All about Nina
All about Nina!

So, you want to know a little about me huh?
Want to know who's world your surfing around in?

Well, I am a Wife, and Mother of 2 great kids.

I enjoy life, and all of it's wonders.
I like to be active and involved with my family and my community.
Hmmmm.. let's see what else....

I am a Scorpio.. could ya tell? And a red head! Wowza, what a combo.. just ask my hubby! *BG* Spitting fire with a stinging tail!!!
I love adventure and mystery, thrills and chills, God and my family, and all of the other teachers and leaders of the way. Jesus, Buddah, Muhammad, I love them all.

Ok, to save loading time I have split myself up into a few different sections! Right now I have some family pics, and my SKYDIVING adventures. The links are below. I hope you enjoy them!

YEAH!!! The first wave of PICTURES are HERE!
Click the button above to see some of them.


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