape from the stresses of the world around me. Photography is an interest that the outdoors triggered within in me. ( wish I knew more about photography...)