A Club of Short-wave Radio Listeners' & DXing zealots in India!

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Welcome to Young Stars Radio Club Online!

Short-wave Radio Stations

Young Stars Radio Club is a non-profit, non - commercial, & non-political group of hobbyists of short wave radio listening located in Hyderabad, India, started in the year 1984 with the motto to create awareness about the wonderful hobby of DXing and to strengthen the fraternity of friendship under the roof of radio listening & DXing. 


DXers' Worldwide

The EDXC started a biographical online -encyclopedia of DXer, a Who is Who of the DX-scene worldwide. To take part is absolutely free of charge.  Only who takes part can use the services later. 

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Browse through the websites of different braodcasters and also write them requesting for station materials

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QSL Desk

QSL means "contact confirmed" or "reception confirmed" Collection of QSL Cards is a Hobby. Find out what's it is:

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Are you interested in Competitions? Try some of the interesting competitions being conducted by various International Short-wave Radio Broadcasters  and win prizes like Digital Receiver, Digital Camera, Calculators, T-shirts, Goodie Bags, MP3 Players, Internet radio, etc. 

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YSRC publishes it's DX Newsletter 'dxlink' twice in a year. I covers articles about Short-wave Radio Listening, Radio Stations website addresses, e-mail ids, Latest Short-wave Broadcast Frequencies, etc.

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 40 Hastinapuri Colony, Raghavendra Residency-FF4, Sainikpuri, HYDERABAD 500 094, Andhra Pradesh, India

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