About Me...

Andy Warhol once said that everyone will experience fifteen minutes of fame in their lifetime, this could be my way of reaching some sort of fame�well, at least I hope so! I am in the process of starting my own company and I am praying it will be so successful that we can afford a vacation. hell, maybe even make the show "The Rich and Famous"...dream on girl.

Let me share a little about who I am, I promise I won't bore you (at least I'll try not to!) I'm the one mother warned you about..only kidding. Seriously, at the time of this writing I am 50 years young. I prefer to say "young", as I feel age is simply a "Frame of Mind"..and I feel 22 most times. They say life begins at 40, and a truer statement has never been said as that is when my new life truly began. I found Jesus and accepted him as my one and only true Saviour, and I met my husband, Charlie, the love of my life here on earth. God truly saves the best for last!

Like I said, I am in the process of starting a business, Rainbow Roads Business Solutions - Corporate Development and Training...the map to your success, here is my mission statement, cool, eh>

Our business is that of empowering our customers to reach their full potential in their work. Rainbow Roads Business Solutions mission is to provide the highest quality technical and soft skills training, creating the highest standards which others may wish to follow. To this end we will actively develop new training approaches, and other ways to help people learn, to enable all students to overcome easily any obstacles and be able to learn quickly and enjoyably.

At Rainbow Roads Business Solutions, our customers are our greatest asset. We have a responsibility for their training and for their personal growth while they are with us. We will always look for ways to enable people to push back their personal limits and to reach their full potential. If we treat our customers excellently then we will receive outstanding reviews and in return, receive word of mouth advertising.

We must strive to ensure that everything we do, we do exceptionally. We always look to provide the best possible service. This means that, however satisfied our customers are, we must never be complacent. We must always ask how things could be better.

The customer is the whole reason for our existence and their needs must come before our convenience. We must listen carefully to all our customers and strive to find out (and to find new ways to find out) what they need and how we can help them. If we cannot serve our customers better than our competitors (or at the same level for a lower price) then we should not be providing that particular service.

We must look for innovation in everything we do at Rainbow Roads Business Solutions. Most people have lost much of their inherent capacity and eagerness to learn. A core element of Rainbow Roads Business Solutions mission is to find new ways to enable people to regain that capacity and that eagerness for learning. Experimenting and innovation are crucial in this process. We must try out new ways of doing things and celebrate the mistakes we make along the way.

We are in the business of empowering people and helping them to learn new skills. That is a challenging, but potentially very enjoyable and rewarding experience. We must take delight in the process, including the obstacles and blockages which appear to get in the way. As Gandhi stated, and we adopt this as part of our Mission Statement, �Live as if you were going to die tomorrow, learn as if you are going to live forever.�

Besides surfing on the 'net, I enjoy camping, walking, fine-dining, cooking, dancing, music, reading, RAFTING (I live on the Saco River, and rafting is my "PASSION"! Though my back injury has me being pulled by my husband with our electric motor with myself and friends in my raft.) travel, movies, and will try anything once�more if I like it! This is a younger me...click here if you dare!

I am a happy-go-lucky, down-to-earth woman who has found her Mr. Wonderful! My husband treats me great, he is the second best thing that has happened to me, Jesus was the first. Our relationship was a prayer answered for the both of us, he prayed for me for 20 years and I prayed for him the summer of 2000. He itches, I scratch, he thinks of something we need, and I buy it before he has even told me about it. Pretty cool, eh? A true match made in heaven.

I have two great children who are now young adults. My son, Scott, is 28 and graduated from Thornton Academy in June of '97. He is currently working at a grocery store in charge of the Dairy DEpt. He is single and looking...at 6'3", he is a teddy bear and loves video games (role-playing) loves his pot and 4:20, loves movies and would make a great husband and father. He wants desperately to have a family and a wife to take care of. He doesn't drink so he can't even meet a one night stand at a bar. He loves to "spin" and owns a bunch of high tech music equipment. Seriously, if anyone is intested, e-mail me at rainbowroads@securespeed.us and we can see what we can do. He's a catch!This is a picture of him, not recent. He has a beard that I would love to see off...a good woman could do that...IMG> This is my son, Scott. (He is single and looking...

My daughter, Sheri, is 26 and is also a graduate of Thornton Academy ('98). She is a full time student at the Iniversity of New England courtesy of the U.S. Navy. She was in for 2 years and was over in Iraq and got attacked, at the age of 26 she is a disabled veteran. She wants to be a Kindergarten teacher She is a Christian as well and is engaged to a very nice man she met in the Navy and he is also a Christian. Here is her senior picture, and she does not look much different today, she still looks 15 or so, lucky her!! This is my daughter, Sheri.

Send the "River Angel" an e-mail...let me know what you would like to see here, or simply write and say "Hi!", I'll write you back, honest 'injun!