There are many varieties of points that fall into the Adena category. They are a lanceolate point with usually a small stem, that can be parrellel, contracting, narrow, pointed or round. The gary, dickson, robbins, wells, and waubesa are just a few of the types of "typical adena style" points.The point below is called a Waubesa, they have a triangular blade, long contracting stem, with very weak shoulders.

This is one gorgeous Dickson point, it is extremely thin and well flaked. Notice the contracting squared stem, this is the trademark of an Adena Dickson.

This is a Dickson blade. It wont win a beauty contest, although it's paper thin.

The pic shows an Adena Narrow Stem...its somewhat tilted..guess they coulda made it to shoot around corners..hehe.

This large blade is called an Adena Robbins. Its most outstanding features are a long, wide parrellel sides rounded base.

The one below is a nice adena type with a very sharp tip. It was found 9-11-97.

This is another nice point, beautiful flaking, very thin, out of gorgeous material. At the tip is a heat crater, pock mark. It is beliebed that they left the point in the meat, after they made a kill, and when it was cooked it causes such craters.

This pretty white Dickson Point i found laying right next to the above one, matter of fact, they was touching.

You talk about gorgeous, this adena lacks nothing, paper thin, superb quality. Anyone would be proud to have this one in a collection, its a classic.

Below is a picture of two Gary points. The grey one on the left was a field find, behind a friends house. He had no idea anything like that was there, tickled me pink when i found it.

This picture is of an adena notched base. We dont find a whole lot of them around here, Garys and Dicksons are the most common. This critter has some nice flaking on it.

This is a great example of a dickson. Look at the base, the form, how it is a kinda tapered down and square. It is extremely thin, some of these pictures dont do the points justice.

The points below are morrow mountain i believe. Another style of adena, see the similarities in all of these points?..basal form is the key. These arent pretty...but this gives you an idea of the type.

The point below is called a adena-wells. This is a gorgeous point, the pic of it sucks. Trust me..its beautiful, with a fine medium ridge and symmetry thats outstanding. It has an impact fracture on the very tip, and its fixing to have a new home.

This point was found by me while diving. I felt it on laying on the bottom of the lake in about 15 feet of water. Just luck i guess. You can see the mud and dirt still on it, its just as it was when found.

This one below is not an adena, but perhaps a castroville or smith variety. But, its a decent sized im putting it on this page. i fount it 9-11-97.

This is a picture of a large adena. This one also was found while diving, but at another location, on the same lake. It was mighty cold that day, i turn blue just thinking about it.

Below is a variety of adena's, mostly Adena-Dickson. They arent pretty, but they are still points.

here are some more adena type points, a variety of all types

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