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This page began as a Mountaineering Page for my high school friends and me. It was originally a project to learn html in Mr. Boswell's Tech 2000 class in 1998. I have made it into my personal website since then. Since everybody else is doing a blog, then why not me? The art and skill of basic html code has been lost on the newest web users. When I started this website in 1998, myspace, facebook, twitter, and all of that crap didn't exist. Only true computer nerds could create and maintain a website. This is intended as a backlash to those sites which allow all commoners access to making their own website without the headaches and trials of refining their html code. The original website can be found here Mountaineering.

Most Recent Blogs:

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Local Philly Stuff: 29.December 2008 Franzone's Pizzeria in Bridgeport, PA

Liberal Thought / Politics: 31.December 2008 My Political Awakening

Liberal Thought / Politics: 30.October 2008 My first political speech

Local Philly Stuff: 29.October 2008 Rob and I attend the Rise Against concert in Philly with unintended consequences

So, here are the new areas I will focus on and write about:
Great Outdoors
World Travel
Local Philly Stuff
Liberal Thought / Politics
Random Ponderings
Allt Íslenska
MBA Stuff
Music & Literature

Best of...

Great Outdoors:

World Travel:

Local Philly Stuff: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia!!

Liberal Thought / Politics:

Random Contemplation:

Allt Íslenska:

MBA Stuff: Icelandic Financial Meltdown

Music & Literature:

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Despite my rage against myspace, facebook, twitter, blogger, and all that, here are my pages where you can see more of my commercialized pages:
I'm not a loser that needs to check twitter every 20 minutes and blogspot won't let me format my page like only I can do with html, so they can kiss my ass...