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Cub Scout Pack 214 . . . We always do out best!

Hello from Pack 214! We're glad you've decided to surf our site and hope you enjoy the ride. Our Pack is young, but we have a strong group of boys and very supportive parents. We're on the move and growing (76 boys as of January 2000)!

We are chartered by the Bay Osos Kiwanis Club and hold our Pack meetings at Monarch Grove Elementary School. You'll see us carrying the flags at our local Veteran's Day and Memorial Day celebrations, marching in the Cayucos 4th of July and Los Osos Holiday parades, and caroling around town.

We hold ten Pack meetings, two family campouts, and four summer Pack events each year. Over half of our boys attend the annual Camino Real District summer day camp. We participate in the district's Scouting for Food drive, bring out our balloon launchers for Scoutorama, and hike the Seven Sisters. We host the annual Los Osos Pinewood Derby. We hold a car wash each October, a Cake Bake in July, and are planning a garage sale this Spring. Yes, we are BUSY!

I've started to assemble an on-line photo gallery. I've only got one page of photos so far, but check back in a few months for more!

Photos from the 1998 Pinewood Derby Pictures!

Los Osos, California . . .

California Our home is Los Osos, on California's central coast. As you can see on the map to the left, we're north of Los Angeles and south of Monterey. We're right on Morro Bay and about 15 minutes from San Luis Obispo.

Los Osos has a mild climate, as we're right on the ocean. The temperature never gets much above 80 degrees F here and never drops too far below 50 degrees F. The skies are clear and the ocean breeze refreshing. We get rain in the winter (January and February), but won't see a drop the other 10 months of the year. Our nicest seasons are fall and spring. We get coastal fog in the summer, so everyone either heads into San Luis Obispo for swimming lessons or the Sierras for camping.

Los Osos Chamber of Commerce

The Los Osos Chamber of Commerce has put together a nice home page describing the things to do and places to see around our area. They've also included a really neat history of the area, describing the settlers encounters with the valleys original inhabitants . . . the Chumash Indians and the California Grizzley bear! Click on the title above to visit the page.

Montana de Oro State Park

Montana de Oro is a wilderness park at the western border of Los Osos. The park is covered with hiking trails and beautiful coastal bluffs. A hike along the bluffs leads you to a number of quiet coves, where you'll often find otters and sea lions catching their lunch. Sunset Magazine featured Montana de Oro in it's travel section a while back. I've scanned the article onto our pages for your enjoyment. Click on the title to visit the page.

Exploring The Morros

The Los Osos valley is bordered on the north by the Morros, a string of 9 dormant volcanic peaks. Our Webelos and Boy Scouts are allowed to hike 7 of these mountains as part of the Seven Sisters High Adventure Program. The Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce has put together a neat page that describes the Morros and their prized inhabitant, the peregrine falcon. Click on the title to visit the page.

Morro Bay Natural History Museum

The Morro Bay Natural History Museum is a fun place to start your exploration of the central coast. The museum is great for kids and they host a number of hiking and bird watching events each week. The museum is situated on a bluff overlooking Morro Bay, and is right next door to a protected heron nesting area. Click on the title to visit the page.

Hearst Castle

Los Osos is about a half hour south of San Simeon, home of world famous Hearst Castle. Willam Randolph Hearst (the publishing giant) built this monsterous mansion high atop a mountain, overlooking nearly 40 miles of California's coast. It's quite a sight to see. Click on the title to visit the page.

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