Ah, yes...even construction hits the most remote places, and the Saco River is no different. Pictured above is the infamous "Green Bridge" located on Route 5 in Saco. As you can see, this is a picture of the old "Green Bridge" and the starting process of the new bridge. This picture was taken October 12, 1996.

I have many different shots of this bridge that I have taken throughout the years, with the most recent shots being the construction of the new and the demolition of the old. Watch this link as I attempt to document pictorally how much construction can change the face of a river.

The picture below is of the same bridge, taken on October 19, 1996....just one week after the one pictured above. Notice anything different? On October 19, 1996, New England had a major rain storm, 19 inches in a 24 hour period. Notice in the picture after the flood that the construction equipment has been washed away. A gentle reminder that Mother Nature takes what is hers...I have often wondered how much of this construction equipment that was washed away during this flood has harmed the natural habitat in the Saco River.

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