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07/26/2003 - Alright.. well I know it's been a hell of a long time, but I'm gonna update my site a bit, cause it's lookin' so old lol. Yeah, so uhm I don't know I'll be puttin' up more webcam pics and yeah I donno what else right now. I'm just bored, so I'm gonna work on it, I've been workin' on my Live Journal too much I guess. Okay, yep, so enjoy :) 04/13/2003 So uh yeah, today I updated my webpage, I know that other day I said I would, but my comp. froze on me when I tried and I didn't wanna try again. I updated I think all the pages. Well the ones that needed to be updated were updated. Except for my friends page, Jeffy's still on there. And it's just to piss his girlfriend off. And also the fact that I was working on all the other page and I'm like meh Jeff can stay up for a few more weeks even though he hates me. Werd. I just put up a christina aguilera layout and justin timberlake music, you like? I do. That's about it, I'm being kicked off the computer and I think I have to go clean the kitchen. <3Tovah04/05/2003 Werd guys, I jsut thought I'd write a short update, today I'm just gonna be fixing up some glitches and updating old pages, possibly the lovers page and the friends page. Maybe put new webcam pics up, those are gettin' old. But yeah, have fun and please sign the guestbook! <3Tovah.03/20/2003 - Heyy! I just redid my layout today. As you all know I love eminem, and I'm searchin' for the perfect eminem layout. I like this one.. mm this movie ROCKS! I got it the day it came out, I remember the first time watching it in the theaters with my friends, THE OPENING DAY lol, I think I was probably the loudest chick in the entire theater. Obsessive, I know, I'm sorrie. I have pics of my bedroom on a pic page.. I'll post that at the end for you all to look at. BTW, if you get the 8mile DVD, the first thing you should check out is the bonus section, and check out the SUPER MAN MUSIC VIDEO! shit son.. I thought I was gonna cream. He was practically naked, with a naked chick too. Surprisingly it didn't make me jealous, it was just so.. soo... OH GOD! When he's laying in a sea of women all sweaty... *falls over*.. k sorrie I'm back, I was getting a lil carried away. In other news, I broke up with Jeremy :(. I'm so sorrie babe, you know it hurts me to not be with you, but I think right now that it was the right thing to happen. Stop being in such a horrible mood. Alrite.. well, on webpage news.. I think all I added was the layout and new music ((Aaliyah-Loose Rap)) I was gonna put up Eminem-Superman but the quality was SHITTY. So I opted for Aaliyah, this still isn't the greatest, but Superman was worst. Alrite well have a chillin' day and days to come, happy birthday Cait! I'll see you tonight! pics of my room and friends. <3Tovah. 02/05/2003 - Well I did a lot to the site today.. New layout (finally..) I knew Gwen wasn't showing up on some computers, so I finally got a new layout up. Which I'm quite happy about :D. Hmm.. My Birthday's in 6 days :D I'm gonna be 17! Everyone better wish me a happy birthday!! Jeremy's comin' down on Friday, 3 weeks babie, not 1 month yet.. soon though ;). We'll have fun playin' PS2 at ya house on Valentine's day, lol. Uhm, well, I redid the Webcam page, because I got a new webcam, and took new pics, so I decided to put those up. What else... I gave the links page a new look, but that's not a big deal really, but it IS TO ME! it looks so much cleaner and it has more friends websites. Other than that, I don't know what else is new, I still have some things to adjust on the site, but I'll do those another day! Don't forget to check out my Diary and sign the guestbook! <3Tovah ps.. incase ya din't know, my hair's brown again, I dyed it back :D suuuuper! :D.01/24/2003 - i just added a few more people to my friends page, so you can check that out, and updated my all about me page, it's not that interesting, but oh well, what can ya do! uhm.. well, I have a boyfriend :D, Jeremy, He's coming over this afternoon, he'll be in my school, I get to come down from my exam and give him a great big hug, I haven't seen him since last weekend, I miss him so much! But I get to spend 3 nights with him, it should be terrific! awe yay! can't wait. hmmm.. nope I don't think anything eles is new. Oh yeah, don't sign my guestbook if you have nothing nice to say, I'll just delete it, okay? So whoever wrote that nasty message concerning the Cyle situation, give it up. Yes, come kick my ass? okay there hunn. anyways, hope you guys have a great weekend, and break because it's EXAM WEEK :D don't stress too hard now! <3Tovah12/20/2002 - GUYS! CHECK OUT MY NEW GUESTBOOK, IT'S THE *F-IN* SHIIIT! hahah, it's awesome okay I'm gonna sign it right now so you better start to fill it out again, ya hear me? heheh *MUAH* ((Tovtov))12/19/2002 - What's goin' oooon? Ya like the new layout, it's Gwenirific I know guys.. lol. uhm, well updates with MOI? I'm single, Cyle and I broke up, it was hard, but I'm getting over it, even though he's trying to make it harder on me, oh well, I won't bore you with the soap opera details.. it's almost Christmas :D anyways, on to other things.. a nice girly put me on her sitefite page, so please, vote for me if you think i deserve it.. *PLEASE* I TRY! lol well here's the link, and thx for stoppin' by! the sitefite.
11/29/2002 - Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since i've updated the place, i was having a little trouble with geocities, but it's all good now, i'm back to working on it.. i updated the friends page, that should be done, i'm gonna be working on a new lovers page because i accidently deleted the last one *whoops* ah well.. everything should be back and up and running a lot more now, so keep coming back for updates and more pictures. i work really hard on this page :D! oh yeah.. the 29th, it's my one month with Cyle, but *shhh..* he doesn't know that, rite babie? heheh well have fun looking around, and sign the g-bookie! love you guys!-TheBlondeOne 10/02/2002 - Hey guys! If you're wonderin' who made that awesome new pic for me, my girl Christina! thanks hunnie it looks AWESOME, I can't wait for you to show me how to use it! it does say "The sLiMbAby LP" for those of you out there who need glasses! well anyways, todays my mommy's birthday! she had a good time I think, she loved my present! anyways, hit the gbook! toodles! *muah* 09/16/2002 - So whutsup with me? Shit all actually.. I put that awesome pic of Christina Aguilera up, if you don't like her, I don't caaare! 'Cause I do. I figured I'd start a new look and just add new days as I go along and update it, it'll look better, and you can read what I last wrote and shit like that! Uhm, today I'm fasting :( it sucks.. I wanna eat! it's almost sundown though! I can't wait to eeeat! I guess that's all, I really want a boyfriend, really bad. Fall Fair's this Friday, that should be fun! I won't keep you, go look around! *muah* Tovtov. 09/12/2002 - * a few questions that i need to know*how you could ever hurt me so*i need to know what i've done wrong*and how long it's been goin' on*was it that i never paid enough attention?*or did i not give enough affection?*not only will your answers keep me safe but i'll know never to make the same mistake again*you can tell me to my face*or even on the phone*you can write in a letter*either way i have to know*did i never treat you right?*did i always start the fight?*either way*i'm going out of my mind*all the answers to my questions*i have to find * Try to learn all the eminem lyrics, be as good as me! lol. eminem lyrics :D


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my name is Tovah Fine. but my friends call me Tov, Tovtov, sLiMbAby, Tovs, Tovy, etc.. im a 17 year old chick living in a little town around tha Tdot. born on Feb.11'86. diff. colored hair, brown eyes. love status: unhappily single.

loves: kissing, warm hugs, fallin' asleep in someone's arms, eminem, holding hands, rainbows, potatoes..

hates: mean people, alarm clocks, swabs at the doctors office, mold, bitches, liars, cannibals, being alone.