Modelling the Railways of Former Yugoslavia

This is a brief guide to modelling the railways of former Yugoslavia. While it is not a subject as popular as, for example, German or British railways, it is nevertheless quite possible to model these railways, and certainly a lot easier than modelling, say, those of North Korea!

Rolling Stock

Not much has been produced in the way of rolling stock of ex-Yugoslav railways in the past, but this is slowly changing. The first model of a JZ locomotive to my knowledge was a limited run of a class 361 electric by Roco in the early 1980's. Also around that time, the East German Piko firm produced a G10 covered van with JZ epoch III markings.

In the past few years, Roco has produced a few items in Slovenian and Croatian liveries. For S they have produced the Aeelmt express train carriage, a Hbis-z sliding-door van, an Fcs-z covered hopper and most recently a Zas-z tank wagon in silver "Petrol" livery. Roco's only H model to date is the Beelmt express carriage.

Lima has announced that it will be producing a model of S class 310 high-speed Pendolino train.

But of the larger firms the one most important to us is Klein Modellbahn of Austria. In the past few years they have produced the type E open wagon in J and S liveries and the G "Oppeln" covered van in H livery. In their current catalogue are listed Eas-z bogie open wagons in H and S variants, and they are expected to produce this in J and BH variants in the near future. Klein also will produce special runs of at least 200 pieces using already existing models as basis.

2001 is starting out well in this field, as two smaller firms are introducing series productions of ex-Yugoslav prototype locomotives. DOM Models of Hungary announced a J class 641 diesel at the 2000 Nuremberg fair, and Slavko Jovanovic of Yugoslavia is producing a lovely model of the well-known "Kennedy", class 661, the G16 of General Motors. The 661 will first appear in J livery, to be followed by S and H versions; however it will also be produced undecorated, so anyone interested in modelling a RS, BH or M version, or even Israeli or Iranian versions, can do so.

A model of the 661 is also produced by Balkan Models, who specialise in Greek prototypes.

In TT scale, PSK Modelbouw of Holland has produced three passenger carriages.

But the majority of models will have to be conversions of existing mass-produced models, or scratchbuilt. For those of you wishing to convert models yourself, a list of recommended basis models for conversion can be found here. For everyone else, Slobodan Ili can produce the 2-axle Baat carriage and various four-axle passenger cars (Bclm, Blt, Aeelmt, Beelmt), while eljezni Bik will make models of 362 (S, H 1061), 363 (S), 441 (J, RS, BH, M 441, M 442, H and BH 1141), H 1142/J 442, 732 (S, BH, H 2132), 734 (J, M, H 2133), 761 (J), 812 (J, S, H 7122), 212 (RS, BH), 232 (BH) and a variety of passenger carriages in H0 scale, and 441 (J, RS, BH, M 441, M 442, H and BH 1141), 661 (J, RS, BH, M, S, H 2061), 664 (J, H 2062), 744 (J), 761 (J), 710 (J), 611 (J) as well as passenger carriages in TT scale. eljezni Bik will also consider other models.

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Signals and Overhead Wiring

Masts for overhead wires and light signals have not been produced by anyone yest, to my knowledge, so this is something that will have to be scratchbuilt. Perhaps in the future someone will produce these.

There are a number of mechanical signals produced by Viessmann after Austrian prototype which can be used for ex-YU layouts: #4512 distant signal, #4515 shunting signal, #4506 singla-arm main signal, #4513 2-arm main signal and #4514 shunting signal. There is one light signal from the Viessmann range which can be used on an ex-YU layout, the #4017 shunting signal.

For overhead wires, Sommerfeldt items can be used as a good basis.

Stations and Other Structures...

...will have to be scratchbuilt.

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