Help me PLEASE! ! !

Recently I ran into a world of trouble and I need any and all help I can get. I have lost the one thing that I owned and I need to get it back. Now I know there are a lot of people out there that have lots of money and no place too spend it. Well, my legal fees are astronomical and I am neither rich nor famous so I definately can't afford "The Dream Team".

I am looking for donations so I can get the justice I deserve and not be one of those poor people who end up paying through the nose with money I don't have. I am an honest woman, a Christian woman and really need prayers and financial help.

Won't you please help me? Send any and all donations to: Glena Waterhouse, P.O. Box 315, East Waterboro, ME 04030.

Any help you can give would really mean a lot, make a very poor person happy and may your kindness come back to you thricefold.

Send the "River Angel" an e-mail...I'll answer any questions you may have. Please help me, an injustice has been done and I need the help of friends, family, and the kindness of strangers.