Welcome to my "Web Ring Page"!

"There are truly no enemies in the world, only friends you haven't met."

They say that we live in a small world, and with the Internet, it seems even smaller. Through out the past two years, I have met and made so many wonderful friends through Geocities and Chat, have caught up wiht long-lost friends, and continue to forge strong bonds with people from all over the world. It's truly amazing!

And as I journeyed throughout this "Virtual World", I have been honored with so many awards and have joined many "Web Rings", that I have now created this special place just for the Web Rings I belong to. Why don't you take a moment and visit each one, the sites and friends you will find are too awesome and numerous to count.

Yosemite Community Leader

This Yosemite Community Leaders page is by Glena Ackley. Visit other YCL pages!
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Glena M. Ackley

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Yosemite Campfire Ring

Member name: Glena Ackley
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Grab a cup of coffee and see who all is here!
If you have a homestead in Yosemite, join the Campfire!!

Yosemite Soaring Eagle Award {WebRing}

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This GeoLeaders Ring site is maintained by Glena
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Send the "River Queen" an e-mail...let me know what you would like to see here, or simply write and say "Hi!", I'll write you back, honest 'injun!

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