My dads' friend...

This story happened just after my 18th birthday, it was summer and I was to help one of my fathers' friends, Rick, on his farm. I hadn't a drivers licence, and my parents were going on holiday to one of my uncles, so I negotiated a deal so that I stayed on Rick's farm, something that slightly decreased my salary, since I got free board and lodging.

Rick was in his sixties, and had always lived alone, if you don't count his dog, something I found peculiar, since he was well thought of by everyone. He had started to get grey hair, but some of the black he had had in his earlier days were still there. He had somewhat stomach, still very strong (or at least the rumours said he were a hard working man, and that he did heavy work), and he wore almost worn out, somewhat dirty clothes; a blue pair of trousers, a cross- ruled shirt, worn with holes on his elbows. In short, this was his work clothes.

I were, as mentioned, a 18 year old boy, had no drivers licence, rather weak (I still had done little, or nothing heavy work), not to thin, but not fat either. I came to him wearing some old full of holes (but most of the holes were fixed) blue jeans, and a worn out red sweater. I thought that they would do for working clothes. Of course I brought with me some other clothes ass well, but they were stuffed down in a bag.

There were one thing about this old mans house I disliked; there were no shower here, no tub either. There only was a sink in his toilet, but nothing more to wash in. I wondered how he washed, I thought perhaps he had a wooden tub he would take forth every Christmas? Rick couldn't wash too often, since he always seemed to smell a little. But his dog didn't complain, and since by staying here I would not have to cycle five miles every morning and night, I didn't complaint either.

I came in the evening; Rick was watching the news on the telly. I got in, and said hello. He answered, and went on watching, his dog were more interested in my coming. He was very excited about my visit, and I patted him. As always this dog started sniffing between my feet. It always did that, bad manners, but it was only to push him away, and he'd stop. I guess Rick never minded this habit. I sat down watching the news with Rick. After the news we ate, Rick ment that since I was allowed to stay with him, I could at least make the meals. He showed me where everything was, and it was I who made the meal, and I who cleaned up after we had eaten.

A little later Rick decided that it was bedtime, and since I were going to get up at the same time as him, also I had to get to bed. He finished on the bath, strangely he didn't bother closing the door, but I tried not to watch, what if he should notice me watching him? I weren't completely able to keep my eyes to myself, and I noticed he didn't shake it before put it back, neither did he wash afterwards, something that strangely made my dick react. Then he told me to follow him upstairs, he was going to show me my bedroom. It was directly opposite of his. I sat down my bag, and went downstairs and did my business in the bathroom, and when I got upstairs again, I saw Rick in his room, taking off his trousers. With a quick, stolen look I saw his pants. They were small, just covering what they were supposed to cover, and they were supposed to be white, but they were yellow in the front, with a wet spot, he should have shaken it... But I couldn't stop to watch. I thought to myself that perhaps I was correct; perhaps he didn't wash more than once a year. At least he didn't change underwear too often. I undressed, turned out the lights, and went to bed. I forgot to close the door, so I wouldn't dare to jerk off, afraid he would hear me, but how could I go to sleep when I'd just seen what I did see? My coock were hard as iron. Just laying there with an erection, not able to do anything with it is a nightmare, and I used a couple of hours just to get my mind of what I'd just seen, and half an hour later I fell asleep.

The following morning I was waked extremely early, it must have been before six, but I was so tired that I didn't quite know where I was. But I had to make the breakfast. I were slow at it, and forgot to make coffee, therefore Rick gave me a scolding, and said that if he had to make his own coffee once more, or I did anything else wrong, he would make me regret it. He shouted that I had no manners, and that he would teach me the old way, like his father taught him when he was a boy. The breakfast went on, without any more disruptions. So did the working day, except the lunch, but no problems happened there.

Then the dinner came, and of course expected Rick that I made it. So I made the pancakes. I set the table, and we started to eat. In the middle of the meal, I, in my awkwardness managed to tip a glass of juice, and Rick got mad. He scolded me, asked if I had control of my body at all, or if I did it with purpose. He yelled that he was convinced it was with purpose, and that he was going to learn me right from wrong. Then he shoved his chair backwards, and demanded me to come to him. I came over, looking down into the floor. He made me get to his right side. He took a powerful grip in my left hand. "Why did you do it, what's the purpose?" he asked angrily. "I'm sorry" I stuttered. "Well that won't do things any better, will it?" he asked, and then he dragged me down over his lap, and took my right hand and held it so that I couldn't move. Then he opened my jeans, and pulled them down. Then he took grip in my pants, and he slowly dragged them down while he said to me: "This will hurt more for you than it will for me son. I will punish you, because you have been a bad boy, and you will learn". At this point my coock was really hard, even harder than last night, and it got longer when he said this. "I'm sorry it won't be repeated," I said, knowing that he would spank me really hard whatever I said. Suddenly his arm came down, and his large hand hit my bare ass hard, harder than I had expected, he was really strong. The pain so much larger than I had expected that I cried out in pain, but before I knew it his hand hit my ass again. I cried out once more. He was hitting very fast, and he was hitting so hard, that already when his hand touched my ass the third time, my tears came. I couldn't move much, and my dick was still hard, and he had to feel it as it was going into his right leg, but he didn't seem to care, perhaps he enjoyed it? After about twenty raps he stopped. "Is it enough? Have you learned?" he asked. "Y-yes" I wept, and he released me. I got down on my knees between his feet, and embraced him while I pressed my face against the lower parts of his stomach, so my nose were straight over is dick, and I thought I could smell it through his trousers. "I'm not certain you have learned your lesson" he said, "I think you are lying". "N-no" I said, still weeping, with a boner as a mountain. "We haven't used the whole table on eating, there's still a large part of it unused" he said "I think you should bend over it...". So I did, and he took out his belt from his trousers. "Perhaps this will make you learn, you filthy dog," he said, and under a second later his belt made a high smacking sound on my ass. The pain from his hand was nothing compared to this, and my tears were flooding at once. He hit me again, and again. Every time the pain was extreme. Ten strokes he gave me. And at the last stroke I almost came. "Have you learned? If not nothing will make you learn," he said. I fell down on my knees, and I embraced him. "Yes I have learned. I'm sorry for what I did" I wept, and pressed myself even harder towards him. My eyes where pressed towards the beginning of his zipper, and my nose were at the middle of it. I could smell his coock; he hadn't washed it for a long time. Then he took a grip in my hair, and pulled my head somewhat backwards, and made my face look upward. With his other hand he opened first the button, and then he unzipped his zipper. I remembered what I had seen yesterday, his dirty underwear. It was yellow in the front, really yellow. He pushed my head towards it. "Smell you dirty dog, smell!" he yelled. I did as he said, and dragged in all the smell. It smelled like it does in some public toilets, mixed with something sour. He pulled my head backwards again, and the other hand dragged down his pants. That was when I saw that they were brown behind. He took a hold of his coock, who still showed no sign of getting stiff. He pulled back his foreskin, and revealed a thick white stripe at the beginning of the head, and the sour smell became overwhelming. "Lick it clean you fucking dog, you'll like it, I promise, just taste and see" the old man said. I stuck out my tongue, and licked up the white stuff around his coocks' head. The taste almost made me throw up, but it also almost made me come. Then I took his whole coock in my mouth and sucked. I sucked and sucked and sucked. I was wondering whethever he would go stiff or not. After about fifteen minutes he still weren't stiff, just about what I would call half stiff, but regardless of that he came in my mouth. I had never tasted anything so well tasting before. My coock were now begging to squirt. Rick took hold of my ear, and pulled me to my feet. He kissed me, and his hand got a hold of my coock. He got down, kissed it, and put it in his mouth. I came immediately. Rick got up to his feet again, and kissed me. He still had my cum in his mouth, and he gave it back. I swallowed it. He took a step backwards, and smiling he pulled up his trousers, and said: "You better start cleaning, or I'll have to spank you real hard the next time"...

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