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Series Overview

Welcome to the Series Overview Page. Here you will find a short explanation about each series. Enjoy!

A Shadow Game

The first series of Yugioh ever created was called 'A Shadow Game'. This series was only released in japan, so the rest of us don't no too much about it... From what I've heard, Evil Bakura traps all of the gang in the Shadow Realm and they must find their way through a mystical board game to return home...

Duelist Kingdom

This was the second series of Yugioh ever created, but the first to be acutally released around the world in many different languages... In this series, Yugi battles with learning about the Millennium Puzzle and the Shadow Games. It is based on a small island titled 'Duelist Kingdom'. Home to the notorius Pegasus J. Crawford... Yugi is invited to this island to participate in a tournament, to save his Grandpa's soul from Pegasus, who trapped it in a card by using his Millennium Eye.

Battle City

Battle City was a turning point in Yugioh, the rules changed & the style of dueling changed. Battle City was Kaiba's idea of the 'Perfect' Tournament. In this series we see a new enemy named 'Marik' bought in, he is the leader of a rogue gang called the 'Rare Hunters'. They collect Rare Cards and Ancient Artifacts such as the Millennium Items... Most of the Battle City Tournament was based around Yugi's battle with Marik, and the discovery of much more about his past life...

Battle Ship

Once the eight finalists of Battle City had reached where they thought the finals were, they were whisked into a Zephyr by Kaiba and Mokuba. It turned out that the finals were to be held in the sky! However, only 4 official duels were held here, before Kaiba revealed the the Semi-Finals were to be held on Kaiba Corp Island.

Virtual 5 Arc

On it's way to Kaiba Corp Island, the Zephyr was pulled off course by a magnetic field controlled by Kaiba & Mokuba's step brother Noah. Then they were transported into a Virtual World to combat Kaiba's dis-trustful workers the Big 5. In the end it turned out to be Kaiba's evil Step-Dad behind the whole operation.

Alcatraz Duel Tower

After they escape Noah's Virtual Land, they continue to Kaiba Corp Island, where the Semi-Finals & Finals were held on top of the Duel Tower. This part is crucial to the series, where Yugi & Kaiba find out much more about their past life... And you get to know even more about Marik.

Orichalcos Doom

In this series the theory is introduced that Duel Monsters actually originated in Atlantis 1000 yrs ago. But it was not known to man, being that a giant evil Serpent creature rampaged and destroyed everything... That's what connects it to the present, because a certain group of bikers and their crazy leader want to resurrect the mighty Serpent, to turn the world into what they call a 'Better Place'.

KC Grand Prix

I'm not really familiar with this series, but from what I hear, Kaiba invites champions from all around the world to participate in a tournament...

Pharaoh's Memory

This series was probably the most crucial of all series, where they all travel to Egypt and recover the Pharaoh's lost memory, which leads them into all kinds of encounters... Bakura's Evil Side plays a big part in this series aswell...

Ceremonial Battle

This may be the shortest series ever created, but it was worth it, the final series of Yugioh ever to be created, and the ending of a legacy. Here Yami and Yugi must duel each other, the winner lives, the loser is locked away forever....

The End