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Pat Harrison Waterways of Mississippi

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Pat Harrison Waterways are some of Mississippi's best kept secrets. These parks are a true testiment to the beauty and surroundings that simply exceed your expectations. My favorite Pat Harrison Waterways are Manor Creek Water Park near Waynesboro, Mississippi where ten pound bass are as common as warts on a witch's nose!! And Okatibbie Water Park near Meridian, Missisiippi where there's fun for the whole family. To learn more about Pat Harrison Waterways call them at 1-800-748-9403.


All cabin reservations must be made by persons 21 years or older and present during cabin occupation. Camphouse Base Occupancy = 2 Cabin Base Occupancy = 4 Additional rates will be charged for additional visitors overnight occupants and day visitors. Guests shall not at any time exceed maximum occupancy of 8 persons, 8 years and older in cabins and 4 persons in camphouse. A. RESERVATIONS FOR FIVE OR MORE NIGHTS - Deposits Due: 3 days plus total T.V. rental, plus $10.00 confirmation fee DUE WITHlN 14 DAYS OF DATE RESERVATION IS MADE. -BALANCE DUE: NINETY (90) DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL DATE. B. RESERVATIONS FOR THREE OR FOUR NIGHTS -Full payment due within 14 days of date reservation is made. C. RESERVATIONS FOR TWO NIGHTS -Full payment due within 14 days of date reservation is made. D. RESEKVATIONS MADE WITHIN 14 DAYS OF ARRIVAL -Full payment due within 3 days prior to arrival for reservation made, in CASH or by CREDIT CARD ONLY ***Failure to provide appropriate payments (deposits, balance payments, or full payments) within the time alloted will result in AUTOMATIC CANCELLATION WITHOUT NOTICE, and the forfeit of any and all monies previously paid. CABIN RESERVATION POLICY ***Violation of reservation policy by reduction of nights will result in 50% loss of unused balance. 50% of value granted will be by raincheck only. Number of Nights Time in Advance 2 Nights 2 Months 3 or 4 Nights 3 Months 5 or More Nights 1 Year ABSOLUTELY NO PETS ALLOWED IN CABIN OR CABIN AREA!!! VIOLATORS ARE SUBJECT TO EVICTION. "NO REFUNDS" WILL BE ISSUED FOR EVICTION DUE TO VIOLATION OF THIS POLICY

                              OKATIBBEE WATER PARK
                                  MERIDIAN, MS
                        INFORMATION/CABIN RESERVATION (800) 748-9403
                        CAMPSITE RESERVATION (601) 737-2370

 Located on Fine Spring Road, just off Highway 19 North northwest of Meridian, Mississippi.
Okatibee Water Park is a "splash" for the whole family!   With 28 miles of shoreline, 
the 3,800-acre reservoir offers abundant bass fishing year round, as well as water 
skiing and canoeing. Splashdown Country's adult and kiddie waterslides are open 
May through Labor Day, with lifeguards on duty for added safety.  The park 
features fully developed camping spurs, with 50 amp electrical service, for camping 
enthusiasts. For the slightly less adventurous, four new vacation cabins are available 
as well as a recently renovated 25-room motel complete with cable T.V.   For the naturalist,
the park is visited each December by the American Bald Eagle.

Hunting is allowed in certain areas around the reservoir on Corps of Engineers' 
property For information on hunting permits, call (601)737-5831.

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                           DUNN'S FALLS WATER PARK
                           Meridian, Mississippi 
               Information/Cabin Reservations (800) 748-9403 
                      Campsite Reservations (601) 655-9511
On the Chunky River, 15 miles south of Meridian, Mississippi lies 
Dunn's Falls, a 65-foot water fall created in the mid 1850's by John 
Dunn, an Irish immigrant, to power a grist mill.  The falls, created by 
diverting a stream that flowed 70 yards from a bluff, cascades over 
the craggy bluff only to be tamed by the calm, quiet Chunky.  The 
curious and nature lovers alike are drawn to this peaceful, idyllic spot. 
An 1857 grist mill, moved from Cave Springs, Georgia in 1987 and 
reconstructed on the site of Dunn original mill, as well as the rustic 
homestead fascinate history buffs. Stocked with catfish and complete  
with ducks, the mill pond and a picnic area are a great spot for a family 
outing. The crystal clear river offers fishing, canoeing and swimming. A 
short walk removes visitors from even a nod to civilizatior as nature trails 
wind through the woods which are home to wild turkey, deer, squirrels and 
other wildlife, carrying hikers - eventually - back to the pond. Primitive
camping sites are available for those who like to rough it.  All can enjoy 
the peace and beauty of this Pat Harrison Water Park, open year-round 
Wednesday through Sunday.

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	                       ARCHUSA CREEK  WATER PARK
                                 Quitman, Mississippi
	                 Information/Cabin Reservations (800) 748-9403
                         Campsite Reservations (601) 776-6956

Archusa Creek Water Park is located in Quitman, Mississippi, just off Highway 45. 
The 400 acre lake is a fishermants paradise with large quantities of bass, catfish, 
perch and bream. The whole family can enjoy camping, boating, swimming, water 
skiing and picnicking. The picnic areas are equipped with barbecue grills and 
family-size picnic tables.  Just a phone call will reserve a private pavillion or lodge 
hall. Archusa has four cabins for weekend outings or vacationing, and motorhome 
hookups and aluminum boat rentals are available. In the fall of each year, the water 
park hosts its annual Forestry and Wildlife Festival featuring chainsaw sculpting, races,
special events and activities for all ages. The bluegreen waters and piney woods 
provide relaxation for campers and fishermen year round. Other activities include 
a Dixie Youth baseball field, a professional volleyball court, a playground for the
children, and a one-half mile nature trail for nature lovers.

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                              DRY CREEK WATER PARK
                             Mount Olive, Mississippi 
                   Information/Cabin Reservations (800) 748-9403 
                  Campsite Reservations (601) 797-4619

Get set for a "good catch" at Dry Creek Water Park located near Mount Olive, Mississippi,
 just off Highway 49. Fishing enthusiasts come from all areas to reel in the great Florida 
bass, catfish and crappie that are abundant in the park's 150-acre lake. The lake also 
offers ample opportunity for boating, swimming and canoeing. Aluminum boat rentals are 
available. The quiet and secluded park has campsites with a bathhouse, as well as picnic 
areas with barbeque grills and picnic tables. For larger groups, a private park pavilion 
can be reserved.

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                        BIG CREEK  WATER PARK
                         Soso, Mississippi
            Information/Cabin Reservations (800) 748-9403
             Campsite Reservations (601) 763-8555
Visitors from many areas are attracted to the beautiful countryside and abundant fishing 
waters of Big Creek Water Park located between Laurel and Collins, Mississippi off 
Highway 84. Bass, bream, crappie and catfish abound in the 150-acre lake, making 
for good fishing, and the rolling green countryside is a treat for the eyes. One of 
Big Creek's claims to fame is that it is home to one of the oldest and largest cedars
in the state of Mississippi. History lovers will enjoy exploring the historic cemetery
where the first homesteaders of the area are buried.
The whole family can enjoy camping at this Pat Harrison Water Park, with fully 
developed camping spurs, or for tho:se who prefer a few conveniences, the park 
has two cabins and two camphouses. The unique beach area makes for pleasant 
swimming, and the picnic area is equipped with barbeque grills and family picnic 
tables. Aluminum boat rental is available year-round.

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                                 LITTLE BLACK CREEK
                                      WATER PARK
                             Purvis-Lumberton, Mississippi
                    Information/Cabin Reservations (800) 748-9403
                          Campsite Reservations (601) 794-2957

Travelers from all over enjoy Little Black Creek Water Park, located between 
Purvis and Lumberton, Mississippi, off Interstate 59. For a day of fun, the park 
has picnic areas with tables and barbeque grills. Family picnic pavilions are 
also available for year-round rental. The park's 600-acre lake is stocked with 
plenty of catfish, white perch, bream and large-mouth bass. In addition to scenic 
campsites, the park offers cabins, camphouses and a convenience store. 
Overnight guests can obtain a permit to fish for their dinner in Lake Catch A-Lot, 
a pond stocked with channel catfish. The only thing you could wish for is more 
time to enjoy it all!
Each summer, the waterpark hosts special events such as children's fishing 
rodeos, open fishing tournaments, country music, and other special events 
you wouldn't want to miss.

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                         MAYNOR CREEK WATER PARK
                        Waynesboro, Mississippi
                  Information/Cabin Reservations (800) 748-9403
                       Campsite Reservations (601) 735-4365

One of Pat Harrison's most colorful Water Parks, Maynor Creek Water Park is 
located six miles west of Waynesboro, Mississippi, off Highway 84. Fishing buffs 
cast for bream, catfish, crappie and Florida bass in the parkts 450-acre lake. 
Dogwoods and magnolias bloom in the spring and fall paints the hickories in glorious 
autumn colors. The challenging waters of Maynor Creek flow clear and bright in 
the summer and fall, and full and brown in the winter and spring. Camping, boating,
swimming, water skiing and picnicking are all part of the family fun at Maynor Creek. 
Maynor Creek Park has three cabins and two camphouses for rental. Aluminum 
boat rentals and family picnic pavilions are also available. Every Memorial Day 
weekend the water park opens "Swampy Hollow" kiddie and adult giant 
waterslides. Swampy Hollow is open weekends May through Labor Day.

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                          BLUFF CREEK WATER PARK
                          VANCLEAVE, MISSISSIPPI
                   (Information/Cabin Reservation (800)-748-9403
                     Campsite Reservations (601) 826-9963

For a day in the sun, come to Bluff Creek Water Park, located off Highway 57 near
Vancleave, Mississippi. Fishermen can enjoy the outdoors while casting for bass, 
catfish or blue gill, and the large natural sandbar at Bluff Creek Water Park is a 
great place for picnicking or relaxing to the soothing sound of the water. Picnic 
areas with barbeque grills and picnic tables are also available. Bluff Creek boasts 
a sand beach and the children can enjoy giant waterslides for use on weekends 
beginning in May through Labor Day. This day-use park is also equipped with a 
lodge hall and pavillion.

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                               FLINT CREEK WATER PARK
                               Wiggins, Mississippi
                 Information/Cabin Reservations (800) 748-9403
                     Campsite Reservations (601) 928-3051

	Flint Creek Water Park, located on Highway 29 in Wiggins, Mississippi, 
offers water fun for the whole family. The park features a 600-acre lake chock 
full of bass, bream, crappie and catfish offering excellent fishing 24-hours a day. 
The lake is also a favorite for boating, water skiing and swimming. Aluminum boat 
rentals are available. Flint Creek's Water Town with kiddie waterslides and four 
adult giant waterslides, is open May through Labor Day, Wednesday through Sunday.
	Landlubbers can enjoy camping and picnicking all year round. With 131 
fully developed camping spurs, and 21 fully equipped cabins, Flint Creek is a terrific 
place to spend weekends or vacations. Campers can enjoy swimming at their own 
private beach, or just enjoy nature, taking a hike down the nature trail, fragrant with 
daisies, honeysuckle, roses and red clover. Wild turkey, deer, squirrels, and ducks 
and other waterfowl can often be found along the lakeside. At lunch or dinner, enjoy 
the picnic area equipped with barbeque grills and picnic tables. For added convenience,
Flint Creek also has a private pavillion and lodge hall. Every July 4, the water park 
holds it annual Fireworks Display enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

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                            TURKEY CREEK WATER PARK
                         Decatur - Newton, Mississippi 
                    Information/Cabin Reservations (800) 748-940
                      Campsite Reservations (601) 635-3314
Open year-round, Turkey Creek Water Park with its 250-acre lake, attracts travelers 
from many areas. Located just off Highway 15, five miles southwest of Decatur, the 
park is one of the most popular water skiing spots around attracting skiers as early 
as mid-March. This Pat Harrison Water Park boasts excellent bass fishing and offers 
boat rentals in addition to camping.
     Known for its conservation program; Turkey Creek is enjoyed by explorers of all ages. 
Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking or biking the parks nature trail teeming with wild 
flowers, deer, squirrels, ducks, turkeys, and other wildlife. For campers, the park has 
fully developed camping spurs as well as three new vacation cabins available for rental. 
urkey Creek's campgrounds feature a picnic area, and a playground with modern 
equipment for children of all ages.

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