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Welcome to the Palo Alto 523 Repeater
N6NFI/R 145.23- (PL=100Hz)
Sponsors: SRI Amateur Radio Society & SPARK
Trustee: Rolf Klibo, N6NFI
N6NFI/R (formerly W6APZ/R) is located on the Palo Alto foothills behind Stanford University in California. It is an open repeater that serves the Greater San Francisco Bay area from Gilroy in the South, and the Livermore Valley in the East, through San Francisco and Berkeley in the North. The repeater operates 24 hours a day. Batteries provide emergency power. It requires a 100 Hz subaudible tone (PL) for access and transmits a 100 Hz tone for receivers with tone squelch. Operating your radio with tone squelch will eliminate TV cable leakage and the Sacramento repeater. The timeout timer is normally set to one and a half minutes. This timer resets each time the carrier is dropped with three quick tones are heard. The tones are the cue to the next station to begin transmitting. There is no need to wait for the repeater carrier to drop. An intentional pause between the carrier drop and the tones allows stations to break in with emergency traffic or to join an ongoing conversation.
Announce your call, e.g. "W6XYC testing". Press 699 on the DTMF pad, and release the PTT switch immediately. The repeater will read back signal strength from S1 to S9 + 40dB.
A copy of the emergency autodial code and instructions may be obtained by sending a photocopy of your amateur radio license and a self-addressed stamped envelop to:
    523 Repeater
    % P. O. Box 391288
    Mountain View, CA 94039-391288