Bujinkan Dojo Ranking

KYU RANKS: (Below Black Belt)

Below I have out lined the "Kyu" ranks from beginning (9th kyu) till the black belt (1st kyu).

9th Kyu – White Belt
8th Kyu –
Green Belt / One (1) white star
7th Kyu –
Green Belt / Two (2) white stars
6th Kyu –
Green Belt / Three (3) white stars
5th Kyu –
Green Belt / Four (4) white stars
4th Kyu –
Brown Belt / One (1) Yellow Star
3rd Kyu –
Brown Belt / Two (2) Yellow Stars
2nd Kyu –
Brown Belt / Three (3) Yellow Stars
1st Kyu –
Brown Belt / Four (4) Yellow Stars
1st Dan -
Black Belt / New Black Belt Badge

DAN Ranks: (Black Belt Ranks)

Once a practitioner has achieved all nine (9) Kyu levels of their ninjutsu training, they are in able to undertake their "Dan" rank training. The black belt and the type of embroidery recognize Dan rank on their belts. Another representation of "Dan" rank is the different type of badge. This badge is of a white "Nin" symbol that has been screen-printed, not sown onto the practitioner’s jacket.

The "Dan" rank in most of the Bujinkan Schools has nine (9) levels with a series of red & gold stars, with a series of either white, red, & gold embodied black belt for a certain instructor status. However, it has been known that ten (10) levels of "Dan" rank exist within the Bujinkan Dojo.

When looking at the Bujinkan dojo, one must remember that the Bujinkan Dojo is made up of nine (9) different Ninjutsu related styles. Between 9th kyu and 1st kyu, you get to learn a select group of techniques out of each nine- (9) schools. Once you have reached 1st Dan, you start to study the full range of techniques of one (1) of those schools. Each "Dan" represents one (1) school; so nine (9) schools represent nine (9) levels of black belt or "Dan".

To find out the Schools of the Bujinkan Dojo and ranks of training, as stated by the Grandmaster, just click below: