The Provincial Flag Act, 1980

R.S.N. 1990, c.P-30

An Act to Adopt a Flag for the Province.

1. This Act may be cited as the Provincial Flag Act.

2. (1) The flag described and illustrated in the Schedule is adopted as the flag of the province.

(2) The provincial flag is more particularly described and illustrated by the dimensions and specifications set out in an order of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, which order bearing the drawings, colours and other particulars of the flag shall be deposited in the Department of Municipal and Provincial Affairs.


1. Description:

A white flag as illustrated below of the proportion 2 by length and 1 by width bearing 4 blue triangles on that part of the flag next to the staff, with 2 triangles bordered in red on that part of the flag in the fly and bearing a golden arrow bordered in red extending from the middle and pointing to the fly of the flag.

2. Illustration: