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A discussion group has been set-up to disseminate information about rock climbing in the Philippines, competitions and anything related to the local climbing scene. Although the discussion group in not moderated, you must be a member to post messages to the group.

To sign-on or off the group, please send emails to the following addresses

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You can also sign-up to the group by typing your email address below:

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Sport Climbing Association of the Philippines (SCAPI)

Manila Office: Joey Cuerdo
# 690 Tandang Sora Ave, Old Balara, Quezon City
Tel: +63(2) 932-7273 Fax: +63(2) 437-9738

Visayas Office: Art Tajanlangit
Ilo-ilo City
Tel: +63(33) 320-3478

Mindanao Office: Eric Bontuyan
Cagayan de Oro City
Tel: +63(88) 8571799


If you want to contact specific people on Philippine Rock climbing, please email me or one of the others below-

Simon in the Gunks
Contacts Phone Email
Power-Up Pasig (Joey Cuerdo) + 63 (2) 633 7308
Power-Up Tandang Sora + 63 (2) 434 8670
fax + 63 (2) 932 7273
Simon Sandoval (Manila) + 63 (917) 899 1172
Giboi Asis (Tacloban, Leyte) +63(53) 323 8341
JunJun Vidal (Cebu City) +63(32) 256 3328
+63(32) 255 3328

Filipinos are very hospitable - but please do not abuse this gift. For advice, help and up-to-date information on the Philippine rock climbing scene, above is a list of people and places to get in touch with.

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