Transcending Soul Attachment

Lord and Lady Rize through Karen Danrich, Mila Sinoski, and Tom Weber, Rama

DECEMBER 1, 1998

We, Lord and Lady Rize, who govern 144,000 temples outside of your God and Goddesshead, address the next phase of ascension that involves Initiations 2500–3500, embodying a total of 3,500 strands of DNA. Please understand that the numbering process for the initiations is irrelevant. We requested that our channel design a numbering system that allowed for some synchronization between the genetic changes and the energetic changes within the form. We are pleased to see that the system that she has utilized has accomplished this goal.

     We would like to explain a little about DNA. Within the original blueprint for every human form upon Earth (inherent within the original two strands of DNA) is the possibility of 15,000 strands of DNA that exist in a ghostlike form. The possibility of 15,000 strands exists because, at one time, prior to the many falls in vibration, 15,000 strands were utilized in the formation of the human form. As your planet lowered in vibration, the sum total of the original blueprint for the DNA could no longer be embodied in physicality due to the drop in density. Gradually over the past 50,000 years, the human form dropped from 15,000 to two strands of DNA.

     Each of the original two strands of DNA will relate to the 15,000 in a parallel and harmonious way. Next to, and in parallel to, each of the original two strands are 7,500 layers of potential DNA material that appears like parallel layers of an onion. In the ascension process, as each new layer of DNA is embodied, a particular part of the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies are affected which brings about a peeling away of fear-based thoughtform, an alteration of the energy flow within the auric field or lightbody, and an increase in physical vibration.

     Vibration can be measured by how fast a molecule rotates. In the solar-system-type molecular structure that is prevalent throughout form upon Earth, the vibration that this type of system can hold reaches its peak as 2,500 strands of DNA are embodied in the ascension process. To go any higher in vibration, the molecular structure must change, and as we wrote about in the last article Beyond Liberation, the molecular structure shifts from a solar-system-type rotation to a triple-circle pattern which is similar to three ball bearings continuously rotating around one another. The triple-circle pattern has a less limited vibrational potential than the solar-system-style molecular structure. Within the triple-circle pattern, the faster the three balls of energy rotate around one another, the higher the vibration. In embodying 2,500–3,500 strands of DNA, the speed at which the triple-circle pattern rotates within every molecule within the form increases as each segment of DNA is embodied, thus elevating the form in vibration a little at a time.

     Additionally, biochemical changes begin to occur within the next segment of ascension work. From a biochemical standpoint, the current human form is made up of certain amino acids or proteins that are strung together, lipid compounds or fat, and mineral compounds or bone. Our channel is not a biochemist, and so we have less information to draw upon to explain this from a medical standpoint. However, there will be other channels who one day will present this information in great detail.

     For the form to hold a higher vibration, the very structure of the proteins, fats, and bone must be altered to be “lighter” or less dense in form. During this next phase of ascension, the proteins, fats, and minerals within the form begin to be gradually restructured to be less dense. Certain amino acids that are no longer required by the form are removed altogether and are detoxified from the body gradually over time. Certain other amino acid chains are shortened in size. A physical plane analogy to this might be the concept of “red meat” or beef that is converted to be more like “white” meat or fish. In a similar fashion, the denser fat or polypeptide strands are shortened to create a “lighter” form of fat. Again, we could liken this to lard that is gradually restructured to be more like the fat that comes from vegetables. Additionally, the bones within the form are also gradually restructured with smaller and less dense groupings of minerals.

     We realize that brittle bones are often experienced in the aging process within the human form. This is the result of the decay prevalent in aging within the bone structure. Many of you are familiar with the decay within your teeth which creates cavities or holes that must be filled by your dental professionals. The decay within the bones of your form also creates holes throughout the skeletal structure. All decay is repaired by Initiation 3024. Once the decay is repaired, the restructuring of the mineral content of the bones begins.

     Our channels are monitoring a small group of teachers and healers who are undergoing the next wave of ascension. From these individuals, certain problems within the ascension process can be studied and corrected before all of humanity undergoes this process. One of the problems that they discovered is that some individuals (although they have become crystalline in form and completed Initiation 1024) have difficulty holding their new vibration. These individuals often experience extreme swings of mood and energy, from very high and energetic to so low that they need to sleep long hours or take a nap during the day. Our channel and her affiliates discovered that there were energetic “ley lines” missing within the gridwork of their form.

     All form can be likened to a tightly compressed gridwork of energy, much like holographic crisscrossed threads within a piece of fabric. The average gridwork for an adult human being with two strands of DNA has many defects, holes, and tears within the condensed fabric of energy that holds their form together. The location of the holes, defects, and tears are generally the areas of the body that are most decayed which may have lead to illness within a given organ or region of the body. These are generally repaired as the decay within the form is transmuted during Initiations 1024–3024.

     In addition to the tears or holes, some individuals have many of the actual threads or ley lines of energy that run throughout their form missing altogether. In some cases, our channel has seen as much as fifty per cent of the threads or ley lines missing throughout the form. These are the same individuals who seem to have the most difficulty holding their vibration.

     The crystalline blueprint is a new gridwork pattern that overlays the entire etheric body of the human form. The crystalline blueprint is added at the beginning of Initiation 13 and modified during certain sections of initiations as needed. Most of this type of work is done at night while initiates are asleep and is now overseen by the Order of Rize. As the human form elevates in vibration, the next sequence of gridwork is downloaded into the form replacing the old gridwork, and the cells within that particular section of the body are then converted to crystalline. When the very threading of energy is missing along ley lines within the body, there is no energy supply to transmit the information to the group of cells that exist upon that particular ley line within the form. Because the information is not transmitted, certain cells that sit along the missing ley lines cannot be converted to crystalline. The result is large pockets of cells that continue to vibrate at a lower vibration throughout the form. The uneven distribution of vibration makes it difficult for these initiates to hold their vibration over the course of a given day.

     To correct this problem, the Order of Rize has brought forth a large number of healing guides who will assist in carving missing ley lines throughout the human form. Mind you, this is not just a human problem. The missing ley lines appear to occur throughout the plant, animal, mineral, dolphin and whale kingdoms, and are a problem for the Earth Mother herself as well. We are in the process of correcting this problem within all forms upon Earth. For those of you who are undergoing this process and are having difficulties with energy, you may wish to visit the main healing temple for the Order of Rize (which exists in the center of Earth) and have your ley lines assessed either during dreamtime or during meditation.

     In addition to addressing how the new DNA is patterned like the layers of an onion, we would like to also speak a little about dimensions and distortion. Dimensions themselves also resemble layers of an onion. If you liken your particular creation to be similar to an onion, the lowest vibration would exist on the outermost layer of the onion and have the lowest vibration. The higher the dimension, the closer to the center of the onion that particular layer would exist upon and the higher the vibration. The higher the vibration, the closer one is to the center, and the center can be likened to being “at one with God.”

     Distortion can be likened to the bending of a straight line or arrow. At an upper dimension within the center of the onion, the line flows straight like an arrow. As that same line descends through the layers of the onion, each layer causes the arrow to bend slightly or curve. The lower the dimension, the greater the curve. As the line reaches the last layer within the onion and the lowest dimension, it has now curved to such a degree that it no longer appears as a straight line at all but rather as a spiral.

     If we draw an analogy between the line and a thoughtform, at higher dimensions, the thoughts of God/Goddess are clear and precise and flow in a direct fashion like a straight line. As the transmission of His/Her thoughts travel down the dimensions, they become curved (like a spiral) and then are subject to a distorted interpretation. Within third-dimensional thoughtform, human civilization is the result of the largest level of distortion of the thoughts of God/Goddess/All That Is. Not only human civilization experiences the distortion of God/Goddess but also the very Lords and Ladies who hold the form and govern the Hierarchies of your reality.

     Distortion is related to attachment. Attachment can be seen energetically as a line of energy connecting an individual to another individual or object within their life. Not only form or bodies experience attachment but so do the very souls that inhabit all form. Soul attachment appears no different from human attachment and can be seen as an energetic line that connects one soul to another or one soul to another group of souls.

     Attachment (or the cording between souls) does not exist within the upper dimensions of God/Goddess. There is no attachment between souls which exist within the 25th dimension of your creation. The experience of attachment begins for those souls who reside on the 20th dimension or lower. The lower the dimension, the greater the attachment or cords between souls.

     It is the cords between souls that interferes with the communication of God/Goddess as it travels down the dimensions. As the communication travels, the cords between souls cause the communication to bend or distort, for the communication cannot travel through the cord itself; it must go around the cords or between the cords. As the communication of God/Goddess bends to move around the cords of attachment of souls living on dimensions 3–20, the communication itself is altered or bent and, in some cases, is blocked altogether from flowing to any of the dimensions beneath.

     The level of attachment upon the third dimension can be seen as a spider web that is thick with cords. There is very little space between the webbing for any information to flow. For this reason, third-dimensional thoughtform is so dense, and it is so difficult for spirit to communicate with humanity. Upon Earth, the attachment runs between bodies upon the physical plane, between souls within the etheric planes, and between the Lords and Ladies who hold the vibrations of Rays 1 through 7.

     The cords between souls on the third dimension are the result of karma. Karma is simply agreements between two souls. All agreements between any two souls results in soul cording. The ascension process gradually releases all karma, all agreements and all cords within the physical form and within the soul. The corrected genetic blueprint for the crystalline form allows for the release of all such cords and causes any soul within an ascending embodiment to release all cords in all dimensions within their soul lineage. The corrected blueprint and the release of all soul cords is the result of the “forgiveness” of all karma being handed down by the Godhead of your Creation, Lord Rama.

     Outside of time and space, everything exists at once. If you tune into the third dimension as a clairvoyant, you can communicate with the lords so many of you are familiar with: Kuthumi, Hilarion, Serapis Bey, Sanat Kumara, Djwal Kuhl, and so on. These lords are filled with the same attachment as humanity. The level of communication that they receive from the dimensions above them is terribly distorted due to the attachment prevalent upon dimensions 3–5. If you tune into the fourth dimension, you will find the fourth-dimensional Lords and Ladies, and if you tune into the fifth dimension, you will find our new Fifth-Dimensional Hierarchy. The Fifth-Dimensional Hierarchy has lifted above the distortion of dimensions 3–5 and therefore can provide a more clear communication than their predecessors. This is not to say that the fifth dimension is free of all distortion. Certainly, it is not. However, if an initiate is ascending, it is imperative to reach for the clearest communication and direction that the initiate is capable of receiving from those who guide them or those beings who provide healing work upon their form.

     We, of the Order of Rize, have anchored 800 healing temples upon Earth and work directly with the fifth-dimensional hierarchy. The healing guides who come from the Order of Rize are replaced every 48 hours by new guides. Why? It only takes 48 hours for our guides to begin to become distorted by the vibrations that exist upon Earth. For this reason, they are frequently replaced. It is our goal to provide the clearest communication possible. We are bridging the communication and healing offered between the God and Goddesshead of your creation and the God and Goddesshead of your Ovum on Dimension 4000, as well as your beloved Earth.

     We are available for all of you to channel and work with during dreamtime or meditation. All you need to do is focus upon the name Rize, and we will be energetically drawn into your presence. You may wonder why we are upon Earth. We are here because of the prayers and calls for help that were heard by our temples and by the God and Goddesshead of your Ovum. The prayers were anchored by those who have studied with our channels and created a group vibration high enough to reach beyond the distortion of your Godhead to send a clear call for help that was heard echoed throughout your Ovum.

     When a group of humans come together with common intent, a vibration can be created that is higher than any one of them can individually hold. This heightened vibration can be used to carry the group through a segment of initiations in the ascension process, provide healing work on the body, to heal the planet at large, or to communicate with dimensions that could not possibly be reached individually. Our channels understood this and instinctively knew that their call for help would only be heard if they could raise the vibration high enough to break through the barrier of distortion that surrounds your creation. This was accomplished in July of 1998, and the Order of Rize has responded to the cry for help, the cry for an end of pain upon Earth, the cry for a new tomorrow based upon love and enough for all.

     Consciousness and form are separate but related. Although an initiate’s form may reside within the third dimension, in the ascension process, their consciousness can begin to access other dimensions of thoughtform. The higher the dimension of thoughtform an initiate can access, the clearer the communication and the less distorted the thoughtform they will receive from God/Goddess. The higher the vibration that a form can hold, the higher the dimension that the consciousness can access. Our channels have traveled and reached dimensions as high as two million. Each initiate will make contact with those dimensions that their I AM Presence resides on, necessary to fulfill their soul purpose upon Earth. For those of you who are conscious lightbody travelers, as you reach Initiation 1024, you can travel directly to the Order of Rize and communicate directly with us from our own temples.

     As an initiate embodies 3,500 strands of DNA and completes Initiation 3500, they begin to access a 25th-dimensional awareness. The 25th dimension exists beyond attachment and therefore is less subject to distortion than any of the dimensions beneath it. This is not to say that the 25th dimension is free of all distortion, just free of all distortion related to attachment. A 25th-dimensional awareness also frees the initiate from all emotional soul attachment related to their soul lineage through the 25th dimension. Some soul-related attachment will be related to emotional attachment an initiate may hold upon the physical plane. Both the soul attachment and physical plane attachment are released simultaneously.

     An example of releasing this kind of attachment can be seen in our channel Mila. She has no soul agreement to parent her five-year-old son, and all karma between her son was released many months ago. She continued to see her son until the remainder of the attachment was released surrounding the thoughtform of parenting. It is not her soul’s wish for her to utilize this particular lifetime to parent as her soul has other goals that are far too time consuming upon the physical plane. As a result, following the transit of this segment of initiations, Mila relinquished all obligations of parenting her son to her former husband and is free to fulfill her soul’s purpose.

     In human form, it is attachment that gets in the way of fulfillment of soul purpose and fulfillment of the Divine Plan. In human thoughtform, breaking an agreement to parent is considered a tragedy. Yet from the perspective of the soul, if there are no agreements between the soul of the parent and the soul of the child to continue the relationship, continued obligation of this nature actually interferes with the direction the soul wishes the embodiment to move and the goals the soul has for the embodiment to fulfill upon. Attachment interferes with the fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

     Others within our channel’s core group are running up against marital and partnership agreements which are in conflict with the soul’s wishes. We anticipate that it will be difficult for any initiate to complete this next segment of the ascension process without releasing all relationships which are based upon attachment rather than soul agreements.

     For our two channels, releasing all relationships based upon attachment has meant releasing their children to their respective ex-spouses and discontinuing communication with parents, siblings and many others who are not in alignment with their purpose. Part of the reason for this shift has to do with the vibration that their embodiments now hold. All interactions upon the Earth plane are based upon a similar resonance. In our channel’s case, their parents, siblings, children and ex-spouses no longer resonate with their vibration and therefore were cast from their circle. Likewise, those who are drawn to our channel’s resonance are generally on a parallel ascension path and co-create the experience of intimacy, harmony and joy when they convene.

     Some may think that this is a hard line to draw. However, our channel’s had experienced extreme physical discomfort which often lead to feeling physically ill if they were in the presence of anyone who has a very low vibration for any length of time. This is simply the result of the non-resonance of the lower vibration which causes disharmony and vibrational fluctuations within their etheric body and aura. The vibrational fluctuations cause physical pain, emotional pain, and sometimes the sensation of becoming physically ill due to the disharmony. When the physical pain becomes too great to bare, the only natural solution appeared to be to discontinue the relationship.

     The Earth plane is a difficult plane of reality to traverse. Those who are dedicated to their spiritual path may discover that they will be tested in ways that are uncomfortable and push the limits of what they thought they had to “give up” or release in order to ascend. All such testing that is inherent within the ascension process demonstrates an initiate’s willingness to place their soul, God/Goddess, and the Divine Plan above all else. Those who stick with this process and follow their soul’s desire above all else will experience the reward of a greater degree of joy, love and freedom than they may have ever thought possible within human form.

INITIATIONS 2500–3500:

The Vedic Plane is an unconscious plane of reality that is Universal in nature. The unconscious Vedic plane came to be as a result of Universal-level destruction or Universal-level falls over time. A Universe, in our terminology, is a region that is contained by a Logos or Lord containing many solar systems. In the case of Earth, Earth is related to a Universe containing a total of nine stars and includes the Pleiadian star system and our Sun. Your Universe has been held by Lord Melchizedek for one-million years and has just recently passed into the hands of a new Logos known as Lord Suntuno.

     We recognize that there are many upon Earth who are still working with Lord Melchizedek. It will require Earth’s ascension into the next dimension to completely remove all of the consciousness and energy of Lord Melchizedek from the Earth plane. The reason for this is simple. The level of density and attachment upon Earth makes it impossible for Melchizedek to retract all of his energy from the molecular structure of Earth until humanity and Earth move up in vibration. The consciousness of Lord Melchizedek, however, has left his Universal position, and Lord Suntuno now holds the role of governance of the nine stars within his Universe, including our Sun. Upon Earth’s ascension, she will move under the jurisdiction of a new Universal Logos, Lord and Lady Adoni and become the third star within the Sirius star system.

     The triple-circle pattern that humanity and Earth will embody if she ascends is not only to be contained within the molecular level and energy signature of your form. The actual structure of all solar systems will also shift to reflect this new pattern in due course. Upon Earth’s ascension, the three stars within the Sirius star system will rotate around one another just like the three balls within the molecular structure of our new genetic pattern. It is the triple-circle pattern which brings an end to solar distortion within fifth-dimensional form. All distortion is the result of the loss of connection to God/Goddess/All That Is. Inherent within the triple-circle pattern is the energy of the masculine, the energy of the feminine, and the energy of Divine Union or God/Goddess/All That Is.

     The Sirius star system is destined to be the signature system from which all energy flow within all form within this creation can be corrected and moved out of distortion. Sirius A will be the directing star that will govern Sirius B and C per the Divine Plan of Lord and Lady Adoni and, thus, will be responsible for maintaining the solar-level Divine Union pattern. Sirius B will provide the feminine aspect, and Earth or Sirius C will provide the masculine aspect. All three stars will work together to create balance and union within a solar system. The blueprint for these changes is being overseen by the Order of Rize. Following Earth’s ascension, similar corrections will be handed down to the Pleiadian star system and Lord Suntuno to be embraced upon ascension to the fifth dimension some 4,000 years from now.

     This outcome, however, is dependent upon Earth making her ascension which will not be an assured course until all consciousness upon Earth comes into alignment with this goal. This requires each human being to agree to ascend on a soul level, and at this juncture of history, only one per cent of the human population has agreed to ascend. The one per cent is not enough to fuel Earth’s ascension regardless of what other sources of information have brought through to your plane of reality. Earth currently is on a crash course for destruction, and it is the wish of the Order of Rize to turn this outcome around through human conscious understanding. We are also in the process of bringing this to the conscious understanding of all other species within your creation as well so that they, too, have an opportunity to assist in altering Earth’s future.

     Upon the Vedic plane, initiates will find all curses that are recorded within the Universal unconscious. We wrote extensively of the nature of curses in our last article Beyond Liberation and suggest that our readership read this material if they have not done so already. As an initiate embodies the state of “complete liberation” or Initiation 1024, all karma held within the unconscious as it is related to the Earth plane is transmuted, and the Earthbound unconscious plane is reunited with the conscious plane within their form. As an initiate embodies Initiation 2500, all karma recorded within the solar unconscious is transmuted, and the solar unconscious plane is reunited with the conscious plane within their form. As an initiate embodies 3500, all karma recorded within the universal unconscious is addressed and transmuted, and the universal unconscious is reunited with the consciousness within their form.

     To address the karma recorded in the universal unconscious, we must explain the purpose of Godheads and Goddessheads within your ovum. The 144 Godheads/Goddessheads that we, The Order of Rize, oversee serves as Creator God/Goddess training. In the lower levels of Creator God/Goddess training, Gods and Goddesses learn about creation and destruction from the perspective of embodying a planet, star, universe, galaxy, cosmos, creation, or an entire God/Goddesshead with many creations occurring simultaneously. Within your particular Godhead, there are fourteen Creator Gods who have united to create a parallel experience. The Lord of the creation that Earth exists within is held by Lord Rama and is one of the creations with which he is simultaneously experimenting.

     Each of the ten creations that Lord Rama is experimenting with can be likened to a movie with a complete script. The role of Lord Rama is much like that of the director who casts other Lords (who wish to co-create his drama) into the various positions that need to be filled. Lord and Lady Athena are the current Lords now cast into the position of Creator Lord of your creation. Lord and Lady Athena are in the process of making many changes, one of which is replacing Lord Melchizedek with Lord Suntuno. The reason for this is that Lord Suntuno is familiar with the flow of energy within this type of creation outside of the experience of distortion and is therefore useful in helping to correct the problems and anomalies within the consciousness of your creation.

     Creations come and creations go. Sometimes, they go into complete annihilation. This is how Creator Gods learn about destruction and learn what “not to do” next time. All Creator Gods are given an arena in which the least amount of actual destruction or harm can actually be done to the rest of creation. Outside of form, nothing is ever lost. Souls can be “recast” and repaired as a Lord/Lady is complete with his or her lesson, and they can go on to the next experience all the wiser.

     Lord Melchizedek was cast in the role of Universal Lord by two Lords who have been recently replaced by Lord and Lady Athena. Lord Melchizedek was a very inexperienced Lord. However, as far as creations go, not many Lords were willing to hold a creation that had dropped into such a low vibration, and so finding any Lord for this job was a difficult find, indeed. Melchizedek, in his inexperience, did not fully understand the purpose of polarity. Polarity works only when the two poles are balanced. Within a creation such as a civilization, a proportionate mix of light and dark or creative and destructive souls is required to keep the balance within the civilization at large. In his misunderstanding of polarity, Melchizedek separated the dark and the light, placing all of the dark souls within your solar system and all of the creative souls within the eight other Pleiadian solar systems.

     Recorded within the Universal unconscious, initiates will discover that Earth and our solar system have been used as a prison camp for “dark” or destructive souls. The Pleiadian governing bodies have been shipping “dark souls” to Earth for the past 300,000 years. Per the universal records of your creation, the decision was made to use our solar system in this role because of its remote location to any other star system and remote proximity to the rest of the Pleiades. Sanat Kumara and your Planetary and Solar Hierarchy were given the job of making sure that no one escaped (which translates into non-evolution) and, in exchange, were given the free run of their creation without interference.

     One of the problems with the imbalance of polarity as it has been set up by Melchizedek within your Universe is the lack of evolution. Without evolution, Earth cannot ascend. Without ascension, Earth will spontaneously combust and become a black hole. Without Earth’s ascension, the Sun within your solar system cannot ascend, nor can a twelfth-dimensional Sun that your Sun revolves around, nor can a portion of the Mahatma. Additionally, if Earth combusts, the Pleiadian solar system will traverse this same section of your universe in due course. The black hole that Earth becomes will leach all the life force from the two third-dimensional planets within the Pleiadian star system, and they will be unable to ascend when their time comes. As they, too, do not ascend yet another black hole will be created, although this time with enough force to pull the rest of your creation into it. You can see why so many beings from other dimensions are concerned about Earth’s ascension and are present to assist in correcting your distortion. You can also see why intervention from outside of the distortion is required if Earth is to make her ascension.

     The other problem with evolution upon a planet that is mostly made up of destructive souls is that it is virtually impossible to ascend such a planet. The destructive souls drain so much of the life force of the planet at large that pushing up in vibration is impossible unless all of the destructive souls are removed and recast. Recognizing this problem, the Great White Brotherhood is working on passing legislation that will allow all the destructive souls to be removed from Earth so that she can ascend. If this legislation passes, high-level walk-ins will step into vacated human forms with the goal of ascending the human form and assisting in bringing forth Earth’s global ascension.

     The mistake that Melchizedek made surrounding the separation of light and dark is not a new one. Each Creator God must learn the repercussions of such experiments and do so through the experience of holding a creation. So, we, as the Order of Rize, have no judgment about Melchizedek, although we are well aware of the level of pain that exists upon the Earth plane as a result of this experiment. It is through the experience of pain that Creator Lords learn what to do and what not to do at this level of Creator God training.

     Universal level curses flow in six major patterns that initiates will see reflected within humanity at large as well as within their own life experience. These curses act like all other curses we have spoken of thus far and result in the loss of power and a loss of information. In creating your solar prison camp, the Pleiadians cursed your solar system in six ways. As initiates transcend this segment of initiations, they individually take back the power to ascend that has been collectively taken from humanity by the Pleiadian race.

     We would like to point out that many humans have become enamored with channeled information from the Pleiades. Although the information presented from such sources may be of value, it is imperative for initiates to find their guidance from within and from their own I AM Presence. Such guidance comes in many ways even to those who are not clairvoyant or telepathic. There is a body-level knowing that occurs beyond Initiation 1024. The body-level knowing is experienced as simply knowing what is correct for one’s self or what is the next step upon one’s journey. This body-level knowing can be accessed through the technique known as applied kinesiology or “muscle testing.” Our channel, Rama (before he opened to his telepathic abilities), learned to live his life by “muscle testing” all decisions. His commitment to only following the feedback received from muscle testing clearly moved him through his ascension process without any direct telepathic contact. More recently, his ability to channel, hear telepathically and clairvoyantly have also opened up. This will also be true for many initiates who transcend Initiation 5024, although it will depend upon the soul purpose the particular form is destined to fulfill.


To make sure that Earth and our solar system did not evolve (thus ensuring that no souls they placed here could leave), the Pleiadians cursed our vibration in order to limit our evolution. Such a curse makes it impossible for any initiate to move up in vibration beyond a certain octave until this particular curse is released. As our channels completed this segment of initiations, they pushed beyond the boundaries once set up for vibrational limitation by the Pleiadians.

     The curse on vibration can also occur between humans and often leads to the experience of depression. Oftentimes, parents who are annoyed with the enthusiasm of their offspring unconsciously curse their children’s vibration. In so doing, the child loses the joy they once knew and can even fall into a state of deep depression depending upon how limited their vibration may be. Each time the child attempts to move into the joy, the curse forces their vibration to fall, placing them back into a state of depression or pain. Many adults carry forward such a curse and suffer from ongoing bouts of depression, anguish and pain. Our channel, Rama, has suffered from depression most of his life. His ongoing bouts with depression were directly related to the genetic curse placed on humanity’s vibration by the Pleiadians and could not be fully released until the Vedic plane was embodied within his form.


To make sure humanity and our solar system did not evolve, the Pleiadians cursed our connection to our own I AM Presence. Without guidance from within or above, a species cannot evolve. As this segment of curses is released from the Universal unconscious, initiates will recover their direct connection to their own I AM Presence.

     The Curse on Connection to Source can and does occur within the human experience as well and results in the experience of narcissism within your civilization. Narcissism is a state of being in which individuals cannot relate or connect to anyone or anything outside of themselves or their own drama. An extreme form of narcissism is also known as autism. Narcissism is the result of the Pleiadian curse on Connection to Source that has become genetic within the human form.

     Our channels have found that most individuals tend to be polarized in one of two ways: Either they are narcissistic to one degree or another or they lose themselves in the narcissistic dramas of others. Some might call this the polarization between inner- and outer-directed. The inner-directed individual being narcissistic to one degree to another and the outer-directed individual to be non-narcissistic.

     The inner-directed individual suffers from the inability to understand or connect to the reality of another. They only understand their own inner drama, and the only way they can connect to another is to draw them into their drama. As long as their drama is being discussed, they can understand the conversation. The minute another individual wishes to speak about their life drama, the narcissistic individual’s eyes glaze over, and they cannot pay attention to the conversation or communication.

     The outer-directed individual suffers from the loss of self-identity in continuously being drawn into the dramas of others. The outer-directed individual generally finds themselves in partnership with an inner-directed individual and then finds that their life is directed by the needs of others.

     As initiates transcend this segment of initiations, the personality will find the middle road and their own identity in all they desire to co-create within their life experience. Overly narcissistic individuals will learn compassion for others and regain their ability to connect with others and their own I AM Presence. Overly outer-directed individuals will regain their sense of self-identity and certainty separate from the needs of others and also connect to their own I AM Presence.


To insure that Earth and our solar system could not evolve, the Pleiadians cursed our solar system, thus removing all information necessary for evolution from our planetary and solar archives. When information is non-existent for self-preservation or evolution, souls within a creation become dependent upon others and their governing bodies for survival. The Curse on Information has lead to the experience of codependence on others for survival within your solar system. As this segment of initiations is transcended, initiates will no longer depend upon Planetary or Solar Hierarchies for their own physical survival or ascension, and all archives of information necessary to fulfill this mission will become open and available to them.

     Codependence is a problem for the human civilization at large. All fear of survival and codependence stems from not having the information necessary to survive within one’s Akashic records or library of information. Lack of information creates a civilization in which some are gifted at one thing, and others at others, and humanity has learned to pool gifts and talents in order to survive together codependently. Poverty and homelessness are the result of those within your civilization who have no information on physical survival and have no one else to depend upon.

     In the fifth-dimensional paradigm, collaboration can only thrive as each human being contributes equally to the greatest good of the whole. In a collaborative paradigm, there will still be a variation of talents, gifts and skills between one human and another, but everyone will contribute equally to the smooth running of civilization. Within your current system, there are those who contribute little to humanity at large and live well. There are others who contribute much and live in poverty.

     Those who cannot contribute much have limited information. Limited information results in the experience of failing at what they attempt within their lives. Contribution can only occur when there is a working knowledge of what the individual wishes to contribute. As initiates transcend this level of initiation and release the curse on information, all archives of information become open to them, thereby allowing the necessary knowledge to contribute their unique gifts and talents to the Earth plane and humanity at large.


We will discuss these two individual curses together, because they are so closely related. The Pleiadians knew that passion and creativity could lead some within your solar system to evolve, and so they limited the expression of the vibrations of passion and creativity. When passion and creativity becomes limited, life becomes monotonous, repetitive and boring.

     On a Universal octave, the repetitiveness and monotony was also experienced by Melchizedek, the Lord of your creation. Repetitiveness and monotony was also experienced by the solar and planetary Hierarchies who have governed Earth for 300,000 years. In the boredom and monotony, Melchizedek and other hierarchy members mechanized much of the governance of your reality. Instead of consciously monitoring all actions of Earth and your solar system, Melchizedek and other governing bodies created machines (or non-conscious parts of themselves) to monitor Earth and your Sun. They created the mechanization because the monitoring itself was so boring and repetitive.

     We, the Order of Rize, are familiar with such mistakes made by Creator Gods in training. Machines that are not conscious cannot evolve. For this reason, the hierarchies that many of you are familiar with must be replaced in order to ascend Earth and their mechanization’s removed or reprogrammed for evolution. The mechanization set up by Melchizedek was designed to limit vibration and keep fear-based thoughtform alive and well within your solar system. Much of this machinery is in the process of being dismantled or reprogrammed by the Order of Rize.

     It is through the mechanization of your solar system that soul attachment became so dense within your third-dimensional reality. Earlier in this article, we spoke about soul attachment or the cords between souls and how they block the message of God from being received by either cutting off the energetic flow entirely or distorting the flow through the many spider web bands of energy. In order for machines to keep track of souls and keep track of karmic bonds between souls, the grouping of souls and soul attachment or cording is required. Our channels discovered that all soul cording upon dimensions 3–20 are the result of the mechanization that certain governing bodies throughout this creation have utilized out of their boredom.

     The mechanization or your Earth plane and solar system is not the only place the Lords of your creation have used such machinery. However, in no other sector of your creation has machinery been utilized to such a large degree as within your solar system. The soul cords created out of the level of mechanization utilized within your solar system have created an almost complete severance of the communication between God/Goddess, the souls incarnate upon Earth, and the Lords who govern Earth. As increasing numbers of lightworkers transcend this segment of initiations, the soul cording within your solar system will begin to dissipate, making it easier for those who follow to hear clear guidance from God/Goddess/All That Is. Additionally, transcending the thoughtform that created mechanization and soul attachment allows initiates to release all soul attachment in their soul lineage through the 25th dimension.

     Within humanity, many of you are familiar with the repetitive nature of your reality. We have written about the mechanization of your reality in past articles. The mechanization that our channels discovered within their own ascension process was related to fear-based thoughtform. Each fear-based thought that continued to plague them had a machine that had been created specifically for this purpose by the past governing bodies of your hierarchies. As the machine was removed, the fear-based throughtform left with it. Those of you who are on the ascension path can call upon the Order of Rize to assist in the release of any fear-based thoughtform you find yourself plagued with, either during meditation or dreamtime. Simply call upon us, and our healing guides will appear to help.

     The curse upon creativity and passion can also play itself out between individuals upon Earth. It is through the curse upon creativity and passion that one loses the information necessary to bring a vision into manifestation within their lives or the chi or energy necessary to sustain a creation that has already come to fruition. Many wonder why they have been successful at one time or another in their lives and then lost everything. Oftentimes, such extreme experiences can be the result of a curse causing one to lose the information or energy necessary to sustain a particular creation or manifestation. As all curses upon passion and creativity are lifted, all creative potential for an initiate’s reality is restored so that the dreams and visions they may have carried for an entire lifetime can begin to become a reality.

     The curse on passion has resulted in the vibration of anger upon Earth. Anger is red in vibration; passion is fuchsia pink. The red vibration of anger is a distortion of the bright pink that represents passion. As initiates transcend this segment of initiations, anger is completely transmuted within the energy field and the embodiment. In so doing, all desire to harm another for any reason is also released, and compassion and love become the only vibrations and emotions experienced. Humanity at large is plagued with anger and aggression which is a result of this curse. As all of your civilization transits this segment of initiations, anger and aggression will cease to be an experience upon the Earth plane.


The Pleiadians knew that those gifted at magic might break through the Pleiadian hold upon your solar system and evolve and escape. As a result, they cursed magic and removed such information from your solar and planetary archives. It is through magic and spell casting that joy and love are sustained throughout creation. Without magic, there is no joy and love. Without joy and love, your solar system was destined to experience pain.

     In the mechanization of his monitoring, Melchizedek and other members of your hierarchies failed to notice the level of pain experienced upon Earth, for they were not consciously present to experience it. There are many soul aspects of certain hierarchy members and Melchizedek himself currently incarnate upon the Earth plane to begin to understand the painful reality they created in their neglect.

     As initiates transcend this segment of initiations and re-own their ability to create magic and to weave their individual dream, the collective dream for humanity can begin to be rewoven to contain the vibrations of love and joy, collaboration, and enough for all. On a personal level, the life of each initiate willing to move forth in this segment of initiations becomes increasingly magical and synchronistic, with more and more of one’s individual dreams and desires made manifest within their experience of life.

     Magic and synchronistic experiences come part and parcel with the connection to one’s I AM Presence. Synchronization is the result of one’s I AM looking after one’s needs, anticipating them before they are actually needed, and setting in motion the necessary energy so that the need is met. One’s I AM Presence (which is the Lord God of one’s being) looks after one’s life and unfolding in this manner, as long as one is connected and willing to follow inner guidance. It is in the severance to one’s I AM Presence that life becomes fearful and difficult. As the connection is remade, the I AM Presence can take over and co-create all of an initiate’s needs and wants. Such co-creation requires a surrender on the part of the initiate to the higher knowing and understanding of their I AM Presence. In the experience of our channels, the deeper the surrender to one’s I AM, the greater the magic and synchronization of all of their life experiences.

     Many may wonder if magic such as instant manifestation and other gifts will become possible in the ascension process. Yes, they are possible and have been demonstrated by initiates upon Earth as recent as this last century. Such magic has been given to such initiates through agreements and alliances between that particular soul and the Pleiadians who (in their alliance) lifted the curse on magic during a particular incarnation. Such individuals were carefully watched by Pleiadian governing bodies to make sure they would not misuse such gifts for the purpose of harming others.

     The gift of magic has yet to be totally given to our channels. We, the order of Rize, are concerned about the exploitation of such gifts, not by our channels but by their followers. We believe the focus of those upon the spiritual path must be upon the ascension process, and, in our observation, it is too easy to become distracted or enamored with magic. Therefore, such gifts will only be given as the dream is rewoven for the Earth plane ensuring her ascension. The goal of the ascension process is to ascend and allow Earth to ascend and, in so doing, move out of fear. The goal of ascension is not the ability to magically create whatever fantasy or material object may be desired out of ego.


The physical changes that occur during Initiations 2500–3500 include the complete reversal of all remaining decay within the physical form. As all decay is released, all cellular aging is reversed. Additionally, two new glands are added just above the hip bone. These two glands serve to continuously filter the blood, removing any further decay that may occur vicariously in one’s day-to-day living. The glands further increase the size of one’s belly.

     The size of certain amino acid, lipid, and mineral chains begin to be shortened throughout the body. As a result, certain substances and toxins continue to be released, and baths are recommended to assist in this process. At several points during this segment of initiations, our channels observed the smell of ammonia coming from their fluids and sweat glands. The ammonia was at the end of an amino acid chain that was being broken down throughout their form.

     This segment of initiations requires the initiate to be conscious of their protein intake. Proteins from fish may need to be consumed daily to supply the new amino acids necessary to proceed with the restructuring process within the form. It may be difficult for many initiates to remain vegetarian during this segment of initiations as a result. We believe that all belief systems such as vegetarianism must be released and the body be given whatever it needs to ascend. We have found that most of those undergoing this segment of work have little difficulty doing whatever is needed to proceed with their initiations.

     Energetically, it is during this segment of initiations that the subconscious or middle layer of chakras are converted to the triple-circle pattern throughout the energy field. Additionally, the lightbody is converted from a Mer-Ka-Ba-style field to the triple-circle energy field. It is the triple-circle lightbody which allows initiates to travel (consciously or during dreamtime) outside of your ovum to dimensions beyond 4000.


Many of you may be outraged by the information provided in this article. We believe that outrage is a good thing, for it is only when one is outraged that one begins to change the very fabric of their reality. As one looks at the outrage of the African American people in the United States, their outrage at their treatment fueled a movement that has shifted the very fabric of life for all races within North America. Outrage precedes change. If humanity is to change the potential outcome of annihilation of Earth to her ascension, outrage is a necessary part of the experience. Allow the outrage to travel to your dreamtime where you, too, can demand that all that has been done to Earth and your solar system be corrected.

     We realize that some of the material contained within these articles may conflict with prior information brought forth through our channels. The first six articles generated were subject to the distortion contained within Lord Sananda, the Lord of your cosmos, and therefore the conflict in material is a reflection of this. Our channels have given themselves permission to evolve beyond any and all prior distortion in their thoughtform and hope that those who embrace this material will do the same.

     For those of you undergoing the ascension process, the Spiritual School of Ascension under the direction of our channels has gathered many gifted healers who are available for telephone consultations for guidance or in moments of crisis. Please see our Staff & Consultations page for more information. Our channels and many others within this organization also offer a variety of workshops designed to educate and fuel the momentum of the ascension process. Please see our Calendar of Events for further information.

     Above all else, we hope to fuel your movement towards your own personal ascension. As a few who have regained their power begin to speak out and make waves, the potential for change and a new future becomes possible. It requires all who are willing to dare, who are willing to proceed in their evolution no matter what, to change the outcome for Earth’s future. We will support you each and every step of the way.

     Until next time, blessings upon your journey. Namaste.

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