Motion in the House of Commons (U.K.), February 1949

Mr. Herbert (Ind.), moved: That this House, without prejudice to the merits of the proposed Union of the Dominions of Canada and Newfoundland, observing that an appeal is now pending before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council which in certain past members of the Newfoundland Legislature claim that the procedure preliminary to the introduction of the British North America Act was unconstitutional, ultra vires, and contrary to the Statute of Westminster, and that the Terms of Union attached to the Bill were negotiated and ought not to be recommended to His Majesty by the Commission of Government in Newfoundland, declares that this Bill should not be put down or considered for second reading until the said appeal, which concerns the root of the Bill, has been heard and determined.

* * *

NB: The appeal to the Judicial Committee was withdrawn in May.