Larry Boreham's.....Stirling Activity

This is Larry Boreham's Stirling Can engine.
It runs on the heat from a candle under the can, which is the hot side heat exchanger (the bottom) and the cool side heat exchanger towards the top. The Diaphram on the top is what transfers the power to the crankshaft. Note the weight on the crankshaft, this is to counterbalance the weight of the displacer piston down inside the can. The displacer piston is the device that makes the air move from the top of the can (cooling phase), to the bottom of the can (the heating phase). When the air is heated it expands and causes the diaphram to expand, pushing the connecting rods upwards that push on the crankshaft. The displacer is let down and this pushes the air to the top of the can and lets the air cool. When this happens the air contracts, pulling the diaphram down, pulling the crankshaft down also.

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Picture provided by Larry Boreham.

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