Diamond Fork Hot Pots

The Diamond Fork Hot Pots are my newest favorite place to go. The Hot Pots are a series of pools, fed by sulfur springs. They usually run about 104 degrees. There are three large pools below the waterfall, and one above, although I haven't seen this one yet. I should have some pictures on here before long to show what they look like.
To get to the Hot Pots, head east through Spanish Fork Canyon. After about 6 miles, you will come to a left-hand turnoff that is marked "Diamond Fork". Take this turnoff and follow the road for about 20 minutes, or until you come to a place marked "Three Forks". When you get here, there will be a parking lot down a hill to your right. Park here and start on the trail. It crosses the first bridge, but be careful that you don't cross the second one. Follow this trail for 2.3 miles and you are there. It should be mentioned that there is one bridge about halfway up that you want to cross. You will know when you are there because there is a large waterfall at the head of the springs. You will also note a particularly unpleasant fragrance about the area. It should also be noted that some perverts go there to skinny dip, so be careful.

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