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me - 03/30/00 20:29:58
Favorite Quote: live.
Where are you from?: utah

cool site... How come my pic isn't on it?

David - 01/28/00 17:14:54
My Email:Cyber_Dave17@yahoo.com
Where are you from?: Duh

Nice page but it chrashed twice.

Mom and David - 12/29/99 04:33:15
My Email:BCJons@Aol.com
Where are you from?: Can't Remember

Amy, We don't like the first line of your family Page. oh, I almost forgot you have a picture down on your "me" page David and Mom

Mr. Lawrence Olivier - 12/23/99 15:42:08
My Email:Boogieman@singlesaints.com
Intrests: watching videos w/ Ms. Muphet
Favorite Quote: "Lord, what fools these mortals be"--Puck, A MIdsummer Night's Dream
Where are you from?: Australia

Nice guestbook toots. I like the web page too but it's missing a comma.

edwin - 11/25/99 18:45:44
My URL:http://edwinnavas.freeservers.com
My Email:enavas@hwcl.bc.ca
Intrests: scuba, latin dancing, weight training, outdoors, mountain biking, camping, public speaking
Favorite Quote: Donít criticize, donít condemn and donít complain=less stress
Where are you from?: victoria bc

Sweet page! Iam very happy for you for having a very close family. Ill tlak to you soon.

Charlotte Ann Shipp - 09/23/99 22:48:07
My Email:cashipp@cs.byu.edu
Intrests: boys, soccer, sleeping, nature
Favorite Quote: "Always treat people as if they are what they have the potential to become."
Where are you from?: Idaho

Great work Aimers!!!! Your pictures captured a lot of fun memories. Thanks for being my friend! I'll love you forever! Charlotte Ann

David Pace - 09/21/99 00:56:57
My URL:http://users.sisna.com/davidpace
My Email:davidpace@sisna.com
Intrests: Water Sports, Racquetball, Computers, Etc
Favorite Quote: Choose...but choose wisely
Where are you from?: Utah

I enjoyed your site very much!

MJ - 09/15/99 21:34:17
Intrests: Outdoors, Dancing, (country Swing) Iam LDS at BYU
Where are you from?: Utah

I love your site. it looks awesome!

Jon - 07/19/99 20:08:53
My URL:http://www.angeflrie.com/id/jonsummers
My Email:jonsummers@yahoo.com
Intrests: Off-roading, Mountain Biking, Playing cards, Travel, Backrubs, Food, and Outdoors!
Favorite Quote: Do you want to rub my back?... Sheesh!
Where are you from?: Texas

I love you site it is the greatest! 3 cheers for Amy!

- 03/10/99 18:02:24


Daniel Monson - 03/08/99 21:17:38
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/pentagon/barracks/1575/DanielSam.htm
My Email:Terraling@snail-mail.net
Intrests: No Comment
Favorite Quote: I'm an Engineer Not a Doctor. Darn it.
Where are you from?: Arimo, Idaho

Hey Amy, David told me to check out this page. Nice work. Just popping up to say HI. Daniel.

neighbor - 02/06/99 17:36:23
Where are you from?: Utah

Your site looks great!!!! I like what you did to the pictures.

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