A.Word.A.Day Home Page

This site gives information about the listserv AWAD, which sends a new vocabulary word a day to your emailbox. The page also has links to other word-related Internet resources. This is a nice tool for vocabulary development in a rather painless form.

About the NDLC

The National Distance Learning Center is a free resource for K-12, higher education, and adult ed, distance learning. They offer a free telnet database, which is not too hard to use. This web site tells how to use the database, who to call to help, and the mission of the NCLD.

Academy One

Academy One is an international, online resources for students, parents, and K-12 educators and administrators. Academy One sponsors Internet projects throughout the year, including a Mousetrap-Powered Vehicle Competition, the TeleOlympics, and the Math Olympics. They also have a curriculum database and an index of other on-line projects. This is a great resource!



This gopher holds information about samples of K-12 acceptable use policies. This will be invaluable for those educators whose Internet access depends on having a coherent acceptable use policy. Since so many schools are already online, why not check out the work that has already been done?

Adult Education (Education)

This page has good links to several resources on adult education. This site is useful because distance education, adult education, and the Internet can be integrated to work together to deliver instruction. It also asks for user contributions to the collection of resources

AIMS Education Foundation

The fascinating world of hands-on science and math investigations for K-9 students awaits you at the AIMS Education Foundation! Students quickly become immersed in AIMS activities because they integrate the study of mathematics and science in a meaningful manner. They quickly realize the value of mathematics and learn to "work like scientists."

Ainsworth Keyboard Training Systems

The creator of the first Typing Tutor now teaches keyboarding skills faster than any other system. Special warm-up exercises improve efficiency, end writer's block.

Alabama Supercomputer Authority

The Alabama Supercomputer Network provides state-of-the-art technology in supercomputing and networking to educational institutions, government agencies, and private industry.

Alpine Valley School - Home Page

At Alpine Valley School, a K-12 independent day school located in Metro Denver, the students completely design their own education and participate in governing the school. Their home page gives very detailed information about the school's philosophy, mission, enrollment process, etc., and generally presents a very bright picture of the school. A nice model site for other schools wanting to create home pages.

Ameritech Education Resources

The two most useful features on this page are the Schoolhouse and the Internet InfoCenter. The Schoolhouse contains a Recreation Area with info on hands-on projects and hobbies, a Teacher's Lounge with lesson plans and curriculum guides, and a Student Activities Center, with online activities and projects. Also available in a text-only version

Apple Higher Education: The Apple Virtual Campus

Apple's Virtual Campus is designed to showcase Apple's vision of the campus of the future, while strengthening the technologies of today. The site lists learning technologies such as distance learning, talks about collaboration and information access, and the mobile student. It also contains a link to Highway 1, a not-for-profit corporation formed to support innovative use of new technologies in the legislative environment and democratic process.


Aristotle is a server at the college of education at Idaho State University. It includes an online newspaper, links to Macintosh software, and a beautiful graphical interface.

Arizona State University


ASU's Education gopher is a wonderful all around educational resource from pre-k to higher ed, and from how to get money (grants) to how to spend it (products). This gopher has a link to tons of other great resources, and you can easily find almost anything you might need to begin with right here. Highly recommended.

Armadillo's WWW Server

This site of full of resources related to Texas history, culture, life, etc. The content links to information supporting an interdisciplinary unit with a Texas theme. This site also has links to lots of other good education-related web and gopher sites.

Arrow Publishing

This site lists videos, software, and publications designed to increase literacy. Ths page comes from Arrow Publishing, a company producing literacy -oriented educational ,materials. They also offer an order form that you can print out and fill in to receive more information or materials.

ArtsEdge Network

The goal for this site is to use technology to increase access to arts resources, and increase arts education in the K-12 school environment. This site features an online newsletter, an information gallery, curriculum guides, and links to other arts-related online information. A rather complete listing of arts resources.

Association for Educational Communications and Technology


The AECT, a professional society for educators and researchers interested in informational technology, maintains this site. Though much of it is dedicated to the inner workings of the AECT, it also offers a solid collection of upcoming conference and call-for-papers information. It also lists employment resources and general IT information.

Banned Books On-line

This page discusses literary censorship and has links to each work mentioned that is available in electronic format. It also has a Most Frequently Challenged Books of the 1990s page, as well as links to other sites dealing with censorship. A good resource for stimulating discussion on censorship and related issues.


This page links to all things scientific that might be of use to K-12 or university teachers and students. This page is categorized by subset of biology, most recent additions, software, and collections, just to name a few. A fairly complete site, but not too long to be a drawback to its use.

Bond University

A comprehensive description of this the first,private and independent University in Australia is provided. Interactive forms enable potential students to request further information relating to the possibility of their studying at Bond.

Book Nook

Book reports by kids on kids' literature. Links reports world-wide into ONE central point of reference.

Brooke High WWW Server

Brooke High School is located in the northern panhandle of West Virginia 40 miles South East of Pittsburgh. Includes the Babbling Brooke (School Newspaper), information about the school system and surrounding coummunities, information on how to install a WWW Server and Slip Servers. Also thousands of educational and shareware files are available for ftp/gopher transfer. The WWW Server is a project of the Computer Scinece II class.

Brunel University Artificial Intelligence Area

A student-produced site, featuring information on AI, including Artificial Life and Genetic Algorithms - also contains loads of links to other AI sites.

Burlington High School

The Burlington High School site has numerous student pages, history of Burlington, IA, and computer projects including a complete tutorial on how to construct a Macintosh WWW server.

Buros Institute of Mental

The Buros Institute of Mental Measurements page includes a Test Review Locater, a catalog of Buros publications, digest articles, and a reviewer application form.

Busy Teachers WebSite K-12

K-12 Internet resource for teachers. Organized by subject area with annotated links to sites that lead directly to source materials. Excellent resource for teachers beginning their exploration of the Internet. More advanced Internet users will like the direct access to resource-rich sites.

CALI: The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction

CALI is a non-profit consortim of over 155 U.S. law schools. CALI supports the production, distribution, and use of computer-based instructional materials.

California State University

The world's largest institution of higher education develops policy guidelines to facilitate the effective uses of learning resources and instructional technology.

Calvary Lutheran School

The WWW site for Calvary Lutheran School presents information concerning the mission, goals, standards, programs, and curriculum of the school. Church and school events are highlighted, along with current newsletters and other information.

Canadian Institute of Applied Learning Inc.

We are a school which offers courses in hardware and software training. We also carry courses to train students to become certified Novell Engineers and Administrators (C.N.E and C.N.A certification) Also offering courses on PC repair and service

Canadian Kids' Page

The Canadian Kids Page is provided as a starting place for both the young and the young at heart. It is meant as a jumping in point for parents and children exploring the World-Wide Web together.

Career Blazers NAEC

Up to date training at a Novell Authorized Education Center is the only way to go! All Novell classes taught by a CNI. Get the Novell edge!

Carnegie Mellon University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Provides information concerning Carnegie Mellon University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences and its departments.

Carrie's Sites for Educators

This is a nicely organized page, with a table of contents to make browsing easy. It's a good collection of resources, from humanities to math to science to software.

Cartoon Laws of Physics

A text only site that adds humor to the standard laws of physics. Each law is illustrated by an example using cartoon characters. The site is not only humorous but could also be of educational value to a teacher attempting to make introductory physics more understandable.

CASAA Student Leadership Resource Centre

The CASAA Resource Centre is a continually changing site dedicated to providing fresh student leadership materials, ideas, and support for the student activity advisor.

Center for Talented Youth (CTY) of the Johns Hopkins University

The Center for Talented Youth is one of several institutions around the United States serving the gifted population with special programs, job opportunities and other resources. The site gives details about al the CTY programs, and also has links to other resources. Gifted Ed. information can be hard to find in any form, so this is a worthwhile site.

Center for Technology Studies

This web site provides information about CTS's own research preojects, links to interesting resources on the Web for business, research, teaching, as well as fun and games/humour.


This is a jumping-off point for exploring planetary and other astronomical data from the Center for Planetary Studies, Regional Planetary Image Facility, and the National Air and Space Museum. All these links have information useful for science classes such as activities, images, and calendars of events.

Chemsoc Homepage

The homepage of the Edinburgh University Chemical society. With infromation, the calander and latest news.


For parents of pre-schoolers.Offers positive interaction with other parents. 'Exciting parent showcase'. Manual for preschoolers to help assure they are ready for first grade.

Children's International Summer Villages

Children's International Summer Villages (CISV) is an international non-profit organization (promoted by UNESCO) that promotes peace around the world by organizing summer villages for kids of different part of the world from 11 years to 99.

Children's Literature Web Guide

The Children's Literature Web Guide catalogs Internet resources related to books for children and young adults. It lists recommended books, recent awards, new authors, resources for parents, teachers, and story tellers, movies based on children's books, and much more. Another great feature is information on how to get your children or class involved in on-line publication, so the whole world can enjoy their creativity.


A resource dedicated to chronic illnesses, including groundbreaking research articles, a nationwide calendar of events, news articles, and an 'In the Community' section.

CIC, Center for Library Initiatives

This is the home for the Committee on Institutional Cooperation's, Center for Library Initiatives. There is much information of interest to librarians, educators, and institutions, particularly those within the CIC (Big Ten universities, plus the University of Chicago).

Cisco Educational Archives and Resources Catalog

The Cisco Educational Catalog is a project designed to provide information that helps educators and schools connect to the Internet. Cisco makes networking hardware, so technical information is available here, but it also has examples of school networking projects. It also has the Virtual Schoolhouse, so this is a well-rounded page.

Classroom at the Internet Schoolhouse

This page has a collection of educational and interactive resources. Some resources listed are Internet projects, art, civics, interactive games, and science. Grins' Message, the online story, is especially cute.

Classroom Connect on the Net

This is a nicely organized site offered by the same company that produces Classroom Connect, a newsletter about using Internet in the classroom. The site includes a listing of schools with web pages organized by country, and a page with reviews and information from major educational conferences. They also have a searchable educational resources page with links organized either alphabetically or by subject, as well as links to educational vendors and relevant newsgroups. A very useful page!

Classroom Connect

Classroom Connect is the premier magazine for K-12 educators using the Internet in the classroom! Both in print and online, Classroom Connect has become THE source of pointers and features related to using the Internet in formal education for more than 8,000+ monthly readers.



This is a collection of daily CNN downloads with lesson plans and curriculum guides. Lesson plans are archived for 1993, 1994, and 1995. This is a good resource for integrating current affairs into the curriculum.

Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium

The Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery and Aquarium is an educational institution offering a wide variety of hands-on educational programs for K-12 students. The facility, located in Cold Spring Harbor New York, is open all year and has both indoor and outdoor displays, and is a working fish hatchery, providing trout and other fish to lakes and streams throught the region.

College Prep Page

Welcome to the College Prep Page, a collection of resources for planing your education. Here you will find information on financial aid, admissions, career planning, and much more.

College SAT and Financial Aid Planning Service

Valuable help for sophomores, juniors and seniors with family contribution calculations, FAF forms, college planning, Plus Loans applications and SAT courses.

Columbia Public Schools Home Page

The Columbia, Missouri, Public Schools serves 15,000 K-12 students, and its web sites features student and staff work and technical information for other schools.

Computer as Learning Partner

This site gives information on integrating computer use in order to improve middle school science instruction. This page gives curriculum guides, software links, and project information. This site is well laid out and easy to follow.

Concepts in Science through Molecular Modeling

This site contains many activities for use in the classroom. There is a section for teachers and for students. The online activities could prove useful to students working in class and at home.

Cornell Computer Science Graphics Course

This is the Laboratory Web Site developed by the Cornell Theory Center for the Cornell University undergraduate computer graphics course, CS 418. Our goal is to develop an online service for the students to review lab procedures and results, as well as present lecture material and project animations for all to view.

Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway

This site provides links to resources in mathematics and science for educators and students in grades 9-12. Te resources are divided into standard subject areas, and the page also includes links to online field trips and museums. The site also offers journal and research articles.

Council of the Great City Schools Online

A non-profit organization representing the nation's largest public school systems

Curtin University, Department of Chemical Engineering

The home page which has links to and information about the department and the courses that are run. Also there is a set of pages which describes what a Chemical Engineer does, for someone considering such a course of study. There is also an index of Chem Eng related links.

CyberKids Home

CyberKids was created as a place for kids to learn and have fun. It has a free online magazine containing stories and artwork created by kids, as well as online puzzles, games, and more. Kids can also find keypals from around the globe in CyberKids Interactive.



This Canadian gopher has another good collection of deaf/hearing impaired educational resources. It lists social issues in deafness, legal issues, educational issues, and teacher and student resources. A good companion to the Kent State gopher.



This gopher focuses on deaf education. It has information on curriculum, instructional strategies, and employment opportunities. A worthwhile resource.

Department of Clothing, Design and Technology, MMU

this is a new site detailing our courses, staff, students and the work we do within this department. The pages contain examples of designs produced by students and staff, and also detail some of the conferences and shows we have and will be putting on.

Department of Computing, Manchester Met. Uni.

This site is now over 15 months old, it holds pages which describe all that we do here at the Department of Computing, Manchester Metropoltan University, itself the largest University in the UK. These pages describe our Courses, both Higher education and short courses for business, our research and research groups, our work with national and international parties, our students, and the department in general. We also run a number of webs for other departments here at the university. We are particularly keen to hear from prospective students, academic and business partners.

Dept. of Informatic at University of Santiago of Chile Pages

This is the home-page of Dept. of Informatic at University of Santiago of Chile This site contains information about academics, curriculums, internet services, etc.

Digital Tradition Folk Song Database

This is an unusual resource, but one that might be useful to multicultural or foreign language classes, or folklore classes at the university level. This is a searchable database of international folk songs, including children's songs. There is also a table of contents for browsing the titles, tunes or keywords.

Distance Ed

This site offers several links to good distance education resources, especially for colleges and universities. A good starting point for researching distance learning examples and practices.

Distance Education Clearinghouse

Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Extension, the Clearinghouse gathers information on teleconferencing technologies, instructional design, programs and courses, and other distance learning resources.

Distance Education Resources

This site has links to international distance learning resources for community and higher education. This page is from Canada, where much has been done with using distance technologies for continuing community education. Good examples and links.

Distance Learning Directory

Sponsored by Howard University, this new site gives a fairly comprehensive listing of web sites, gopher sites, listservs, and newsgroups associated with distance education. For K-12 as well as higher education. Another great resource

Distance Learning on the Net by Glenn Hoyle

This site is organized like chapters in a book, and covers all aspects of distance education from "What is it?" to online and print resources to grants and funding. It addresses K-12, higher educational, and corporate/private industry uses of distance learning. It's a nicely laid out, very useful page.

Distance Learning Resources

This site is simply a list of links, but it is rather complete. The links are all good resources for distance education, with Internet support of distance learning included in the definition. This page also describes each link, which is very helpful



This is the updated version of "Dr. E's Eclectic Compendium of Electronic Resources for Adult/Distance Education" This is an especially good handout for use when teaching novice distance educators about the Internet. The guide is available in ftp'able format as well as in HTML.

Division of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Vanderbilt University

The Division of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine is housed within the Bill Wilkerson Center. The division offers both Master's and Doctor of Philosophy degrees, with emphasis in either speech-language pathology or audiology. The graduate program includes academic, clinical, and research activities.

Dole 5 A Day Homepage

Dole's 5 A Day Website (from Dole Foods) offers educational nutrition information, and delivers it in a really clever and fun to experience way. The site is hosted by 36 fruit and vegetable characters makes eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day a fun experience for everyone. This comprehensive Website has 9 areas: 5 A Day Program, CD- ROM, Nutrition Center, Fan Mail, Fun Stuff, 5 A Day at School, Newsroom, and Dole.

DPI InfoWeb

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction operates this server giving access to ERIC, employment opportunities, and the state standardized curriculum. The site also has an online telephone directory for the DPI, and a nice teacher and administrator resource page. One nice feature is the outline of the site, which shows exactly what information is linked off which page.


DreamLink contains current information and resources on dream translation techniques and different theoretical orientations regarding dreams. A journal in provided to post dream and to receive feedback. An archive and guest dreamer are also features of DreamLink.

Dynamy Inc

This is the home page for Dynamy Inc. Dynamy is a non-profit organization in Worcester, MA that offers a one year internship program to students ages 17-22. Most of Dynamy's students come right after high school but many also enter the program after a year or more of college.

Eagle Ridge

Become an Earth Warrior and help protect the wildlife and ecology of our planet. Many good links related to Education, Native Americans, Kids, Wildlife, and the Environment.

Ed Web Home Page

Andy Carvin's site centers on resources showing technology and its role in school reform. With this site, you can hunt down on-line educational resources around the world, learn about trends in education policy and information infrastructure development, and examine success stories of computers in the classroom.

Education (Social Sciences)

This site is an extensive listing of Internet educational resources. This site is organized by topic and by type of resource. A good place to begin Internet research.

Education Sites

This site is a subject-oriented guide to Internet resources. Categories include art, health, online museum and libraries, math, science, social sciences, and other resources. This site is useful for its art and health links, because these subjects aren't usually categorized on their own.

Education Virtual Library - Primary School

This Australian site alphabetically catalogs several interesting K-12 curriculum resources from around the world. Very helpful for researching trends in education, as well as creating multicultural or foreign language units. Another highlight is the page's links to a Web site created in Russian, using the Cyrillic alphabet.


This page is a very complete listing of Internet resources, with one major difference from other collections: the linked sites are rated (or will be by October 1995). This is to help Internet users plow through the vast amount of information. A very nice idea! Should be an even better resource when the ratings are complete.

Educational Online Sources

The authors of this site want it to become a central "welcoming" and jump station for educators on the Internet. Presently, it contains links to educational conferences, policy and reform archives, and subject guides to online resources. This site has the potential to because a wonderful one-stop-shopping type if teacher's resource. Keep an eye on it.

Educational Software Institute

ESI Online calls itself a "one-stop educational software resource center", and hosts a large collection of K-12 educational software divided into 19 categories. They also feature the "Product Finder ", a search tool for finding specific products as opposed to browsing the online catalog. You can fill up your "shopping bag" with products along the way, and figure shipping, etc. Very easy to use!

EDUCOM-Home Page

This site has searchable archives of EDUCOM Review, archives of the listserv EDUPAGE, and other online documents. This information supports EDUCOM's focus on educational technology in higher education. This site also has links to several other telecom/educational technology related site and programs.


eduMall is the web mall with everything in education. Mall locations include Mall Central for mallevents, freebies, and latest information; the Learning Center; Bookstore; Administrator's Connection; Campus Shops; Stadium; and Kiosk. eduMall is the place to shop for education products.


This is the Toon Town Election Page, and is a nice example of an online interactive project. Students from about 50 classes sent in their votes on which cartoon should be 'Mayor of ToonTown', and one class posted the results on the Web. They used email ballots, and accepted write-in candidates. A good elementary lesson on democratic government

ELTI Charlotte's English Aids

This site lists several sample letters for different situations. They are intended to be models for ES/FL students, or others learning written English. Also useful for elementary or middle school language arts.

EMLRL Home Page at the Medical College of Georgia

This web site is dedicated to on-going research projects conducted by the Emergency Medicine Section of the Medical College of Georgia.

English as a Second Language

This site brings together resources for teaching ES/FL such as matching audio to text to help comprehension. The learner goes to a dialogue, clicks on the text, and an audio track plays along. The site also links to the "Word a Day" vocabulary building email service, and "Idiom of the Week". This is a nice use of the Web to actually give instruction, not just point to resources.

Environmental Training Group Inc's ENVIROPAGE

A resource for US environmental and occupational safety and health regulations, emphasis on training. Contains updates on agency interpretations and regulations. Links to related sites


This page is a good example of instruction delivered via the Web. Each link at this site launches a reading and listening activity geared for ES/FL or other beginning readers. It's easy to use, so elementary students could use it as well.

Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Science

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory tackles tough issues that face scientists every day. Visit LBNL's ELSI project to see discussions on basic vs. applied research, breast cancer and genetic screening, and more. These presentations are especially suitable for middle and high school students and teachers.

eWorld on the Web: Learning Community

eWorld on the Web Learning Community provides educators, students and parents with a simple and easy way to find extensive educational information on the Web. Users will be directed to information from a wide variety of sources including content from Apple's education division, learning institutions, educational publications and museums.

Exchange - Learning.English Language Culture

This site is intended for ES/FL students, but it would be very good for a multicultural lesson or thematic unit. It consists of contributions from international students such as "Did you know?" about little cultural differences, and then teaching suggesting follow the content. This page is also a place to publish your writing (for ES/FL students)

Exploratorium Home Page

ExploraNet is the San Francisco Exploratorium's WWW server. This site currently features among other exhibits "Diving in to the Gene Pool", "Remembering Nagasaki", "Ask Us A Question", and a digital library. Exhibits at this site will change, just as in the museum itself. They also offer The Learning Studio - a collection of science resources for parents, teachers, and kids, which is in itself a great reason to visit the site. This is also available through gopher at

Explorer Home Page

This site is intended to be a curriculum resource. It holds a searchable database of lesson plans and curriculum guides aimed at math and science. It also has a nicely categorized lists of Web classroom resources.

Faculty of Asian Studies, Australian National University

Asian Studies teaching-and-learning resources, pointers to a vast wealth of Asian Studies research material, information about the programs of the Faculty of Asian Studies at the Australian National University, pointers to information about the University, Australia, and studying in Australia.

Federal and State-Run Servers

This site lists all current federally- and state-run gopher and web servers with an educational focus. This site is alphabetically organized, and lists a link to each site along with a brief description of the site.

Financial Aid Information Page

The Financial Aid Information page is the most comprehensive collection of financial aid information on the Internet. It includes links to + all online scholarship and fellowship databases + information about grants and loans + links to university financial aid Web and Gopher servers and a link to the online version of Octameron Associates' book "Don't Miss Out: The Ambitious Student's Guide to Financial Aid".

Florida Institute of Technology - School of Aeronautics

The School of Aeronautics, one of five schools and colleges at Florida Tech, offers five accredited degree programs in Aviation Management, Aeronautical Science, and Aviation Computer Science. FAA-approved flight training, through the Commercial Pilot Certificate and beyond is an integral part of flight options majors.

Florida Vedic College

The Florida Vedic College offers courses on Yoga, Vaishnava philosophy, Sanskrit, and Vedic literature over the Internet. It is the only Vaishnava (Hindu) University on the Internet.

FredNet MOO

This is the home page of the FredNet MOO, a friendly educational MOO where you can attend Lincoln's assassination, visit a biochemical laboratory, examine ancient artifacts at the Iceman Museum, and more. Quick, no-stress tutorial available for new MOOers. The web page also contains a handy MOO Command Index for reference.

Friends and Partners

This is an interesting page from a program designed to promote understanding between Americans and Russians. It has information on almost every aspect of life in the two cultures, and also links to learning and using the Cyrillic alphabet. This is an online project with a related listserv that you can join or access form this page. Nice multicultural site!

FYI, RFC #1578-Schools and Internet

This document is an Internet FAQ, or "Frequently Asked Questions" text on the Internet and K-12 schools. It has a clickable table of contents for ease of browsing, and contains a lot of useful information for anyone considering putting the Internet into a K-12 environment. It really should be "required" reading.


Galileo is a collection of scores of science lesson plans for K-12 science teachers for classroom use. This is a fairly long file, but in straight text, so the download isn't too long. A useful, straightforward resource.

Garfield Co. Public Library System

The Garfield Co. Public Library System is located in Garfield County on the Western Slope of Colorado. Get access to online books, magazines and reference tools. Read our Long Range Plan. Search library catalogs. Visit places in Colorado, and much more.

GCRIO On-line Student Activities

This site is a collection of links to online science-oriented interactive projects that students can participate in. This site also has subject guides to resources, and grant information. This is a nicely laid out, easy to use site.

Genetic Engineering taught through telecommunications

Genetic Engineering is taught to 36 other schools in the state of Colorado through the Internet

GENII Home Page

The goal of the GENII Project is to teach teachers how to utilize the resources of the Internet so that they can incorporate the technology into their lesson plans. This Web site lists the mission, 'virtual faculty' and other relevant data for this project. This should be a good site for online training once development is complete.

Genome Educators of the San Francisco Bay Area

Genome Educators is a group of education professionals from the San Francisco Bay Area who have an active interest in all aspects of genetics education. This group is dedicated to sharing information and resources to further the understanding of current advances in the field of genetics.

Gifted and Talented (TAG) Resources Home Page

This page describes many resources for talented and gifted children, their parents and educators. It begins with an overview of giftedness, and lists mailing lists, schools with TAG programs, summer programs and publications to name a few. It also has a keypal contact page. This is a very useful resource!

Glendale Community College

The Glendale Community College(GCC) Web delivers information about the campus. The GCC Web also contains student, faculty and staff Web pages. Several campus departments are located at this site. Some of them are the Innovation Center, Network Services, Training and Employee Development, English, Business, and The College Voice newspaper.

Global Ecology Study Abroad/IHP

Study global ecology and travel around the world to England, India, Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico. Earn college credit, live with families, small group, international faculty. Courses in anthropology, biology, ecology, economic development. Online catalog, slide file, application. In cooperation with Bard College.

Grolier Interactive

Grolier Interactive, the international CD-ROM multimedia reference and entertainment publisher of the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Americana, Guinness Multimedia Disc of Records, Science Fiction encyclopedia, World Cup Soccer, and Modern Art, introduces its new customer-oriented Web site. Featured this month is The Grolier Challenge drawn from comprehensive information on WWII. Take the challenge and win a prize.

GROW - Opportunity Wales

We are a not-for-profit organisation, administering a variety of placement schemes and internships (some UK government-sponsored) for graduates and undergraduate students seeking experience of working for UK-based small- and medium-sized enterprises. Our new Web service will be expanding soon!

Guidelines for Educational Uses ofNetworks

This site has a collection of several different works, all relating to setting up and managing an educational network, mostly philosophical and focusing on educational outcomes. These are good resources for anyone considering using the Internet in schools, but not sure why.

Harry Singer Foundation

The Harry Singer Foundation was created to get people, especially high school and college students, more actively interested in public policy. The home page provides free info such as books and phamplets, as well as points of contact for further interest.

Heinemann World

UK-based site offering news on educational books, events and technology, guides to relevant sites of use for class and coursework and sample material to download.

Hello India!

This site is sponsored by MCI Telecommunications Corp. as a service to the Indian community. It contains information about Indian food, music, culture, entertainment, events and the online version of India Today.

Heritage Map Museum

OLD BRICK WALLS AND LARGE WOOD BEAMED CEILINGS FRAME THE SETTING FOR OUR 7,500 SQUARE FOOT DISPLAY AREA. HUNDREDS OF ORIGINAL 15TH TO 19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE MAPS are beautifully displayed. The Museum is the first in the world fully devoted to the display and sale of original works of the masters of cartography. You will be able to closely examine the works of Schedel, Munster, Ortelius, Mercator, Blaeu, Hondius, and many others.

Hillside Elementary School

One of the very first elementary schools on the Web, Hillside has kept up its Web presence with new activities and projects. Students here make their own home pages and have email addresses, and use the Internet for research. This is a model site for other schools going online.

Hole Family School Virtual Referance Library Links

A site designed mainly for high school students who are searching for reference information but don't know where to go. inks to on-line encyclopedias, including a link to the Encyclopedia of the Mouse Genome 3.0. Great home study resouce.



This gopher server holds several different curriculum created for teaching the Holocaust. This is a very helpful resource for those just beginning to teach a difficult subject.

Home Growing Automated Systems

We offer FREE information on indoor gardening, hydroponic systems, computer controlled equipment and mailorder of related merchandise.


Here is another good page listing home schooling resources. It is divided into home schooling Web sites, relevant educational directories, and ERIC info guides. A good collection for getting home school research started.

Hoover's Online

In-depth profiles of 8,000 public and private companies in the United States compiled by The Reference Press, the leading publisher of reasonably priced company information.

HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites

This site is updated frequently and contains links to all U.S. K-12 schools with Internet access. The schools are divided by state, and the site lists what level of access the school currently has (i.e. gopher, web, email only, etc.). This is a good site for finding partners for online projects by state or region.

HotList: Virtual Exhibits

This site is a great resource for integrating the Internet into real educational experiences. The hotlist has links to lots of online interactive exhibits, where the user actually controls the action on the other end, such as a robot or telescope. There are also links to online exhibits, such as visiting the Amazon jungle or the Louvre.

This site for childrens software features the Magic Carpet series of interactive learning software. The software is available in eithe English or Mandarin Chinese. Ordering information and information on a 30 day free trial of the software is available.


I*EARN is the International Education and Resource Network, and is composed of teachers and young people working together in different parts of the world via a global telecommunications network. The purpose of I*EARN is to enable participants to undertake projects designed to make a meaningful difference in the health and welfare of the planet and its people. This site holds information from all the international projects, as well as entry points for the I*EARN member newsgroups. A good site for adding an international, multicultural dimension to your class.

ICBL Video Conferencing CASE Studentship page

This page lists lots of information about using video conferencing in the classroom. Topics listed include technology, how-to's, integrating it into the classroom, current projects, and much more. A very useful site for those using distance learning technologies.


This page is from the International Centre for Distance Learning (ICDL), located in Great Britain. It offers links to a free telnet database, a quarterly publication about distance learning, and the ICDL gopher server. A very reliable site

IDEAnet - The Indiana Department of Education Network

IDEAnet is designed for Indiana teachers as a provider of free access to local projects, peer referral, employment information, and classroom resources. For non-Hoosiers, it also offers a wide variety of connections to educational networks and examples of school home pages IDEAnet also has a gopher server at

ILTweb: LiveText: Index

The LiveText project is based on the belief that the educational applications enabled by networked multimedia technologies will provide the opportunity for educational reform. This page provides supporting curricula, lesson plans, and instructional design resources. It also has a nice online web development activity. Good resource!

Image Analytics Corporation

Image Analytics Corporation provides cost effective hardware/software systems for microscopic and macroscopic image analysis. A full system will perform morphometric cell analysis (length, area, velocity and shape) currently used for AIDS, neuroimmunology and biological research. FTP Demo file. Basic software and frame grabber board are available. Color analysis also available.

IMD International Institute for Management Development

IMD is one of the world's leading international management development institutes. It has a solid reputation for pioneering the development of executive education, bringing a truly international perspective to management development in cooperation with some of the most successful companies around the world.

Impact! Online Home Page

This page is for intermediate to advanced ES/FL students. It consists of hypertext documents in English, with links giving pronunciation, part of speech, and meaning. Yet another good example of delivering instruction via the Web.

InfoList Home Page

This site is intended to pique the curiosity and interest of teachers and to help them begin using the Internet as an educational tool. The page holds back issues of the InfoList Digest, which is available by a free email subscription. If you want to save online time and have interesting sites sent to you, check this page out.


The home server of Minnesota's teacher network. Includes teacher discussions, lesson plans and one of the largest collections of gopher lists available. This is also accessible through gopher at .


Inkspot is a collection of useful resources for young writers, and anyone teaching young writers. It includes references to workshops, online style guides, publications accepting submissions, and contests. A very useful set of resources!

inQuiry Almanack, March 1995

This site is a monthly magazine for educators who are interested in using the Internet to support inquiry-based learning in the classroom. It has Internet "hunts", online puzzles, and experiments. Most of the information is focused on science education. This page has an entertaining layout.

Integrating Technology Schools Home Page at University of New Mexico

This site was created as a resource for helping teachers both in the field and preservice learn how to integrate technology into the classroom. It has online project ideas, subject guides, and how-to's for the Internet. This site has a good focus.

Interactive Frog Dissection: An On-line Tutorial, The

This online dissection kit uses photographs and QuickTime movies to illustrate step-by-step the dissection of a frog. Tests along the way help the student judge mastery of the content. A useful classroom tool to use in lieu of real frog dissection.

Interactive Multimedia Education Resources

This site contains images and other multimedia files related to earth science. The resources are available in either Windows or Mac formats, and the player needed to view the files is available at the site. There is even an online tutorial to learn how to use the resources.

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections

This new page has listings of teachers and classes needing keypals for cross-cultural exchanges and partners for online projects at the K-12 and the college level. This site also has links to listservs and other collections of keypal requests and online projects. A very useful resource!

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions or (IFLA), is a worldwide organization created to provide librarians around the world with a forum for exchanging ideas, promoting international cooperation, research and development in all fields of library activity. We look forward to presenting our members and interested individuals with an evolving range of electronic information resources and services through the use of Internet technologies.

IPL Building Directory

The Internet Public Library is made up of four main divisions: reference, youth services, services for librarians and information professionals, and the education division. The 'building' itself is divided into the building directory, the classroom ,and the exhibit area. This site is chock-full of neat resources, interactive exhibits, and discussion areas.

ISN KidNews

ISN KidNews is a news service for students and teachers around the world. They allow anyone to use stories from the services as long as the author is credited, and anyone may submit stories. They also encourage comments about news gathering, teaching, and computer-related issues in the Discussion sections for students and teachers. A great tool for getting kids into current affairs and critical evaluation of the media.



This site is good in general, but has one particular set of links that are very helpful in that they discuss issues facing the use on Internet in the classroom. Censorship, age-appropriateness of materials, setting up a network, etc. are all found here. This is a good place for parents or educators who want to look at issues before actually dealing with them.

IUB Libraries: Research Collections and Services Department

The librarians and staff of the Research Collections and Services Department (RCSD) work in three units in the Main Library of Indiana University, Bloomington, serving the humanities and social sciences. We build the printed and electronic collections, instruct classes and individuals and offer general and specialized reference and research assistance to the students, faculty and staff of Indiana University. We also present some guides which we have created and select and monitor information on sites around the world which we think is of potential value and importance to the students and faculty we serve.

IUP-Miages de France

At Paris XI University : Computer sciences, Management and Information Systems

JASON Project

The JASON project is a collaborative learning experience for students around the world. Each year, a two-week scientific expedition is mounted in a remote part of the world and broadcast in real-time, using state-of-the-art technology, to a network of educational, research, and cultural institutions in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and the United Kingdom. Participating students at the interactive downlink sites have the ability through telepresence to "go live" to the expedition, to operate the scientific equipment being used, and to talk directly with the scientists at the expedition site.

Jefferson-Scranton Community Schools

This site is a high school home page from Jefferson, Iowa. We are currently in a joint project with Iowa State University. The project was started to provide our high school students the opportunity to explore the internet through WWW.

John and Janice's Research Page

This page gives continually updated education-and-the-Internet and other telecom-related statistics. This is a good page for gathering numbers to convince any who are not sure that the Internet is really useful in a learning environment. It lists information in a summary document, and also by state.

John Suler's Teaching Clinical Psychology Page

This page is devoted to sharing ideas and resources about the teaching of clinical psychology, especially undergraduate courses. Contributors are welcome!

Jon's Home-School Resource Page

This site is a great place for online information about home-schooling. It's very complete, with links to other web pages, online curriculum guides, listservs, newsgroups, etc. A good site, especially considering the role that the Internet could potentially play in home-schooling and other non-traditional educational methods.

Judi Harris' Network-Based Educational Activity Collection

This is a collection of 236 exemplary network-based educational activities, collected by Judi Harris. They are available through two different classifications: Judi Harris' Activity Structures Classification, and by a Content Domain Classification This is a good listing of online interactive projects to either join or adapt for your own class.

Junior Achievement Purpose/Facts

This site gives essential information about Junior Achievement such as the purpose, mission, goals, and national contact information. It also lists answers to commonly asked questions and tells why you should volunteer to help this worthwhile organization. This might be a good model page for other non-profit education-oriented organizations trying to develop a web presence.

K-12 Technology

This site describes what is calls "Simple School Internet Protocol" - that is, a way to get schools online. This information is from a Vermont school district, and is very nicely organized. The document's sections are informative and clearly labeled. Add this site to the technology planning committee's reading list!

K12 Education (Education)

This is a very comprehensive site detailing lots of K-12 links. For ease of use, it is searchable and subdivided into primary and secondary education, and also into document type. Another good place for Internet research.


This page is an on-ramp to the Internet designed for middle-school age students. It features current affairs, celebrity information, movie and music reviews, as well as educational links. This site is catchy and should keep teens' interest for quite a while

Kids Web A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids

This is an easy to use collection of multimedia and other resources useful in education. One caution - the fun and humor link leads to a general Internet humor archive, so that area may not be entirely appropriate for children. However, the other links are quite useful.

Kids' Space

Kids Space has been planned for children to enhance basic computer skills through their real participation and use of the Internet.

KNOX JR. HIGH homepage

This site provides important links for research and training students and teachers to use the vast resources of the internet.

Landegg Academy On-line

The central aim of Landegg Academy is to be a learning environment where people from all parts of the world gather in unity to search for new answers to the needs of contemporary society.

Le coin des francophones et autres grenouilles

This site, all in French, is maintained by a major French university, and links to almost all other French-related sites. It includes pointers to popular tourist attractions, learning and using the language, and much more. The site is a great place to practice your French; however, not all sites linked to from this page are in French only. It also references the language from other French-speaking countries around the world.

Lesson Plans and Activities

This is a great resource for educators that are trying to incorporate astronomy into their curriculum. The site has not been updated in a while but the lesson plans and suggested activities are still valuable.

Little Toy Store on the Net

Specializing in Fun and Educational Toys for Children and list of resources for educators, parents and kids on the net.

Live from Antarctica

This project connects students and teachers to Antarctica. Resources include field journals of scientists, teachers guides, Q&A forums, links to resource materials, etc. Great for classroom use or for the curious.

Macroscale Land Surface Hydrology modeling at the UW

Application of the VIC-2L model, a soil-vegetation-atmospere transfer scheme (SVATS), for macroscale hydrologic simulations of the water and energy balance.

Magic Learning Systems

Magic Learning Systems develops and markets educational and self-improvement software and shareware, combining the latest technologies with time-tested educational methods for the individual, the classroom, and the home.

Math and Science Gateway (Cornell Theory Center)

The Cornell Theory Center is committed to providing a wide range of educational services to the national community. This Gateway provides links to resources in mathematics and science for educators and students in grades 9-12.

Math Education Resources

This page has links to many good online math sites. It lists lesson plans, curriculum guides, and interactive links such as the Gallery of Interactive Geometry. It also has listings of math-related newsgroups.

MathMagic Internet

MathMagic is a K-12 Internet project aimed at involving teachers and students in problem solving. Registered teams from all over the world pair up to discuss and find ways of solving the challenges that are posted in each of four categories: K-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. The project has received excellent reviews and is carried by most major math servers that include the K-12 community in their membership.

MATHMOL - K-12 Mathematics and Molecules

MATHMOL's goal is to provide students, teachers and the general public with information about the rapidly growing field of molecular modeling, and to provide K-12 students with basic concepts in mathematics and their connection to molecular modeling. This Web site contains supporting materials for this project, such as a hypermedia textbook, a library of 3D molecular models, and online challenges for students. This is a good resource for higher math and science students and teachers.

MDEnet - The Michigan Department of Education Gopher


This site focuses on education policy and reform efforts. It includes legislation and government information, as well as classroom resource materials. In addition, it lists information on grants, educational technology, and professional development.

Medical/Clinical/Occupational Toxicology Resource Home Page

An internet resource for practioners, educators and researchers in medical, clinical and occupational toxicology and providers of poison information.


This site is a cooperative gateway to all of the Massachusetts educational agencies and organizations. It offers easily accessible FAQ's, listings of current online projects, and job postings. This site is a nice model for other agencies wanting to link related agencies on one page.

Microsoft Focus on K-12

The Microsoft "Focus on K-12" Internet site will provide you with information on Microsoft products and services that will help you to integrate technology into your district, school, and classroom.

Middle School Science Library

Try out this sample collection of Middle School Science information from the Scholastic Internet Center Ultimate Learning Libraries. This site contains science lesson plans for teachers as fun science fact sheets for kids. Also included is a listing of other online resources for science educators, a list of science-oriented organizations, and information about setting science standards.

Middlebrook's Structured Analog Design

If you are an analog designer, you have probably discovered that "real world" problems are more complicated than the simplified, sanitized versions you learned as a student. Dr. R.D. Middlebrook, professor of Electrical Engineering at Caltech, has developed techniques to help improve design quality and save design time in the analog world. Take his course and learn from one of the leading instructors in the world.

Mining the Internet columns

This page is a collection of articles (in HTML) written by Judi Harris for "The Computing Teacher". These articles have lots of useful tips and information on using computers, telecommunications, and the Internet in the classroom. This site will be very useful for those who either do not get "The Computing Teacher" or do not have a back issue they need.

Minnesota Center for Arts Education


Arts education sometimes seems to be overlooked, but this site contains lot of links that prove otherwise. Most of the information here originates from the Minnesota Arts High School, but then branches to resources from other locations. The Resource Programs Network link seems especially useful with its resources for all forms of arts education (music, dance, theater, art, etc.) as well as grant information.

Missing-Link Page for Missing Children

This site is dedicated to raising public awareness on the missing children issue. We have several information sections, including a 'Gallery' of missing children where you can viewed scaned photos of missing children. We also feature in-depth news on the issue and information on how you can help.

Money for College

We can assist anyone with finding money for higher education. Loans, grants, and scholarships are available if you know where to find them and we do!

Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science

These are student-driven pages from a school-within-a-school on the campus of Monterey High School, along California's Central Coast.

Mount St. Helens

The Mount St. Helens web site is one of the most comprehensive, self-contained, educational sites, on the web. It is packed with simple to navigate imagemaps, and has over 1490 still images of the mountain before, during and after the eruption. You can find out about: The People, Mount St. Helens & Other Volcanoes, Other Mount St. Helens Resources, Plants and Animals and, there is curriculum available for classroom use.

MU CoE Links to Education Resources

Extensive amount of links on education and resources. Has whole section devoted to mathematics, science, and technology.

NASA Spacelink - An Electronic Information System for Educators

This great site holds NASA's public online library of lesson plans, satellite and shuttle images, and much more. The page is in both image map and text-only formats. It also has information on space careers, interdisciplinary units, and software. This is also available through Telnet.

National Association of Mortgage Brokers Educational Foundation

Mortgage Connection provides quick access to information about education and training opportunities in the mortgage finance industry.

National Science Foundation World Wide Web Server

NSF provides this gopher site as a source for educators and administrators. Contains information on NSF education projects, grants and publications. Also available via gopher at

National Teachers Enhancement Network

The National Teachers Enhancement Network offers graduate-credit science and mathematics courses to teachers nationally. Teachers are able to participate in the telecomputing courses from convenient home or work locations by dial-up modem connections or Internet access. The Network provides teachers with high quality graduate science courses taught by university scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC)

NRDC's WWW site features the latest news from the Hill, plus information everyone should have on the state of our air, water, land and health. NRDC is a non-profit environmental organization with 170,000 members nationwide and a staff of scientists, lawyers and environmental experts. NRDC's mission is to protect the world's natural resources and improve the quality of the human environment.

Naval ROTC - The University of Mississippi

Home of the Naval ROTC at the University of Mississippi. Information on scholarships, the faculty, the battalion, and the university.

NCSA Education Program

The organization's goal is to bridge the gap between scientific research and education and make the tools for computation available in the classroom (K-12). Has very useful jumps for teachers looking for resource materials.

Network Nuggets

The Network Nuggets List Server has been created to share information about educationally relevant Internet resources. List members receive a message each day during the school year which helps them find resources on the Internet. This site has a nicely organized main index, and the listserv is a nice way of keeping up with the Internet one day at a time.

Newton's Apple Educational Materials!

This site contains 26 lessons from the 12th season of the television show, Newton's Apple. Topics range from brain mapping to bread chemistry to the Hubble telescope to printing money to a raptor hospital: activities, questions, and further investigation suggestions. A useful tool for the teacher and parent.

Noha's Arc

Home Page for Noha Edell, owner of "Noha's Arc", a multi-platform trainer and hardware integrator located in Clifton, NJ.

Norm's Home Page

Explores the use of High Tech Construction Materials like Epoxy Methacrylate. Educational information on waterproofing, concrete repair and restoration.

North American Historical Re-Enactor Web Site (West Site)

Register of societies & clubs dedicated to recreating historical events for preservation of artifacts and expeiencing othe rperiods of history

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory

NCREL is a not-for-profit organization devoted to researching and implementing best practices in public schools so that all students achieve standards of educational excellence. This site contains an online newsletter, educational resources you can order, and other useful resources. This is another site to check for standards information.

Northwest Service Academy Page

The Northwest Service Academy is an AmeriCorps program that addresses unmet environmental and community needs. The home page also contains an application.


One of the largest state-run servers, NYSERNet offers a wide variety of K-12 tools. Includes class projects, teaching tools, discussion groups, career guidance, reference information and school reform plans. Also available on gopher at

OMNi WWDC (OMNi WorldWide Distribution Centre)

OMNi WWDC is designed as distribution centre for various fields of human behaviour, his relation with world and cyberspace.

On-line Books

This is an index of hundreds of books. Browse or search by author or title for nay book you want. Keep up to date with the new books page.

On-line reference works

This site lists several different online reference sources, such as a hypertext Webster's dictionary, a thesaurus, and an acronym dictionary. It also has several foreign language dictionaries, and computing dictionaries. A great resource for anyone doing research on the Internet.

Ontario's Information Resources

This is a site that index Ontario's information resources by type and by city. It focuses on non-profit services that seek to better the human condition.

Optometry at the University of Melbourne

The home page for Optometry at the University of Melbourne. These pages include the Dept. of Optometry and Vision Sciences, the Victorian College of Optometry and the National Vision Research Institute.

Oregon On-Line


Oregon's information kiosk focuses on state and local education activities. Includes school district data, as well as resources for home schooling and non-public schooling. Also has information on public and private K-12 institutions as well as links to Oregon public and private colleges and universities.



Sponsored by the New York State Education Department, this gopher is an amazing resource for K-12 education (especially its foreign language collection) and telecommunication policy research . Contains education news, telecom policy briefs, and a vast collection of classroom resources divided by subject. Also has links to FTP sites.

Parenting Skills on Video

Cooperative, stable kids with high self-esteem are more fun to be around and are more successful throughout their lives. This engaging and entertaining presentation by Fred Schott is filled with parenting enhancement skills that you will use throughout your impressionable child's life. Mr. Schott works in association with the Omaha Public Schools' Award Winning Family Program, presenting guidelines for raising happy, healthy children.

PBS K-12 Learning Services on the Internet

This site is a front-line resource for PBS member stations, supplying information and support services for the effective use of K-12 educational television and related technology. It provides information about instructional television, and a public television database divided alphabetically or by curriculum. A nice simple resource for using TV in the classroom.

Penn State University Weather Pages

This page offers a neat virtual reality interactive weather information program, as well as hourly U.S. weather statistics. It also has offshore weather information, and a place to enter your own local weather report into a database. A neat Web site!

Persimmon Software for Children

PERSIMMON chooses a different monthly aspect of the arts and humanities to create an interactive, multimedia presentation that delightfully engages children and promotes creative learning.

Peterson's Education Center

Peterson's Education Center is a relatively new site. Its ambition is to eventually catalog all U.S. K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, both public and private, as well as community and technical colleges. The authors also plan to offer transcript services and scholarship information. Some of the site is already in place, but as it grows it will be an extremely useful resource.

Philosophy for Children/WWW Home Page

Bringing the resources of the Internet to the international Philosophy for Children programme, the P4C/WWW home page, when fully developed, will provide a focus for all P4C activities involving the Internet.

Placer County Office of Education

Excellent source listing of California K-12 and Community Colleges

Political Science Department Homepage/Indiana State University

Provides information about the department, faculty, programs (undergraduate and graduate), admissions procedures, financial aid, career resources. Includes forms to request more information and application materials.

Polyurethane Foam Association

PFA provides a collection of fire safety materials including INTOUCH bulletins, radio announcements and television public service spots designed to help prevent household and industrial fires.

Princeton Review

This site offers information on undergraduate colleges and universities, business, law and medical schools, and other graduate schools. It also gives financial aid tips, and offers a *free* sample of any standardized entry exam (i.e. SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, etc.). This is a good research site for those pursuing further education.

Private School Resource

This page is a collection of lots of resources for private, independent, and religiously-affiliated schools. The site is divided into organizations, school home pages, private school resources guides, and vendor information. Nicely organized and easy to use.

Private Schools ON LINE

The purpose of this server is to provide students a fast, free way to get information about private preparatory schools directly from the institution. IT has listings form several private schools, and more are expected as the site near completion. This will become a good resource for those seeking a prep school education.

Project LEAP (Learn Earn and Prosper)

Project LEAP is America's award winning distance learning literacy program which is now being made available nationally via satellite. LEAP was recently selected "Best in Programming" by the International Distance Learning Conference and U.S. Distance Learning Association. is providing basic skills, GED, job skills and life-coping skills to a wide range of programs including literacy programs, family literacy, workplace literacy

Project Libellus

Project Libellus is an archive of free classic Greek and Latin electronic texts. In addition to the texts available here, the site has pointers to other classics etexts found at other archives. The page is organized by institution or archive.

Ralph Bunche School

This server is maintained by students and teachers at Ralph Bunche School, an elementary school in Harlem. The students have an online school newspaper and lots of other examples of student work. This is a good model server for other schools to look at.

Reed Interactive's Global Classroom

This Australian company's Global Classroom is a very nice resource. It offers online projects centering around specific themes, and encourages international participation. It also has an international keypal search and find center, and access to education-related newsgroups.

Research at BYU Integrated Microelectronics Lab

Innovative research takes place in the BYU Integrated Microelectronics Lab, including MEMS, IC processing techniques, MCMs, and TCAD.

SafetyNet Domestic Violence Resources

SafetyNet contains domestic violence resources including bibliographies, statistics, and a domestic violence handbook with a warning list and safety plan.

SA\VE - Suicide Awareness\Voices of Education Our mission is to educate about suicide and to speak for suicide survivors.

Scholarly Electronic Forums Web Page

Contextualized information on scholarly electronic discussion groups. Information for potential and present users and listowners. A resource for electronic communication scholars, practitioners and students.

Scholastic Central

This Web page lists information available through Scholastic, such as three online publications and review of children's movies. It also has links to interactive online projects and interviews with popular children's book authors. There is a lot of information available here, it's searchable, and pretty well organized.

School and Community Networking Resources

This page contains several pointers to good technical guides to getting your school online. The links reference FAQ's, lists of Internet providers, and technology plans from other online schools. A very useful page for a building technical coordinator or anyone in a similar position.

School District of Philadelphia

The official homepage of the School District of Philadelphia. The District consists of over 250 schools, K through 12, servicing approximately 210,000 children.

Schoolhouse Videos & CDs (CD-ROMs)

Homeschool Yourself and Kids at Home! Hundreds of Topics & Thousands of Videos, CD-ROMs. From Algebra to Music to Yardening...Just About Every Wholesome Topic Imaginable!

SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources

This is a nicely organized math and science virtual bookshelf. It has pointers to online scientific and mathematical reference works and charts, as well as links to the usual science and math subject areas. It also includes information on ethics in science and software and equipment suppliers.

Science/Math Fair nnouncement

This site will host a Virtual Science and Math Fair in fall 1995. The authors are encouraging projects involving student collaboration at several sites using the Internet. The projects will be displayed and judged online. This is a good site for seeing what students can do online.

Second Nature

Second Nature is a non-profit environmental organization which helps institutions of learning, such as colleges and universities, produce graduates who will become environmental leaders. Find out about Second Nature's unique educational philosophy and check out our Environmental Reference Center.


SERESC is an education collaborative located in New Hampshire. This site contains links to a short list of very useful educational Internet resources. It also has information on grants, government agencies, and museums.

Shakespeare Homepage

This server maintains a complete electronic hypertext collection of all Shakespeare's plays and poems, and index, and a glossary. It also has a Bartlett's quotations, and links to other Shakespeare resources on the Internet. If reading Romeo and Juliet from a textbook doesn't interest you, maybe the online version with hypertext links to the glossary will!

Small is Beautiful

A listing of resources on nanotechnology Includes: DNA nanotechnology Molecular Manufacturing Computational Nanotechnolgy

Society of Yeager Scholars, Marshall University

Information on Marshall University's Society of Yeager Scholars, a scholarship and enhanced academic program. Includes program description, alumni news and application information.

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Information about the agency and Virginia's colleges and universities, public and private

Street Cents Online

Street Cents Online is tied to the Canadian television show "Street Cents", which teaches young people how to be informed consumers. This site covers all of the highlights of the week's program, and also offers a kid's club and discussion list. The page looks like a good tool for starting to discuss money matters.

Sylvan Learning Centers

Sylvan offers supplemental education to every type of student. Visit the Sylvan home page for information on our their services and locations.

Teacher Talk

This site is full of good resources for the teacher using technology in the classroom. Areas of the site include open discussion forums, school reform, parental involvement, and social action/service learning. The link from the technology and schools section leads to useful tips, questions and answers from other teachers. Good resources

Technology for All Americans Project

The Technology for All Americans Project is intended to create a forum for developing national standards for K-12 technology education. This site contains press releases, consensus building workshops, and a newsletter. If you are interested in standards, here's the place to go.



The Teacher Education Internet Server was established to explore the ways in which the Internet could benefit teacher education programs around the world. This gopher site offers training on developing instructional materials, tpis for preservice teachers in several subject areas, and software archives. It also has links to grants, workshops, and other professional development activities. Rather comprehensive!


The Texas Educational Network operates a web site and gopher for state educators and general use. Includes state educational news, policies, and reform information. It also offers college planning, field trip plans, and connectivity to educational gophers around the world.


TERC researches, develops, and disseminates innovative programs in science, mathematics, and technology for educators, schools, and other learning environments. TERC is organized into four project-based centers: Mathematics, Research, Science, and Tools for Learning. This site contains information useful to educators interested in trying new ideas in learning environments.



This is the Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language resource gopher site, and includes a wide range of relevant information. The site lists resources for those preparing future es/fl teachers, as well as resources for those already in the field. It also has links to employment opportunities, which is helpful in *any* field. A good site for an often hard-to-locate field.

TESL-EJ Master Page

This online journal covers teaching English as a second/foreign language from many perspectives. It is also available on gopher (CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU:70/11/Subject%20Specific%20Gophers/teslfl) and through a listserv as well as in HTML. For an online journal, this appears very complete.

The Amistad Research Center

In addition to archiving African-American history and culture, the Amistad Research Center also holds information about many other minority groups. This page's links go to the Center's manuscript collection, several art collections, traveling history exhibits, and library. The center also has a gopher at A good resource for adding multicultural information to a thematic unit.

The Anesthesiology Educational Server - Anesthesiology Manuals

This site includes anesthesiology manuals for Neuroanesthesia, Orthopedic Anesthesia, Latex Allergy and ENT Anesthesia. We also sponsor the Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA) homepage.

The Area Cooperative Educational Services Gopher


This Connecticut-based server focuses on national and local education. Contains policy and legislation, technology assistance, software and connectivity to government servers. It also has links to other useful educational gophers.

The Arkansas K-12 Gopher


This new educational gopher is still in development. One nice feature is the "I'm New Here" section, which gives the new Internet user practical online help. Includes education news and documents, government information, teaching workshops, reference materials and connectivity to good FTP sites

The AskERIC Virtual Library

ERIC/AskERIC's information server contains select resources for both education and general use. Includes lesson plans, ERIC digests, info guides and publications, reference tools, government information and educational listserv archives. Also available via gopher at

The Centre for Alternative Transportation Fuels\default.htm

The Centre for Alternative Transportation Fuels is operated by BC Research Inc.(BCRI) in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The Centre's staff maintain a database of technical papers to support the technical and business community in this rapidly moving technological area.

The Comer School Development Program

This site provides information about the School Development Program, a national school reform project directed by James P. Comer, M.D., the renowned child psychiatrist at the Yale Child Study Center. The SDP, initiated in 2 elementary schools in New Haven in 1968, is now being used in more than 600 schools in 20 states and the District of Columbia.

The Community Learning Network

Although CLN is run by the Ministry of Education in British Columbia, it provides a wealth of information pertinent to U.S. education as well. Includes distance learning resource information, connections to other educational and Canadian government gophers and CLN software. This is also accessible at gopher:// .

The Cyberspace Middle School

This home page is designed for students in the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth grades who are using the World Wide Web to help get an education. This page contains links to science fairs, Midlink Magazine (for kids by kids), and Virtual Bus Stops (links to online middle schools). The Topics of Interest link is full of helpful links for students, such as an online Periodic Table, how to read a map, etc.

The Digital Frog

This is the homepage of Digital Frog International Inc. (DFI), a company dedicated to producing high quality educational software. Our flagship product, The Digital Frog CD-ROM, won two educational technology awards prior to release, and has received many favourable reviews . Our page describes DFI and contains a fully featured Web version of The Digital Frog. Come have a peek!

The Edutainment Page!

The Edutainment Page! is dedicated to reviews and discussion of educational software. Over 120 independent reviews and great links to other sites.

The Egyptian Gallery

This site is organized around halls, each containing different information. Some of the halls give information on the modern state, such as the national anthem, pictures of modern cities, and sound clips. Other halls have pictures and text about ancient Egypt. A good collection for a thematic unit.

The Electronic Prehistoric Shark Museum

The Electronic Prehistoric Shark Museum Just when you thought it was safe to go surfing on the Net come reports of shark bytes on the World Wide Web. The Electronic Prehistoric Shark Museum is now open for visitors and features fossil shark teeth (photos and descriptions) from the prehistoric Great White to the jaws of a modern-day shark. This virtual museum also has links to other paleontological sites and posts additional shark sightings on the Internet. Warning--no lifeguards! Surf at your own risk.

The Environmental Education Network

This site serves as a jumping-off point for using the Internet to research the environmental issues. It has categorized links to resources for teachers, resources for students, and also for higher education. Each individual list is further divided by subject for ease of use.

The ESU #16 Gopher


Nebraska's K-12 information network. Contains lesson plans, K-12 resources and connectivity to Nebraska Online, VERONICA and other services. Also features an acceptable use policy archive and art education resources.

The Florida Department of Education Gopher


FIRN, Florida's education network, maintains this site. It contains extensive information on state and local education initiatives. This sits also has links to professional development services, Florida private K12 schools, and public and private colleges and universities in Florida.

The GEB Web - Home of Guiding Eyes for the Blind in cyber space

G.E.B. is a non-proffit provider of professionally trained guide dogs We offer a better means of mobility for blind, deaf blind, and blind with special needs persons. Our web site offers extensive information about our school, dog training, and the resources available through GEB Online to our clients all over the world, and to others interested in the school.

The Geometry Forum

This site is an electronic community focused on geometry and math education. It has links to resources such as the Coalition of Essential Schools, a Web-based lesson on vectors, a geometry listserv, and more. It also has a section on projects for students, such "Ask Dr. Math". A good site for math educators and students.

The Homework Page

This is a nicely organized general subject guide page. The concept behind the page is researching a homework assignment, so it's easy to use. Links are categorized by subject matter, and also by age group.

The Hub


The Hub is described as a resource for math and science educators, and as such it contains links for lots of different online math and science resources, as well as conference announcements. It also holds resources from the Eisenhower Regional Alliance, a group supporting math and science education. A very nice feature of this site is its searchable database, which makes finding a specific topic or piece of information much faster and easier.

The Human-Languages Page

This page is devoted to bringing together information about the languages of the world. The language resources listed here come from all around the world, and range from dictionaries to language tutorials to spoken samples of languages. This page is available in several languages, has "Quick-Jump" links for easy navigation, and should soon be searchable. Great site!

The Internet Educational ResourcesGuide

This site is another collection of educational links, but it has more than just links to school subject areas. It also reviews online magazines and books about the Internet, and has information about gophers, FTP sites, telnet databases, and listservs. It is more international in focus, and is searchable for ease of use.

The Internet Wiretap


This is another archive of electronic texts, ranging from the common to the obscure. This site contains hundreds of digitized works of literature, as well as an extensive government archive. Another easy way to expand your school or personal library, or to do research.

The Johns Hopkins University Department of English

The English Department world wide web page serves three primary functions: To disseminate public information about the department, its faculty, programs and resources. To provide links to other online resources in the humanities. To serve as an anchor for the development of other online resources in the field.

The LaserNet Web Server

The LaserNet Web Server offers education and information on the topic of LASER. Subtopics include Laser Applications, Tutorials, Laser Safety, Research and Development, On-line Newsletters and Laser Related Links.

The Mark Twain Library

This site provides electronic texts of Mark Twain's works. This site is not yet complete, but there are several works available. It also lists other pages with Mark Twain resources.

The Maryland Department of Education


Within Maryland's government information server is a substantial collection of educational documents and resources. Includes a variety of information on educational development, special education, vocational training and library management.

The Massachusetts Education Computer Information Network Gopher


Though this gopher focuses on local public universities, the MECN gopher contains general educational information as well. Includes college planning and resource information, as well as access to Mass Ed Online and other educational and information servers. This site also has information on PALMS - a project to improve math and science education

The Media Literacy On-line Project Home Page

The Media Literacy Project's goal is to make on-line information and resources available to educators, producers, students, parents, and others interested in the influence of electronic media on children, youth, and adults. The site contains a database on media literacy, as well as links to Internet resources related to the topic. This is a good site, covering an important subject.

The New York Open Center

The Open Center is a non-profit center for holistic learning and culture in New York City. We offer nearly 1000 courses annually on topics of alternative health and bodywork disciplines, depth psychologies, sociocultural issues, spiritual and meditative teachings and multicultural arts. Our site includes program information and a preview of our journal

The Nine Planets

This is a multimedia essay about the solar system with text, pictures, soundsand an occasional movie. Each of the planets and major moons in the solar system is briefly described and illustrated with pictures from NASA spacecraft. This is a great source for information for a science project or basic research paper.

The North Dakota ICICLE Project

A comprehensive library of REVIEWED K-12 curriculum and instructional materials (lesson plans, pictures, subject matter, etc.) available on the Internet, indexed according to subject area.

The Ohio Education Computer Network / K-12 Gopher


The OECN is currently one of the best overall subject databases available. Along with an excellent selection of educational and research materials, OECN offers access to dozens of electronic books (from Aesop to the Book of Mormon), census records and government documents.

The Old School House Studio

Set in beautiful rural Gloucestershire near the border between England and Wales, The Old School House Studio is the ideal centre for inspirational personal development workshops such as the weekend BEGIN IT NOW! run by theatre director David Milne, and the One Year, part-time DRAMATHERAPY CERTIFICATE COURSE which commences every September and is run over 6 weekends and a summer school (this course is validated by Worcester College).

The Open University

The Open University is the British institution which pioneered distance education as a way to broaden educational opportunities across the country. The has a very comprehensive program, which can be used as a great model for other programs. It also has links to other useful online resources

The OSPI Math, Science, and Technology Server

Washington State's Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction maintains this new web site. Contains an excellent collection of on-line math and science resources, as well as information on WEdNet. Also has links to public and private online schools and Washington state colleges and universities.

The Political Science Department at Oregon State University

Links of interest to poly_sci people. Check out PS102, part of a class on American Government being held at OSU.

The Salmon Page

A page dedicatated to all things salmon... How to catch them, cook them and save them.

The Smithsonian Institution Home Page

This is an all-around interesting site, but the most useful links for resources are What's New (exhibits), Perspectives, Activities, and Resources. These all give information useful for a variety of subject areas.

The Society Of Cartographers

The Society's aims are to support the practising cartographer and encourage and maintain a high standard of cartographic illustration by providing information and opportunities to meet and exchange views and techniques with fellow practising cartographers.

The Study in the USA Online Directory

The Study in the USA Online Directory is a resource for international students seeking to study at a quality American university, college or English language institute. Users can browse informative articles, program descriptions and use the online request information forms to email the school they are interested in for more information.

The Tech Classics Archive

This is an archive of 184 works by 17 classical authors (in translation). The texts are provided in HTML format and as raw text files. Each work has been segmented into the different books, sections, parts, etc. whenever possible.This is a nice resource for those introducing classical works or beginning classical studies.

The Technology and DistanceEducation Branch

This page is another one from Canada, where much has been done with using distance technologies. This particular page is for the development of a Community Learning Network, and it is another useful model of expanding education beyond the classroom. Also has links to other good distance education sites and guidebooks.

The Tecla Home Page from Birkbeck College London

Tecla is a text magazine written for learners and teachers of Spanish. It is produced weekly during the school year, and gives a text in Spanish, with vocabulary listed below the text. A nice online resource - not too hard, not too easy.

The U.S. Education Department/OERI

The ED and its Office of Educational Research and Instruction offer an information server which acts as a reference desk for all things educational. Includes educational software, Goals 2000 information, as well as primary, secondary and vocational information. Also available via gopher at

The Vermont Educational Telecommunications Consortium Gopher


The VETC gopher acts as an educational gateway to servers around the world. This gopher has links to math and science resources, Internet guides, and Goals 2000 information. Includes connectivity to state and local gophers, K-12 gophers and governmental gophers.

The Virtual English Language Center

This site is a good resource for ES/FL teachers and students and has such resources as interactive exercises and text/audio playback. It also features "Idiom of the Week", a keypal registry, and a recommended software listing. It also has links to related Internet sites.

The Washington Center for Internships & Academic Seminars

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars believes that the key to student success is active involvement in the educational process. The mission of The Washington Center is to provide internships and academic seminar programs to college students that challenge them personally and professionally. Students apply academic theory through practical experience, discover their professional strengths and weaknesses, question chosen career paths, interact with students from across the country and develop a broad sense of civic and professional responsibility.

The World Lecture Hall

A gem for the student, teacher, and researcher is this Web site of links to faculty worldwide who are using the web to deliver class materials. Included here are syllabi, assignments, lecture notes, exams, multimedia textbooks, and resource materials on almost any subject.

The World of Benjamin Franklin

This site gives multimedia information about Ben Franklin using pictures, documents, and movies. It covers his family, inventions, diplomacy, philosophy, and leadership. The page also gives a bibliography for further study of Franklin, his accomplishments, and the time period. A good resource for teaching biographical research.

The World of the Vikings Home Page

This page gives information about the World of the Vikings CD-ROM and research project. The CD-ROM includes two separate resources - the Research Database, created for academic researchers, libraries and schools, and Evidence Boxes, which collect together the best resources from the main archive for younger children. This site also has links to other Internet Viking resources.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library

This is a nicely organized, cross-referenced site listing everything from aboriginal studies to zoos. history resources of various types. The links are detailed by alphabetical order, by era, and by region.This full-featured site offers clickable maps of the world and specific information about many countries. It also has a list of other online resources. This would be a good place to send a student to start research.

Theodore Tugboat

This site is based on a Canadian TV show, "Theodore Tugboat", and designed for young children (although some of the vocabulary may be a bit to advanced). Children can send a postcard to a friend, download a coloring book page, and help write an interactive story. The site is easy to navigate, and has a parent/teacher area too.

Thomas Pitre Associates

Homepage for Mind Science Research Institute, Inc. and Thomas Pitre Associates of San Jose, CA USA. Take Professional Courses by e-mail or correspondence from MSRI. Receive Certification in Management and Technology Courses. Affiliated with Int'l Management Institute.


TIESnet is the on-line service for Technology and Information Educational Services of Minnesota. The older sister of InforMNs, TIESnet is an excellent demonstration of the successes of networking educators. Includes access to numerous ongoing school projects, as well as lesson plans, research information, and connectivity to InforMNs.


An amazing on-line traing course which teaches you how to dramatically improve your memory powers - improve exam grades, learn foreign vocabulary, plus much more.

Training Solutions (NAEC / ATEC)

Training Solutions Is Both A Novell Authorized Education Center And A Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Center. These Pages Will Provide Course Information As Well As Schedules In A Portable File Format. (Envoy) This Site Will Be Complete On 9/1/95. Feel Free To Visit In The Mean Time And Watch Our Progress!

Traveler's Japanese with Voice

This is a very interesting page - it uses the Internet to teach basic language skills. Modules are divided by subject, and each word, when clicked, will play an audio clip giving proper pronunciation of the word. The site also gives historical and cultural information. A nice way to add a multicultural component to a lesson.

Turner Adventure Learning

This site contains information about Turner Adventure Learning, electronic field trips for K-12. The site contains text documents, graphics, and web links related to each field trip. Excellent source of original materials to use by students and teachers researching an issue related to a field trip topic.

U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps

Year-round Naval youth education program for young men and women ages 11-18 years old. Learn new skills and gain confidence while aboard Naval ships or air stations.

U.S. Two-Year Colleges

A comprehensive list of community and technical colleges in the U.S. Links to colleges which have web pages or gophers, links to state community college boards. All types of two-year colleges are included.


This site has lots of information on and for urban students, their families, and the educators who serve them. On this page are manuals, brief articles, annotated bibliographies, reviews publications, and conference announcements in urban education, just to name a few. This site is currently under development, and when complete it should be an excellent resource.

Univ. of Okla. Dept. of Public Safety

Many on-line information documents on public safety topics including crime prevention, personal safety, fire safety, and more.

Universidad de Chile, Santiago.

Admission requirements, research, teaching and cultural activities in medicine, astronomy, literature, philosophy, chemistry, political science,economics, mathematics, biology, Nobel Prize winners, Chilean poets,Chilean sites, etc.

University of Kentucky College of Dentistry

The University of Kentucky College of Dentistry is recognized today as one of the nation's outstanding dental institutions.

University of Northern Colorado: Educational Technology

A site where educators, administrators, students and teachers can get together to discuss, work with and implement educational technology. UNC's Graduate Educational Technology Program listing.

University of Waterloo Electronic Library

The University of Waterloo Electronic Library is a service for information seekers. Find information on current events, resources by discipline, facts about the UW Library, etc. Projects include Scholarly Societies, Ejournals, Walking Tours, web to catalogue interface, and resources by academic department

Upena Hawaii


The Hawaii Department of Education's National and International Network Services for Distance Education Project maintains this site, focusing on internetworking between Hawaiian schools and distance education in general. Contains educational resources for teachers and students, interesting Internet server links, and a good collection of state and local education information from the Department of education.

Valhalla - The Princeton City School District Home Page

Home site for the Princeton City School district including Princeton High School. Links to other district schools, student work, teacher pages, etc.

Valparaiso Community School District

Designed and operated almost entirely by students, the Valparaiso Community School District WWW Site is one of the first K-12 organizations in northwest Indiana to establish a web presence.


Visit Videodiscovery online for information about interactive CD-ROM and laserdisc multimedia for science and math education, plus cool science facts, a guide to Internet education resources, educational technology primers, and more.



This Canadian gopher has information on school violence statistics and prevention programs. It also lists educational policies related to the topic. A good comparison source for researchers or those working on solving this problem

Virginia Tech English Department Home Page

The Virginia Tech English Department is proud to introduce its WWW server, home to curriculum and departmental information, Web-based teaching, and an Online Writing Lab.

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit

This online dissection kit provides the teacher and student with a learning tool in lieu of dissecting a real frog. The program uses 3D and MRI images that the user can manipulate to see the various parts of the body. Included are online tests.



This gopher from Canada has quite a lot of specific information on teaching the visually impaired. It covers an introduction to the topic, emotional considerations of visually impaired children, how to talk to parents/guardians, etc. This is a very useful collection of resources.

Voices of Youth Home Page

This page, from the United Nations Web server, contains messages from the World Summit for Social Development. Messages pertain to topics discussed at the Summit, and although the server is not currently accepting new messages, old messages are browsable and searchable by topic. This might be a good resource for getting an international take on current affairs and what youth feel about the future.

VOTEC Home Page

This site, though under construction, has a fair amount of information about vocational/technical education. Some resource include information on workplace literacy, tech prep, thinking skills, and training. As this site develops fully, it should be a good resource, especially if you have a fully graphical browser and can wait for the download.

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Telecommunication, ASU

The WWW server at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Telecommunication, ASU, offers information about the School, student work, the Alumni newsletter, and tools to help journalists explore the Internet.

Warsaw University, Department of Genetics Homepage

The pages contain description of our research and many interesting links. We work on fungal genetics (Aspergillus nidulans and yeasts)

Waterford Institute

The Waterford Institute brings you the latest in educational research and products for the home and school.

Web 66

Just as Route 66 was a catalyst for Americana, the authors of this site see the World Wide Web as a catalyst that will integrate the Internet into K-12 school curricula. This page is intended to facilitate the introduction of Internet technology into K-12 schools by helping them set up servers, design home pages, and find other online schools. This is a great site for schools just entering the Internet - all you probably need to set up your site is available here!

Web66: K-12 Schools Registry

This site consists of a clickable map of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and each click takes you to a different region's online schools. The same information is available in a text format, as well as school listings by country. A good resource for finding keypals or partners for an online project.

WEdNet - The Washington Education Network


In conjunction with the state of Washington's teacher network, WEdNet maintains a gopher server of educational and computing resources. Contains a variety of public domain software. It also has links to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other interesting Internet links.

Welcome K-12

This is the "Busy Teachers' Web Site", designed for those who are learning to use the Internet while online, as well as for those who have very limited access time. This site is arranged alphabetically by subject area with two different tables of content - one with subheadings and pictures for those who want to browse, and the other is just plain text links to resources for those in a hurry. This site is unique in that it addresses the real problem of teachers and time! If you use this site, you will appreciate the creator's foresight in creating these resources in a logical and easy-to-use fashion.

Welcome to MegaMath.

The MegaMath project is intended to bring unusual and important mathematical ideas to elementary school classrooms so that young people and their teachers can think about them together. This site is an online workbook with activities for teachers and students, as well as lesson plans and curriculum guides. This is an innovative site, offered in text and image map format.

Welcome to TEAMSnet

This server, maintained by the Los Angeles County Office of Education, offers information on both distance education and Internet in the classroom. They list online projects, links to resources, and professional development information. This site also has a page on preservice teacher preparation.

Welcome to the Council of the Great City Schools Online

The Council of the Great City Schools is a national non-profit organization representing the U.S.'s largest school systems. They offer "legislative alerts", information on instruction, curriculum, and standards, as well as other information necessary to the functioning of large urban school systems. They also provide hypertext versions of the Council newsletters, Council reports, and conference highlights. This seems to be a well-organized source of very useful and necessary information.

Welcome to the DeweyWeb

The mission of DeweyWeb is to not only serve information to students, but also attempt to provide them a chance to contribute their own observations, findings, and reflections. This site is a clearinghouse for telecom-based educational experiences, both Internet and distance education. This site has many interesting links not seen in other collections.

Welcome to the GOLDMINE!

Part of the BBN Testbed Program. Includes information on state educational legislation, reforms and curriculum, as well as state educational agendas and California Department of Education publication information. Also accessible via gopher at

Welcome to the U.S. Civil War Center

The United States Civil War Center was created to serve as a clearinghouse for all Civil War materials. This site has links to every Civil War exhibit they could find, and is continuously being updated. As the goal of the Center is to be objective and look and the causes, events, and aftermath from every viewpoint possible, this will be a good resource for U.S. History classes and Civil War buffs alike. One note: slow download!

Welcome to Virtual FlyLab!

Playing the role of a scientist investigating genetic inheritance, the user of this site can manipulate the matings of different fruit flies and see the genetic results of the matings. This is an excellent classroom resource for middle school students to college students.

Whales: A Thematic Web Unit


This resource is designed to be used with K-5 kids. A great teacher resource page with images, activities and project ideas.

Window-To-Russia Home Page

This page has resources in both Russian and English, as well as links telling how to install a Netscape readable Cyrillic font. It offers online art exhibits, an interactive Russian-English dictionary, basic country information, and much more. Another great resource for a thematic or multicultural unit.

Winston Churchil High School Web Server

Winston Churchill High School's Web Server hosts various WWW documents written by Churchill High School Students or about Churchil High School.

WisDPI - The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

This State Department of Public Instruction server includes on resources pertinent to education and libraries. Contains a variety of K-12 projects, lesson plans, and good educational links. Also on gopher at

Wolfe County (KY) Public Schools

Wolfe County (KY) Public Schools' student ran web site providing Ed. resources, local and regional info.and announcements, message boards, links, student works, search pages, and more. Stop by and visit the students of Wolfe County, Kentucky, USA.

Women in Higher Education

Women in Higher Education is a monthly newsletter for women university administrators, faculty and staff. Includes news and articles and current job listings

World Kids Press Home Page

World Kids Press has developed audiotape/coloring book packages designed to introduce the concept of foreign languages to children from pre-school level to age 8 or 9 through fun with music, read-along, and coloring.

Writing at MU

This page is an online discussion site for writers. There are four direct links to information exchange with other writers. The other links to assorted Internet sites are mostly related to writing as well, but a few might not be appropriate for children.