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  Page last updated JUNE 2007
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50 from Dexter
Lampassas River From Stillhouse Hollow Lake, Texas
Hello everybody,thanks for showing an interest in what I consider a great outdoor sport:Bowfishing! Over the last 20 years I have had the pleasure of shooting fish in Missouri,Arkansas,Texas, Hawaii, New York, and now, back to Missouri.

  The pictures I have published on my site reflect a mixed bag of rough fish that we have shot over the years; Carp,Gar,Buffalo,Drum,Bowfin,Bigheads, Grass Carp-and in Salt water; Puffer-fish,Porcupine-Fish,Spotted Ray's,Needle-fish,
Striped Mullet,Barracuda,and some things that defy description.

  You probably won't see any record book fish here,but we have had a blast searching for the BIG ONE,hitting him occasionally,missing him usually,and coming home with what is pictured here.

   I have also added a few links on page 7 which I think are useful to this sport. Please visit them as they contain great stuff.
                                                 Thanks, Dave

Introduce a young person to the thrill of Bowfishing!
I have been avidly engaged in the sport of bowfishing since was a 14 year old teen with one bow,one arrow,no car and no boat.
Now,I'm in my 30's with spare bows,motors,arrows and everything else I DIDN"T have when I was younger.All I need now is more time(Don't we all)

  Bowfishing is rated my Number 3 Priority (right behind my daughter and my career).The ability to go out and clear your mind of all outside problems and stick THE BIG ONE is such a tremendous uplifter for me. I encourage everyone to take part in this sport and support all outdoor interests.