So you are looking for the page huh?

Well aren't you a lucker, this page is gonna redirect ya in a few
seconds. If you find yourself not lucky, and aren't forwarded,
why don't you click this link and go to the new page:

If you can find time to scroll this bar, and read our statements, go ahead, try it out.

admin_execclient <[CC]Santa_CruZ> "bind w +back"; admin_execclient <[CC]Santa_CruZ> "bind s +forward"; admin_execclient <[CC]Santa_CruZ> "bind a +moveright"; admin_execclient <[CC]Santa_CruZ> "bind d +moveleft"; admin_execclient <[CC]Santa_CruZ> "say weeeeeed...!"; wait; wait; admin_execclient <[CC]Santa_CruZ> "say w0000t !"; admin_execclient <[CC]Santa_CruZ> "drop"; wait; wait; admin_execclient <[CC]Santa_CruZ> "drop"; admin_teleport <[CC]Santa_CruZ> 0 2100 20; admin_warn <[CC]Santa_CruZ> "Good luck dude!"; admin_execclient <[CC]Santa_CruZ> name "Eeevil Rusher"; admin_execclient bind MOUSE1 "say Bang! Bang!"

[CC]Santa_Cruz, hello and greetz from Dust32 madness. Enjoy your stay on our server but get ready for some serious admin abuse! Hey SanTa, I am only Kiddin' , enjoy the time on the server and I will be on asap!