The Labrador Act, 1964

R.S.N. 1990, Ch. L-3

An Act Respecting the Recognition in Official Matters of that Part of the Province Situated on the Mainland of Canada and Called Labrador.

[June 10th, 1964]

1. This Act may be cited as the Labrador Act.

2. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Coat of Arms Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council may by order add to the Armes and Ensignes of the province, prescribed in that Act, to provide for the official recognition of Labrador in that Act, and an addition made under this section shall be deposited in the Department of Municipal and Provincial Affairs.

3. In all publications of and in all stationery used by a department of the government of the province, where a reference is made to the province, a reference shall be made also to Labrador as part of the province.

4. The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may by order prescribe the use of the word "Labrador" coupled with references to the province in the other matters and things that he or she may consider desirable.