Nakago Short Story
Part 1 and 2

Nakago! Shikkari Shinasai!

Nakago Get A Hold Of Yourself!

Part One

Miaka: Why? Why don't you kill me?

Nakago: You should know the reason better than anyone else...

Miaka: Nakago! There isn't supposed to be a kiss there! You stupid idiot!!

Nakago: Oh god, that nightmare again!!
WHAT!!! It's that time already!?!

Narrator: His name is Nakago. An actor who has just debuted recently. With much luck he was able to get a part as Nakago on the very popular Fushigi Yuugi series.

Nakago: I'm very sorry I was late...

Tamahome: Nakago you jerk, for being a nobody how many times do you need to come in late to be satisfied!

Narrator: He is Tamahome. Since starting out small, he has done CM's and movies and is a very popular actor...

Nakago: I'm so sorry

Miaka: Really, are you sure you have what it takes to be an actor?

Narrator: Miaka, a super Idol, 15 years old, but it is said she makes herself out to be 10 years older than she is.

Nakago: I'm so sorry...

Tamahome: Great, now I don't feel like shooting. Let's go eat!

Miaka: Yeah you're right!

Voice: Miaka-san, could we request an interview?

Miaka: Okay ^_^

Voice: Oh hell, let's do lunch then... umm, right, Director Ishi?

Voice: Ok then, lunch time!

Nakago: I'm starting to think I wasn't made out to be an actor. Maybe I should go back to the country and do farming.

Yui: Nakago-san..

Nakago: Yui-san!

Yui: Do you like Natto?

Nakago: Yes, it's one of my favorite food.

Yui: It came with the fried fish, some left overs but here you can have it.

Nakago: Thank you very much!

Yui: See you later!

Nakago: Yui-san is so like a normal person. She's so great!

Yui: oh yeah, it seems Tamahome-san and Miaka-san are in a bad mood so be careful ok?

Nakago: What should i do??? ):

Part 2

Voice: Next, Last Cut!

Director: Nakago! Tamahome-san, it's about the next scene after you've hit him, let's try a kiss.

Nakago: WHAT????

Tamahome: A kiss? oh hell, just do it. Don't kid around!

Nakago: (famous Naka/Tama kissing scene) Oh yes, to think about it, the Suzaku-no-miko's lips were pretty soft. I'll tell you what kind of lips they were...

Tamahome: You bastard, what did you eat for lunch?

Nakago: Gyoza, Miso-ramen and Natto. ):

(sign, Fushigi Yuugi dressing room)

Nakago: Everyone, those who are in Fushigi Yuugi are popular. All but me... ):

Soi: A dirty image tends to do that to actors.

Voice: Nakago-san, a delivery!

Nakago: Huh? Oh! those are Dirt Colored Roses (pink note says Nakago-sama)

Nakago: Yes, i have this person, the one who always sends me dirtcolored roses (pink note says good luck/work hard) I'll keep working hard until a full year comes. ^_^;

Soi: Those roses always come but... kind of bad taste don't you think?

Nakago: AH! you crushed my Takoyaki!

Soi: Then eat your roses then.

Manga Paper (center translations)
"I didn't really care if I became a god or not"
"I just wanted revenge..."

(red bandana, says Ashi Number 1, meaning Assistant number 1)

Ashi: Um Sensei, where are you going?

Sensei (Watase Yuu): I need to send some flowers... they make "him" happy... *

To be continued..?

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